Horseshoe Casino Gambler Followed Home by Robbers Using GPS Tracker

Horseshoe Casino Baltimore robbers use GPS

A gambler coming out of the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore, in Maryland, was robbed in his home after the robbers were able to track his movements by having a GPS tracker attached to his car. The thieves tracked him for over 50 miles, where they reached his home and stole $6,000; presumed winnings from his night at the casino.

One Thief Caught, Made Casino Their Hunting Grounds

On Monday, the local police were successful in the arrest of Kevin Darnell Carroll, who was charged with home invasion, armed robbery, assault, and other crimes that date back to another robbery in November of last year. The second robber is still at large. The way Carroll and his accomplice would look for a victim would to scout out the Horseshoe to spot a local high-roller.

This was when they noticed a regular who seemed to always have cash on hand. Police believe that these two stuck a GPS tracking device to the gambler’s car, who then proceeded to follow him home, and then perpetrated the robbery six days later.

Wearing ski masks, they surprised the gambler’s two kids coming back from dinner that night, a 21-year-old man and a 14-year-old girl. They pointed guns in their faces, tied them with zip ties and put duct tape over their mouths; then forced the son to show them where the cash was stashed. They eventually got away with $6,000.

Horseshoe Working With Authorities

The last thing that the Horseshoe Casino wants is to have these kinds of actions occur right in their parking lot or gaming floor, so they have been working together with the local police to try and apprehend Carroll’s accomplice, as well as beef up their own security. They made a statement regarding the incident,

“Providing a safe and enjoyable environment for patrons and employees is our top priority. On the rare occasion when someone violates a security policy, we work closely with law enforcement to ensure that [the] individual is not only removed from the property and issued a lifetime ban but also prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

Hopefully, this matter can get resolved, and other high-rollers will be able to feel at ease the next time they walk through the casino doors to play a few games. They may even check under their car the next time, just to make sure nothing strange has been attached.

To Make Matters Worse

When the police searched and found the GPS device attached to the gambler’s car, they also found a second device had been attached as well. No one has claimed responsibility for the second tracker, but it seems that the wife hired a private investigator to follow her husband around; a common practice nowadays done by P.I.’s to track their target. It seems that getting $6K stolen is the least of his problems.

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