Online Casino Mr. Green to Launch Sportsbook in Time for Euro 2016

Written by: Cliff Spiller, Online Casino and Game Expert
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Online Casino Mr Green Sportsbook

The popular and highly acclaimed international online casino, Mr. Green, is finally ready to launch their very own sportsbook. They announced this fact at the beginning of the year that they would launch their new sports betting services before the Euro 2016 started; which will begin on June 10. It will be powered by Kambi, a well-known and used provider; they also provide their services to others like Unibet, 888sport, and 32RedSport, among others.

Expansion Thanks to Casino Profits Increase

This plan was not done on a whim, but rather was carefully planned out by the casino owners, including CEO Per Norman. Mr. Green saw a big increase in their revenue during 2015, which allowed them to look at ways to expand their brand and give their members additional betting options. They reported an increase of 20% in revenue, roughly $93.7 million (SEK792.6M), with earnings before all the deductibles increased 1.4%, or $16.1 million (SEK136.8M).

Norman believes this is the next big step that will take their website to the next level,

“By launching a Sportsbook, we are meeting our customers’ demand for betting and odds. Together, we have managed to build the Sportsbook in record time thanks to our new, efficient product platform. We have built a Sportsbook of the same high quality as our online casino and I’m happy that we can launch the Sportsbook ahead of the European Championship.”

Euro 2016 Important Date

The reason the announced the launch back in February was so that they would be ready in time for the 2016 UEFA European Championship. This is a huge event, with the world’s most popular sport, soccer (football) is played between the countries in Europe. With the amount of fans that enjoy watching and betting on the sport, Mr. Green has taken that into account and will be doing their best to accommodate all of their needs during the tournament.

It is a great way to get new members, satisfy current members, and offer something to sports fans from around the world. With the Euro 2016 starting on June 10, the sportsbook launch will happen very soon. For those that want to check it out, simply head over to the online casino website.

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