Online Casino Gaming Revenues Continue to Soar in New Jersey

Online Casino Gaming RevenuesNew Jersey is one of only a handful of states that have legalized online casino and poker games fully in the US. The state offers a nice selection of online casino and poker sites, having recently launched sports betting as well. The revenue reports for September have been launched this week, showing that the state’s online casino industry continues to soar to new heights. Month after month, the online casino brands of the state continue to surpass the $20 million mark in earnings, with September being no exception.

Online Gambling Reached $25m+ for September

Sportsbook iconThe total online gambling revenues earned last month came in at $25,752,461. This includes $24,142,472 from online casino revenues and $1,609,989 from online poker gaming. Add in the $12.5 million from sports betting and the overall online gaming totals come in at over $38 million for the month.

Online casino gaming is thriving in the state and showing no signs of slowing down. For September, this section of the online gaming industry grew by around 30%, with some growth contributed to the new sports betting industry. As sports betting grows, consumers who focus solely on such wagering can easily sign up for an online casino and/or poker account and it seems that players are doing so to have access to all options

Poker Continues to Struggle

Despite the continued growth of online casino gaming, the online poker industry of the state continues to struggle. For September, the state saw a decrease in monthly revenues when compared to the same time last year by just over 15%. The industry brought in just over $1.6 million, a huge difference from the online casino gaming totals. Online poker struggles to even hit the $1 million mark each month by way of revenues.

With both industries considered, the online gaming industry of New Jersey is up by 26% for September when compared to 2017 totals. As long as the online casino industry continues to do well, the state should continue to see positive overall numbers regarding revenues.

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