March Madness Final Four: Which Teams Will Make it to the Championship

2016 March Madness final four

Getting to the Final Four round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship is a big deal, not only for the players but for the sports fans around the nation. Between the media, fans, and even the casino sportsbooks, this year’s teams are making a big impact with only one No. 1 seed making it to the semi-finals, UNC. There are usually a few upsets during the course of the tournament, but most of the time it is the top seeded teams that make it to the Championship Game, but in an unexpected turn, No. 10 Syracuse was able to defeat No. 1 Virginia during the Elite Eight round. However, with the stakes and odds being so high to move onto the finals, we won’t be sure which teams will make it through.

No. 1 North Carolina vs. No. 10 Syracuse

North Carolina is the only number one seed left in the tournament, but that actually helps their odds of winning the entire championship. The trend has been that a No. 1 seed has won seven out of the past nine times, that is some pretty good chances that it will happen again. UNC will be facing the heavy underdog Syracuse, who although was able to already defeat a No. 1 seed, Virginia, this game may not go their way.

Syracuse has already lost twice against UNC, and will be going up against the top-rated frontline, which happens to all be big players; 6’10” Brice Johnson, 6’10” Kennedy Meeks, and 6’8″ Justin Jackson. Taking this, and many other deciding factors, such as:

  • Points-Per-Game: UNC (83) vs. Syracuse (70)
  • Rebounds: UNC (41) vs. Syracuse (36)
  • Field Goal %: UNC (.482) vs. Syracuse (.425)

It is clear that Syracuse will have to play their best, and hope UNC make mistakes. The odds for each are already showing what the fans think.

Syracuse (+9.5)Syracuse (+9)
UNC (-9.5)UNC (-9)

No. 2 Villanova vs. No. 2 Oklahoma

This match-up between two No. 2 seeds will be great, seeing as each has their own strengths and weaknesses that will be used during the game, which will most likely make it a very competitive match. In a previous match between these two, Oklahoma was able to dominate Villanova, beating them 78-55, but it seems that the Wildcats have learned since then. The Sooners will be using Khadeem Lattin to his full potential, as he is a well-rounded player; 5.7 PPG, 5.3 RPG, and FG% of .565. He will be deadly to the Wildcats if they do not find out how to stop him.

On the other hand, Villanova seems to be a strong opponent and will certainly get the advantage if Oklahoma lets their guard down. Their front man is Jalen Brunson, who has been essential for their victories so far; 9.8 PPG, 2.6 APG, and FG% of .452, but what makes him dangerous is that he has 3P% of .387. Brunson will get the better of them from far away or close up, so they will have to keep the pressure on him constantly. Overall, the teams stack up like this:

  • Points-Per-Game: Oklahoma (80) vs. Villanova (78)
  • Rebounds: Oklahoma (39) vs. Villanova (35)
  • Field Goal %: Oklahoma (.461) vs. Villanova (.476)

It will be a very close match, which is why the odds don’t really show a clear winner.

Oklahoma (+2)Oklahoma (+2)
Villanova (-2)Villanova (-2)

Both of the Final Four matches will be amazing to watch, as well as bet on. With the surprises we have had leading up to this moment, it is no surprise that there are only .0093% perfect brackets made, which could lower if any upsets may occur.

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