Lottery Records Being Set Across the US

Lottery records set across the US

2020 is drawing closer to an end, and across the USA, lottery winnings are hitting record numbers. Lotteries are accounting for the year’s numbers, many of which are quite more interesting than others, some are even breaking records. Plus, scratch tickets gain popularity.

News Highlights

  • Lottery hits record numbers across the US. 
  • In Georgia profits hits record with $292 million earnings.
  • In South Carolina record number of people won

Fiscal 2020 in Massachusetts

Massachussetts FlagThe Massachusetts lottery has seen an increase in Lottery sales but a decrease in profit so far this year. The Lottery sold $401.3 million worth of its products last month, up $7.6 million from September 2018. However, its monthly estimated profit was $67.9 million compared to $77.5 million in September 2018.

According to the Lottery, the decline in monthly profit was due to a $15 million increase in overall prizes paid out ($303 million in September 2019 compared to $288 million in September 2018) and a $3.9 million decrease in Mega Millions and Powerball sales.

Of the Lottery’s nine products, scratch tickets saw sales increases, while others like Powerball, MegaMillions, The Numbers Game, Lucky for Life, and All or Nothing saw sales decline. But nothing compares to last fiscal year’s record of $1.092 billion in profit from a record $5.499 billion in annual revenue.

Georgia Lottery: Profit with Benefit

Georgia FlagThis year the Georgia Lottery is setting new records that continue to serve the greater good in a state where tax revenue may be threatening to stagnate.

Since the start of the state budget on July 1st, the Georgia Lottery Corp. has transferred nearly $292 million in profits to the state treasury, a 2% increase from last year. These proceeds help pay for college aid and state prekindergarten classes.

Lucky Numbers in South Carolina for a Record Number of People

South Carolina Gambling LawsNearly 1,400 people picked the same numbers in South Carolina Lottery’s pick four and will be splitting a $3.4 million prize. What were those lucky numbers? 2-2-2-2

The payouts for these lucky winners were between $2,000 and $5,000 (this depended on the tickets purchased)Some of them got even bigger prizes. One of the winners cashed out with $80,000 after buying 16 tickets with the lucky two’s combo.

Lucky Winner, Very Lucky Winner

Paul “Pickles” McDonald is a 49-year-old man from Bowie, Maryland, who has already won three major prizes from the Maryland Lottery.

  • His latest lucky hit brought him his second-largest jackpot, $183,465.90 jackpot.
  • His three-win have come from the state lottery’s Racetrax game.
  • His last win took place when he decided to place a bet on virtual horses 9-10-11-12, the same bet that previously won him a $60,828 jackpot in January 2018.
  • His largest jackpot was back in 2017 when he scored a $194,188 Racetrax jackpot.

Online Lottery – More Chances to Win Big

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