Las Vegas Casino Con Man Arrested for Fraud

Mark Georgantas arrested for casino fraud

A conman who promised his clients that he had a “guaranteed system” for beating any casino game and be able to increase their profits was arrested in Las Vegas and has been charged with fraud. The man in question, Mark Georgantas, also known as Mark Gigantis, has been running this scam for quite a while now. He would advertise that he has the secret to success in beating games like baccarat, blackjack, craps, and even roulette and all you had to do was pay him a small fee to learn what the secret is.

Getting Investors and Ripping Them Off

He advertised a sure way to win big money from playing casino games and would hook potential investors by claiming he had big-name celebrities as clients, like George Clooney and Matt Damon. His pitch sounds exactly like what a conman would say,

“Once you experience winning with the ‘Biggins Craps System‘ you will never look at gaming the same.  Talk about living the dream. Where else can you fall out of bed, go downstairs to a table, win, and go to cashier? No employees, no boss, no inventory, no hassle. Pure cash, baby!”

Sounds like a line straight out of a movie, but he was still able to get a few investors for his scheme. From what is known, he got, at least, two people to invest; one person gave him $300,000 while the other gave him $50,000. Who wouldn’t believe a man that claimed to have gone to Princeton University, where he researched spectroscopy. Of course, when the investors came looking for him and their profits, Georgantas and the money were already gone.

Further Down the Rabbit Hole

The fraud actions took place between 2013 and 2014, where he was able to get over $350,000 from investors. He not only sold them on the fact that he could make a profit from gambling, but that there was more that could be done with his flawless system. He claimed that each of his companies would make huge profits from small investments:

  • Monster Gaming Entertainment LLC would earn $250 million on a $700,000 investment.
  • Monster Intellectual Holdings LLC would earn $400 million on a $50,000 investment.
  • Monster Gaming Products LLC would earn $4 billion on a $250,000 investment.

He even went on to promise that just by selling his system he would make $3.9 billion, with potential for a lot more with the rights to a reality TV show, books, and even a movie.

It all came to an end when he was arrested at the Las Vegas casino, Mr. Lucky’s. He had been on the run from authorities for 3 months when he was finally caught. The judge gave him a $500,000 bail, hoping that it would be enough to keep him there in time for his trial; seeing as how he had already escaped from a previous hearing three years ago. Georgantas is currently preparing a “strong defense”, but we all hope that the victims get some justice from this horrible debacle.

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