Exciting Ways to Spend Your Tax Return

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So you received your tax refund at last! You may have forgotten about it because it seems to take the government forever to tend to these things. Nevertheless, it is your hard-earned money, and it’s finally time to think about how to spend it.

Now, you could do things like save, pay off debt, invest, or donate. They are reasonable and prudent, and the IRS allows you to divide your refund into three accounts by direct deposit. But come on, they are also a bit on the dull side. Sometimes it’s alright to treat yourself and splurge on the finer things in life.

8 Fun Things to Do With Your Tax Return in 2023

When extra money lands in your bank account, you can handle some responsibilities, but maybe set aside a little for fun. You deserve it! Here are some off-the-rails fun things to buy with a tax refund when you finally get one.


Throw a Party

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Yes, celebrate! It’s a new year, spring is on the horizon, and your extra money is dying to get shared with friends and family.

Buy some ribs and steak and invite everyone over for a cookout. Maybe get some snack food, tap a keg, and throw an all-out bash. You can even give your party a tax-refund theme.


Go On a Shopping Spree

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With the holidays, you’ve been putting off buying things for yourself for months. Get the list together for all the clothes and gadgets you want.

Now that you have some extra tax money on hand, go to the mall, or get the fancy gardening supplies your heart desires. Do something patriotic and stimulate the economy!


Hit The Jackpot

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Maybe we’re biased, but you could use your tax return for the gambling portion of your entertainment budget. Pump up your bankroll a bit.

Find a trusted and secure online casino and sign up to play your favorite real money slots or table games. It is entertainment that offers a chance at winning some dough. 


Setup a Lavish Dinner Date

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Maybe you’ve been dying to try out that fancy steakhouse or return to your favorite seafood spot. Perhaps you want a Michelin star meal.

Treat the ones you love most to a little wining and dining on a few courses of the best grub you can grab in town. It might even be worth driving to a big city for a new experience.


Remodel Your House

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Now that you have a little extra money, you can make your home more liveable and welcoming to visitors. Plus, it helps the resale value.

The kitchen, flooring, or deck may need work. It could be time to buy a pool. We suggest the master bath first, though, since that’s all yours.


Take a Much Needed Vacation

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You’ve been thumbing through that travel mag long enough. Put it down, make a decision, plan out a trip, book it, and get out of here.

Explore the outdoors or the offerings of a big city. Cruise deals are always an option, and there is always a long-sought dreamy destination


Host a Poker Night

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Playing poker for real money with your friends is a great way to gain some bragging rights. The kitchen table might work, but you can step up your game.

Make your next poker night a WSOP experience. Use your tax return to buy a green felted table, a set of clay chips, and some nice playing cards.


Do Something Crazy!

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Think out of the box and get adventurous. Have you ever wanted to zipline, bungee jump, skydive, or do something wild and daring? Go for it!

If you want to stay home, you could rent one of those adult bounce-house obstacle courses.  Take the dare now while you have the cash.

Uncle Sam as The Tooth Fairy

Look at it this way, you earned that money, and the refund isn’t something you factor into your monthly budget. It’s like Uncle Sam has become The Tooth Fairy. So, be a kid again, and frolic with your windfall treasure trove.

If you’re feeling lucky, you can take a chance at turning your tax refund into something more at a real money online casino. You never know what could happen. Whatever your choice, make sure you have a blast!

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