Google To Lift US Ban on Online Casino Advertising

Google Ads with Online Gambling

Big changes are on the horizon as Google announces plans to revaluate its current advertising policies for online casino gaming.

According to a recent EGR report, Google is planning to unblock online casino adverts in the US gambling market by the first quarter of 2020. At present, except for online sports betting ads in New Jersey, Nevada, and West Virginia, almost all casino ads are banned by the company.

News Highlights

  • Google is planning to unblock advertising in the US gambling market.
  • Online Casinos will be able to accurately target their audiences through Google Ads
  • Once the ban is lifted, players will be able to access all the games they like.

How Will This Impact the Online Casino Industry?

balckjack iconAs the world’s most influential and widely used online search engine, Google has a significant impact on how successful a business will be.

By allowing online casinos to advertise on its page, Google is opening up a whole new world of opportunity for these casinos to reach their target audience and bring in new members.

Though this move poses a huge advantage for online casinos looking to bring new business in, it also signifies a huge step forward for the industry as a whole.

Pennsylvania’s Gambling Policy Update

In 2019 online gambling was legalized in Pennsylvania, and this shift in policy from Google is yet another example of how attitudes towards the industry are progressing forward. Though only the fourth state to decriminalize online casinos, Pennsylvania’s’ vast population and the revenues it will likely generate through online gambling in the years to come is likely to spark a nationwide rethinking of online gambling laws.

How Will This Affect US Online Casinos?

Accepts USA Players iconFor the legal online casinos currently operating in the US, Google’s policy change could not have come at a better time.

We’ve already heard a lot of rumors that 2020 will be the year where VR online casinos take off, and this shift in policy means that those sites will now be able to market their new products on an unprecedented scale.

Online Gambling with Google Ads

With tools like Google Ads, online casinos will be able to accurately target their key customers and use intelligent metrics to monitor and improve marketing performance. They will be able to advertise specific types of games and bonuses to the kind of player that is likely to enjoy them the most.

Online Casino Players

As well as increasing the number of members an online casino receives, this new policy also offers a considerable benefit to fans of online casino gaming. Once the ban is lifted, online casino players will be able to easily access all the games they like without having to search for them independently.

Where Will Google Go from Here?

When speaking on the reason for the changes, Google stated that it has no intention of becoming a provider of casino games in the future. This policy update, like many of its other policy changes, is merely a reactionary change that is being implemented to align more effectively with the changes currently taking place within the online gambling industry.

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