Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Shortlisted for Spinnovator Award

Max Quest Wrath of Ra Spinnovator AwardThe prestigious Spinnovation Summit, set to take place on April 30th in Prague, Czech Republic, has officially shortlisted the slot title, Max Quest: Wrath of Ra for their main prize. In the words of the expert panel, the game offers “innovative concepts” and “unique ideas” which are known to be key features for any leading revolutionary release these days.

Details About the Spinnovation Summit

The spotlight will be on the Spinnovator of the Year awards – the finalists have been selected by an expert panel to reflect the most inventive game mechanics, themes, and ideas the industry had to offer in 2018.  A set of expert judges comprise the panel that will rank Max Quest: Wrath of Ra and 11 other game titles in the main category of the night.

Apart from this, the Spinnovation Summit features a line of prominent figures from the interactive gaming industry, set to speak about their ideas and accomplishments. Knowing that the event includes and addresses multiple notable market segments, each participant is bound to find something to their liking.

What Does Betsoft Have to Say?

Anticipation is building up among the Betsoft team. Max Quest is rightfully categorized among the most innovative inventions of its kind, especially with its balanced blend between home and commercial console gameplay, as well as cooperation and competition.

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slot Game

The slot has completely replaced the standard reels with a maze-like path that allows each player to shoot symbols, hit prizes and collect XP (experience points). You can make a custom avatar for your time in the game, making sure you won’t lose them in the hustle and bustle of the action-packed gameplay.

In the words of Betsoft’s Marketing Director, Annamaria Anastasi, this is a “true crossover game” that will “attract entirely new demographics that have not been converted to traditional slots.”

In her own words:

Max Quest is a milestone game – both for Betsoft and for the iGaming industry as a whole, so we are thrilled that it’s earning such high-profile recognition. With the first entry in what may become a multi-game series, we were able to build a truly unique iGaming experience.[…] The judging panel believe that Max Quest demonstrates real innovation in its presentation, player interface, and game mechanics, so we’re honored to have been recognized for the nomination.

Annamaria Anastasi

About Betsoft Gaming

Betsoft Gamingbetsoft-gaming-software is a long-standing, reputable brand in the sphere of online gaming software providers. Their class 4 license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority back in 2014 definitely helped pave their way to the top platforms. With individual certifications and approvals from over 15 other marketplace regulations, Betsoft’s products frequent on top casino platforms.

They boast a portfolio of nearly 200 RNG games, but their latest SLOTS3TM series is definitely redefining iGaming as we know it, combining the best of cinematography and video games for optimal entertaining and rewarding experience.

Mobile games are also part of their offering, first with the ToGoTM platform back in 2012, and later on with the high-compatibility and optimization ShiftTM environment.

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