Online Free-Play Casino Launched in Phase One by Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma

Free play online casino Iowa Tribe launch

The Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma has just recently launched their new website as they move forward with the first phase of their plan to bring the very first US-based online casino that will cater to both residents within the country, as well as international players. They have already begun offering their free-to-play casino games, more specifically poker, but they are also featuring games like pull-tabs and bingo. This was done to attract players to the website and act as a marketing tool in social media.

Iowa Tribe poker room

Real Money Casino Games in Phase Two

During the first phase, has already set in motion the foundation, allowing players to sign up and play their games for free. On top of that, they will be giving new players a $50,000 bonus when they sign up, so they can truly start enjoying the gameplay in a big way. It will be during their launch in Phase Two that they will start offering real money casino games. They have set the expected launch dates:

  • Phase Two: August 1, 2016. Launching their real money play website.
  • Phase Three: January 9, 2017. Launching their In-flight real money play online casino.

They partnered up with Universal Entertainment Group, the online gaming software developer, and provider. The Iowa Tribe had announced their plans back in September 2015, and with the review of the government, they concluded that creating an international online poker and casino website would not go against any rules that govern Indian gaming rules.

Arbitrator, Charles Chapel, concluded in his findings that,

“The use of the Internet is merely using technology to play covered games as a way to increase tribal revenues.  It does not extend or restrict the scope of the games and does not amend the compact in any way. The compact and all its terms shall remain in force.”

Oklahoma Players Left Out

Despite the website and tribe being operated from Oklahoma, players from that state are excluded from playing on the casino. They were not even sure that they would be able to accept US players due to the regulations that govern each state, but it appears that the rules that apply to the tribe’s brick-and-mortar casinos also apply to their online counterpart.

The second and third stages of their plan could move forward without any problems, as long as more obstacles are not put in their way. They are the only website, currently, that provides online casino and poker games to an international market from inside the United States. This could be a big step forward for other states, like Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey who already have the online gambling market regulated, and allow them to accept players from outside the US.

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