Nevada Casinos Busted for Coronavirus Violations

Casinos banned for COVID

As we find ourselves in a global pandemic, land-based casinos are trying to stay afloat by operating at half capacity and following mandatory health measures. However, recent investigations have shown that not everyone is playing by the rules. Nevada regulators seek to fine one bowling alley and two casinos in rural areas for not following the issued guidelines.

Currently, there are many open investigations, but no complaints have been filed. Many expect that this will soon happen, and officials will release the names of those who have been non-compliant and endanger public health.

News Highlights

  • Many casinos are not adhering to the mandatory safety requirements
  • Due to the rise of COVID-19 cases, there is a need for stricter casino protocols
  • Online gambling is a safer alternative than playing at a land-based venue

Two Nevada Casinos Shutdown

Records showed that complaints were filed on Friday, July 24th in Nevada, against the Hotel Nevada and Gambling Hall in Ely, and C.O.D. Casino in Minden. In both cases, regulators are alleging that patrons and employees in these establishments did not comply with requirements that obligated them to wear face coverings while on casino premises. 

Employees And Customers Not Wearing Masks

Covid Masks

The complaints allege that during visits spread out over several days, inspectors witnessed patrons and employees improperly wearing face coverings, or not at all.

There’s photographic evidence that shows customers with no masks on in crowded areas, and other evidence of people failing to follow social distancing rules. Inspectors claim that employees did not take any action against this sort of behavior. Representatives of each property were unavailable for comment.

Spike of COVID Cases in Nevada

On Wednesday, Michael Lawton, the spokesman for the Nevada Gaming Control Board, stated that, at the moment, there are 156 open investigations. However, confidentiality rules prevent him and his agency from making public any details regarding these processes, including the names of the entities in question until such a time when the Gambling Commission receives a formal complaint.

In recent weeks, there has been a spike in COVID-19 cases in Nevada, even though casinos are operating at 50% capacity. In late June, Nevada signed Directive 024, which included the mandatory face-covering policy. In the first part of July, the state decided that bars in some counties must return to Phase 1 restrictions following the rise of new cases.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak said:

If we must go out, we’re safer if we wear masks and practice social distancing. Masks are not partisan, they’re not political, they’re not a joke. It costs lives to have people not wear masks.

Steve Sisolak

State Measures to Contain Pandemic

Masks in online casinos

Despite these measures, the rate of new infections is not slowing. Everyone now knows that the virus quickly spreads. Some states are reacting by closing bars again, and many casinos are tightening up measures.

Most have already implemented plexiglass dividers, and have placed slot machines at significant distances. Also, diners are encouraged to use QR codes when placing orders.

Business Safety Protocols

Health experts state that the global pandemic will not subside soon. Thus, it’s of the utmost importance that businesses do what they can and implement new protocols. They must maintain the well-being of everyone while trying to keep their business running in decent financial condition. It will keep both the population and the economy healthy.

Online Gambling is The Safer Choice

The Best Real Money Online Casinos

While responsible and safe gambling has always been a top priority for players, it seems like the health risks associated with visiting land-based gaming establishments have never been higher.

Due to stay-at-home recommendations and social distancing measures, online casinos are the perfect substitution for those who crave convenience and safety.

Playing for Real Money at Online Casinos

Many players have found an alternative by visiting online casinos. As land-based revenues are plummeting, the interest in online gambling is bigger than ever. Casinos on the internet have an unmatched game selection, with both RNG and live-dealer table games.

At casino sites, players do not worry about the security of their financial transactions, as these sites use establish payment methods, and advanced encryption to protect user data. They also allow players to set their daily, weekly, and monthly limits, so they don’t go over what they cannot afford to lose.

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