The iGaming Industry Is a Job Creation Powerhouse

Job Creation in the iGaming Industry

The growth of the iGaming industry has brought with it a wide range of new job opportunities. These gambling-related jobs encompass service, hi-tech, and creative positions in several countries, both remote and in the office. The salaries are competitive, and people are gobbling them up voraciously.

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Online Gambling is Rapidly Expanding

During 2020 and ’21, the lockdown years of COVID, iGaming exploded worldwide as millions of people turned to online gambling for entertainment. This spurt was more than a blip on the economic screen. Experts expect the expansion of legal internet gambling in the US to drive the industry further and bring a surge in iGaming jobs. 

Twenty-two US states have legalized online sports betting in the last five years. Seven of them offer internet poker or casino gambling. Another four states have iGaming legislation pending, and more will likely follow suit. Offshore casino sites account for even more job growth.

Several Job Markets in The Sector Are Healthy and Growing

Online casinos need a solid force of people to maintain their player base and the money flow in and out of their accounts. The iGaming jobs encompass many different types of work, from service to game development, promotion, and oversight.

With the entire sector on the up and up after recent events, three countries, in particular, are shining bright when it comes to expansion. Many of them are remote positions, accommodating the ongoing worker isolation.

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iGaming Jobs USA

In 2020, the US Bureau of Labor Statics (BLS) reported 117,100 gambling workers in the nation. That included both land-based and online workers. More than 5,000 of them at online sportsbooks BetMGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel alone. 

The BLS projects about 20,000 new gambling-related openings each year. A recent survey of professional and job search sites like ZipRecruiter and Indeed also shows hundreds of iGaming job openings, both remote and in-office.

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iGaming Jobs UK

The UK has decades of experience in online and in-person betting. The gaming sector there is prolific, valued at around £4 billion. The latest projections estimate that this revenue could easily triple over only the next three years

UK gaming currently employs about 27,000 people. A little behind the revenue timeline, the number of jobs needed to support the growth could also triple in the next five years. Game programmers are front runners to be the most in-demand.

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iGaming Jobs Malta

The island nation of Malta is the hub of much of the iGaming industry’s offshore market. This tiny nation’s job market is so prevalent that they are home to the iGaming Academy with courses directed at professional development in the field.

In 2020, the government approved licenses for 250 betting operations. Positions in the sector were presumably a touch over 12,000, and that was before the pandemic took hold. It’s safe to say that number has grown and will continue to climb.

Available Positions in the iGaming Career Path

There is a wide variety of job types, experience ranges, and salary ranges in the iGaming industry. The median income is around $50,000 a year, but the best openings carry salaries well into six figures.

Software Development

This category itself covers a lot of job types. There are programmers, creative staff, promotion, and design workers.

Digital Marketing

As the industry grows, competition for customers has become fierce. Product promotion has become a big part of iGaming and its job profiles.


Team leaders in every area of an operation are necessary to get the job done. So, each segment of a company has to have direction.

Administration & Operations

The bosses with extensive training and experience guide the overall operations. Experts with business and IT degrees usually fill these positions.

Customer Care & Communication

These are the people who answer your questions and take your complaints. The best gambling operators value this segment and stock the workforce accordingly.

Online Gambling’s Big Winners

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It appears that the big winners in the iGaming industry are its workers. By all accounts, the industry has nowhere to go but up, and the job market will follow.

As online gambling’s popularity takes hold in the US states that have recently legalized internet betting and casinos, job prospects in iGaming should be better than ever. Plus, more states are already knocking down the door.

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