Mobile Online Casino Developer, Rapid Games, Gets U.S. Approval

Rapid games mobile online casino US approved

A joint venture between the UK-based mobile online casino gaming provider, Nektan, and the US tech firm, Spin Games, has just been approved to launch Rapid Games and its products in the United States. They will be bringing in new games that players can access and enjoy directly from their mobile device when they are within designated areas of the casino property.

Class II Gaming in Your Smartphone

The rapid Games venture will be able to release Class II mobile games, with one caveat being that they are in-venue gaming products. In other words, those players that want to enjoy a real-money casino game directly on their mobile device will have to be inside of a casino in order to do so. This may not be as innovative as some believe, as there is already mobile casinos that enable users to play full games from their smartphones.

However, this is a giant step forward for the US market, as most of the mobile casinos that are currently US friendly are in a grey zone of legality, and that could change any day. Their first game that is scheduled to be released will be Rapid Bingo, with other games planned to be launched by the third quarter of 2016. Class II gaming could limit the companies options, but there is plenty to choose from, ranging from bingo to non-banked card games.

Providing Mobile Casino Gaming Solutions

The joint venture between these two companies will most definitely start opening doors in other areas of the mobile and online gaming market within the United States, with more states legalizing and regulating online casinos as a form of increasing their revenue. Nektan Chairman Jim Wilkinson had this to say about the recent approval,

“We are delighted to be able to announce this landmark product approval for our on-premise gaming product. It is a key approval for the industry, and we believe this exciting product will be a great success for both Respin LLC, US casinos and their players who will benefit from an augmented gaming experience. Our industry continues to strive for mobile gaming solutions to cater to future generations, and we believe this is a positive step in that direction. Class II offers many benefits for tribal casinos and we feel this is the smart and compelling solution for their players.”

With players being able to play bingo and other games while inside a casino, this venture will only help increase the marketability of mobile casino gaming in the US.

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