Las Vegas Casinos – Reopening Too Soon?

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Las Vegas Casinos shut down in March 2020 due to the global COVID-19 virus. Even though the worldwide pandemic is far from over, Las Vegas casinos decided it was time to reopen.

Just as land-based casinos opened in Sin City, the number of coronavirus cases spiked in Nevada. So the question is: Did Las Vegas casinos reopen too soon?

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  • COVID-19 cases appeared spiked as casinos in Las Vegas reopened
  • Did Sin City rush to receive customers on-site?
  • How to gamble safely during the pandemic?

Las Vegas Casinos Reopened As CoVid-19 Cases Spiked

Due to the COVID-19 virus that affected the entire globe, Las Vegas casinos shut down sometime in March. And after months of lockdown, they started reopening again. With huge crowds visiting the lavish casino floors once again, the number of COVID-19 cases began to increase again.

Coronavirus Virus Cases in Nevada Casinos

While casinos submitted to the Nevada gaming regulators the prevention and protection measures they would implement before reopen, it looks like they aren’t doing enough. Rumor is that casino employees tested positive for the virus, and casino owners do not share this information with the authorities. And while they are not necessarily required to report positive cases, it is their moral duty to do so, and not gamble with people’s lives.

Reports say that some of the new cases occurred in casinos, either with staff members testing positive or the guests, and casinos keep them a secret.

Governor Steve Sisolak himself warned that the pandemic is far from over.

We’re in the middle of a COVID-19 pandemic. We’re right dead smack in the middle of it. Nevadans have made enormous sacrifices to get us to where we are today. I don’t want to let that all go for naught by us having to take a giant step backward.

Steve Sisolak

To prove his commitment to making Nevada safe again, the governor made masks mandatory in all casinos. People have been arrested in casinos for refusing to wear a mask. There have been claims of preferred personal freedom over public safety. Not all people are aware of the risks and are respecting the rules. Is a law enforcing masks enough, though?

Las Vegas Workers Union Strikes Back

Nevada Gaming Control

Most casino workers are not happy about the situation. Considering the Las Vegas Casino Workers Union reported 352 COVID-19 hospitalizations and 22 Coronavirus-related deaths since March, the Union sued many casinos for insufficient worker protection.

It is calling for a safer work environment for casino workers. The Union requests better safety protocols, enforcement of mask and social distancing rules, and mandatory COVID-19 testing for all casino employees and guests.

If the spread doesn’t end soon –and it won’t if casinos continue hiding new COVID-19 cases– the government will have to step up and force casinos to close again.

Online Gambling is The Best Bet

Top Real Money Online Casinos

Why risk your own and others’ health by going at land-based casinos, when you already have online gambling up and running?

If the desire to gamble is that big, why not take the safe bet and gamble at real money online casinos? You’ll be at home, with your loved ones, safe and sound, without having to risk getting in contact with an infected person.

Live Dealer games are the perfect alternative to land-based casinos. For the sake of others and your own, have patience, and switch online for now. As soon as this nightmare is over, we will all be able to visit our favorite Las Vegas casinos and have the time of our lives. But for now, online casinos are a safer choice.

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