Does The Lockdown Affect Gambling Addiction?

responsible gambling amid COVID 19

When the whole world practically shut down at the height of COVID-19, and with its constant resurgence, gambling didn’t stop. Instead, it moved into a scenario where casino users could play online 24/7 from the comfort of their own homes.

Did gambling addiction rise due to the lockdown? How much is too much? Let’s see how this new reality affected players and the risks it can convey for those who gamble excessively.

News Highlights

  • Gambling has moved predominantly online due to COVID-19
  • Excessive gambling at home can lead to addiction
  • Playing online for real money should be done responsibly

How Has the Pandemic Affected US Online Players?

Online Gambling OUSC

With almost the whole population now at home with nothing to do and nowhere to go, people have to find alternate ways to occupy their time, and for a lot of them, online gambling was just that.

However, excessive gambling can be a cause of concern when everyone is confined at home, and there aren’t appropriate support structures available for individuals that are susceptible to addiction. 

Identifying a Gambling Addiction

If someone finds themselves constantly depositing at an online casino without constraint, it’s a strong sign they may be addicted to gambling. Other signs include being irritated after losing and trying to borrow money.

There are other secondary side effects such as general anxiety, becoming addicted to other things as a way to forget about online gaming, and much more. The infographic below can help you identify when this can become a problem.

OUSC - Warning Signs of Problem Gambling

Responsible Online Gambling Do’s & Dont’s

Below are some tips on responsible gambling for players who want to enjoy the thrill without risking falling into addiction patterns. 

  1. Set a Budget

    Setting a budget is the easiest way to control your gambling. You can easily set playing limits at real money online casinos. Feel free to set a limit with which you feel comfortable.
  2. Don’t Make It Personal

    Try not to get emotionally caught up. Once you involve personal feelings, every emotion is heightened while playing. The highs are very high, but the lows can be crushing. 
  3. Take It as a Hobby

    Gambling is not a way to make an income. If you consider it a hobby that you can partake in occasionally, you’ll find it easier to take a break from it.
  4. Expect To Lose

    If you deposit at a casino with high hopes, you’ll feel even more devastated when you lose. Keep your expectations grounded, and consider every win a bonus to your day.
  5. Do Not Tilt Bet

    Tilt betting is when you lose money and continuously deposit or play more and more with bigger stakes. It can be better to deposit bigger once than multiple smaller deposits. That way, once you’ve finished with your initial deposit, you can stop.

Play Smart and Reap the Benefits

Staying at home during this pandemic can be boring, and we all seek distractions to pass the time. Gambling online is not harmful if, like most indulgences, it is enjoyed in moderation.

If you find yourself struggling with a gambling addiction, don’t be afraid to reach out and consider our tips above. Everything is better in moderation!

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