Data Reveals Most Popular Mobile Games in the US

Written by: Webster Lupton, Casino, Gambling, and Sports Journalist
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US Players Prefer Mobile Puzzle Games

A recent study has found that puzzles and breakout games are the favored of smartphone and tablet users. The information comes from surveys conducted in the US and UK by the survey company YouGov. Card and casino games and word, number, and brain games, tied for second most popular in the study conducted in April and released in May. 

News Highlights

  • YouGov study shows more mobile gamers like puzzle and breakout games.
  • Casino and card game players rank second in surveys.
  • Women drive puzzle game numbers, while men like action games.

Mobile Puzzle Games Favorite Among US Players

The survey shows that 17% of US consumers play mobile puzzle and breakout games, while 11% prefer card and casino games. The same percentage participates in word, number, and brain games. You can see the breakdown of the survey results below.

Most popular mobile games

YouGov found similar results in the United Kingdom. There, 15% of consumers play the puzzle and breakout games, the survey shows. The questionnaire also found that 21% of the respondents under age 21 like action games.

People surveyed responded to the question: “Which of the following types of games have you played on your mobile device in the past month?” The YouGov studies are rolling surveys based on a sample size of 6,684 to 41,574 people.

Gaming Differences Between Men and Women

The survey indicates that women like puzzle games best while men enjoy action and adventure games. About 22% of females take to the puzzle/breakout games, compared to 10% of men. The figures are similar for the word/number/brain tests. Meanwhile, 10% of men play action games while 6% of women like them. Adventure games showed the same differences between genders.

Mobile Gaming Gender

No End In Sight For Mobile Gaming

Statistics from Digital Information World show that the US had more than 139 million mobile gamers last year. The pandemic drove much of that popularity, as people under lockdown mandates resorted to playing games online. But DIW also notes that the iGaming industry is expected to grow to 156 million or more by 2024.

Popular Mobile Casino Games

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If you prefer card games, online blackjack is a solid option to test your skills. You can try different variants for a more dynamic gameplay experience.

Putting the Final Pieces Together

The figures confirm what casino players already know: people love mobile games. The YouGov study is interesting in revealing that mobile device users prefer puzzle and breakout games. But it is no surprise that casino and card games are in the running.

The pandemic is cited for a surge in mobile gaming, but technology trends will keep popularity strong. As more sophisticated devices continue to enter the market and 5G connections grow, mobile gaming will continue to be a favorite pastime of people worldwide.

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