Idaho Lottery Crushes Simultaneous Scratch-Off World Record

Idaho Breaks Guinness World Record For Simultaneous Scratch-OffAs part of their 30th birthday celebration, the Idaho Lottery opted for an interesting way to have their name eternalized in history. What better avenue than the Guinness Book of World Records?

In an organized event, the Idaho Lottery broke the record for the largest simultaneous scratch-off and promoted a lot of entertaining and rewarding offers to the participants at the same time.

News Highlights

  • Idaho Lottery breaks the Guinness World Record for the biggest simultaneous scratch-off.
  • The lottery celebrated 30 years of existence and active contribution to Idaho education.
  • More rewards and surprises are expected in the coming months of quite a celebratory year.

A Record Scratch-Off

Scratch Card IconThe Idaho Lottery broke the Guinness World Record for the largest simultaneous scratch-off just two days after it was previously set in Amsterdam. This event was intended to put Idaho Gambling in history books, and that it did. The turnout was 479 people, 93 more than the previous record holder’s, all scratching their cards simultaneously.

They held the event at the lottery headquarters in Boise, under the supervision of Guinness Book of World Records judges. Food trucks and live bands added to the fanfare, while the new tickets offered a good chance of winning numerous rewards.

An Important Piece of Lottery Heritage

Idaho State Lottery LogoThe Idaho State Legislature created its lottery in 1989, so this recognition is entirely due. At first, it was merely a way to get some funding for the state educational system and facilities. It soon turned into a rather lucrative, entertaining, and sustainable approach to put some money back into the community. Its profits have helped equip rural schools, build new ones from scratch, and provide funding for universities and colleges.

Primarily, The Idaho Lottery aimed to achieve their goal of selling nothing but scratch tickets, but nowadays, they include lottery draws, such as the highly rewarding Powerball. Over the years, more than $2.4 billion worth of prize money has been rewarded to players and about $232 million to retailers for awards and commissions. Throw in a total profit of about $4 billion in total so far, and it is no surprise how they managed to raise more than $900 million for public education and construction.

The Guinness Book of World Records

Guinness World Record LogoEveryone has heard about this book at least once in their life, but few know how it came to be. A hunting outing, a debate, and a murder all happened in the quest to create this list of feats. With its popularity today, and continuously expanding coverage, all the way to Idaho Lottery, it is a fact worth knowing.

The Argument That Started It All

According to the story, Sir Hugh Beaver, director of the Guinness Brewery in Ireland, went out hunting with friends back in 1951. During the hunt, he failed to shoot a specific bird called the golden plover and wrote off his failure solely to the fact it was the fastest bird in Europe. With one of the friends contradicting this statement, intense debate and research came about, only to discover that the managing director was right.

Creating The Book Wasn’t Easy

This sparked an idea of a book holding such fun and unordinary information in Sir Beaver’s mind. He and his partners, the McWhirter brothers, collected facts all over the world during the following decades. One of the brothers was killed in 1975 by the IRA, putting a temporary stop on operations, but the idea for the book was interesting enough that it attracted several owners throughout the years.

What was first a simple collection of superlatives – shortest, tallest, thinnest, longest – has nowadays taken a competitive character towards records. As long as registered contestants follow the rules, there is a place for everyone in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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