Online Gambling and a Potential Virtual Reality Outbreak

Virtual Reality Online Gambling Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has caused chaos in all spheres of the normal living. Several industries around the globe have been negatively impacted, including land-based casinos. Considering people have to practice social-distancing, they turn to the things the internet can provide them. Online entertainment options are endless.

Casino gamblers have turned to online sites to enjoy their favorite real money games. There’s a lot of buzz of a possible virtual reality revolution, a concept not that unfamiliar to video gamers. Learn what we’ve discovered so far on this topic, and be the judge of whether virtual reality could become the next big thing in internet gambling.

News Highlights

  • COVID-19 outbreak could ignite a virtual reality revolution
  • Apple is currently working on a new virtual reality product.
  • Online casino gaming could be taken to another virtual level

COVID-19 Influencing a Virtual Reality Frenzy

The aftermath of the lockdown is difficult to predict, but it will likely leave deep marks, even after the pandemic is over. We also know that this situation will last for a while, considering the virus has spread all over the globe. In times like these, adapting to the current demands is what makes companies stand out.

Apple Taking a Bite Out of Virtual Reality

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Companies like Apple have been working on a project called HMD (head-mounted display), which will allow users to get a whole new, more adventurous experience through their mobile and desktop devices. 

In 2019, it had also acquired IKinema, a company based in Great Britain that specializes in full-body resolution technology and real-time procedural animation.

Now, it looks like Apple is taking advantage of the COVID-19 situation. On May 14, Apple purchased NextVR, a California startup specializing in broadcasting and producing live and recorded events in virtual reality. This move is further evidence of Apple’s plans to enter the virtual reality game.

Will Virtual Reality Reach the Online Gambling Industry?

Virtual Reality Online Gambling

The future of real interaction is here at our doorsteps, and it has been long overdue. Should Apple launch virtual reality in its style, and succeed, other companies would probably follow.

While Apple may launch a virtual reality viewer that would work for films, games, series, and sports, there will probably be some developments in the online casino gambling industry. 

Most land-based casinos are still closed, and not all of their regular players will run to them as soon as they open. Given the fact that the online gambling industry always keeps up with the latest technology trends, it is no wonder that virtual reality will hit online casinos sooner than we thought.

How Will Virtual Reality Affect Online Casinos?

Talks about artificial reality in online gambling have been present for years. Some have even made their first steps toward initial tests, but the trend has never truly caught on. However, casino players have live dealer games, which are the closest experience you can get to the brick-and-mortar life.

What does this mean for players, especially those looking to play at an online casino? A virtual or augmented environment can bring the land-based casino experience to your home. You could use the headsets and virtually walk around a real-life casino from your home’s commodity. You could walk across the casino floor, join a blackjack or a roulette table as it suits you, or hit the real money slot machines right there on the spot. Our bet is that we are likely to experience this is the near future.

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