Illinois Legislature to Review Gaming Expansion

Illinois Online Gambling LegalizationAcross the United States, changes are being made within the gaming industry of individual states. From sports betting to online gaming, lottery, and more, lawmakers are taking a look at how gaming can be used to bring in much-needed revenues. In Illinois, a representative just mentioned how the state is planning on hosting hearings next month to discuss online casino and poker gaming as well as sports betting.

Covering It All – Illinois Gaming

Representative Bob Rita is the header of the House subcommittees on Gaming, and Sales and Other Taxes who announced that hearings will be taking place on August 22nd and October 3rd, with discussions to be had on a variety of topics including gaming. In August, the hearing will take place in Chicago at the Bilandic Building while October will see a hearing take place in Springfield at the Capitol.

Voting will not take place on any proposals until after the elections in November, but the hearings will get the ball rolling on conversations that could move the state one step closer to offering new gaming options. Rita plans on going over online poker and online casino gaming during the hearings as well as daily fantasy sports and sports betting.

Expanding the Gaming Industry

Bob Rita Illinois GamingIn a press release, Rep. Rita stated that an expansion in the gaming industry represents tremendous opportunities such as creating new jobs and revenues as well as economic growth for the state. Rita stated that since he began tackling the issue five years ago, the gaming landscape has changed and he wants to use the upcoming hearings as a way to understand how the changes can provide new opportunities for the state.

The Representative’s goal is to use the hearings as a starting point and eventually see a package put together that will meet budget needs as well as provide a spark within the economy. Previous efforts to pass DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) and online gambling legislation have failed.

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