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online games that make you smarter

Welcome to Free Brain Training 101: Online Games That Make You Smarter. Did you know that an endless supply of free online games can help you develop critical skills related directly to your intelligence?

Many studies have shown indisputable evidence that we can increase our critical thinking, pattern recognition, abstract thinking, and even basic motor skills simply by playing games online designed to do precisely that. Below we cover the best online games that can help boost your IQ.

News Highlights

  • Mobile and online games can provide an “IQ boost” after just several hours of gameplay.
  • They can also help prevent brain aging and neuron decay at any age.
  • These games increase memory, motor skills, mental functioning, and general cognitive abilities.

Best Mobile Games To Increase Your IQ

Cognitive function is everything, so why not do everything you can to increase it? After all, your brain is as or more complicated than the known universe. Intelligence Quotient, or IQ, in its simplest terms, is your sponge. IQ is a formative calculation of your ability to learn: the ability to receive, interpret, understand, store, and recall information.

Some mobile and online games can increase mental function in the key areas related to learning. Below are the top online games and Apps that improve cognitive ability.



Elevate Games that Makes You Smarter

Designed to enhance memory, speaking skills, processing speed, and attention, Elevate is a brain-training app implementing adaptive progression. This means that as you increase in skill level, the puzzles become more challenging.

Featuring over 40 cognitive skill games and personalized challenges, Elevate can improve reading skills, mathematics, and public speaking.



Luminosity Games that Makes You Smarter

One of the more established apps for brain training, Lumosity, is backed by science, having proven in a study by Lumos Labs that participants drastically improved memory, overall cognitive functioning, and fluid reasoning.

Available on Google Play, this app features tons of fun brain training games, puzzles, mental fitness tests, and other activities. They allow users to play three free games daily or unlimited games through their subscription service. They also feature a meditation mindfulness app called Lumosity Mind.


Blackjack Card Counting Trainers

Blackjack Trainer Games that Makes You Smarter

Designed to help Blackjack players beat the game, Blackjack Card Counting Trainer systems keep track of the cards dealt.

Counting cards in Blackjack can give the player a better edge against the house, so this game is not only designed to train your brain and improve memory but has practical–and potentially lucrative–advantages as well. 



2048 Games that Makes You Smarter

A brain-teaser of a puzzle, 2048 involves moving numbered tiles around until values match and then merge. You win the game when the value reaches 2048.

This is excellent training for critical thinking and mathematics. Originally published on GitHub, 2048 is now available on Google Play. 


Tricky Test 2

Tricky Test 2 Games that Makes You Smarter

Tricky Test 2 is an app with a compilation of mind-bending IQ puzzles and quizzes that require out-of-the-box critical thinking to solve. It also provides IQ tests whose results can be shared or customized and sent to friends.

Tricky Test 2 also features an in-app trivia game with multiplayer options. Available for free on Google Play, this one is great for increasing memory, logic, and mathematical comprehension.



Sudoku Games that Makes You Smarter

An old favorite and a newspaper staple, Sudoku is a logic puzzle game involving numbers in rows, columns, and boxes, most frequently containing digits 1 through 9 without repeating. Players solve the missing numbers by using those already given.

Sudoku has been proven to improve short-term memory, critical thinking, cognitive function, and logic.


Happy Neuron

Happy Neuron Games that Makes You Smarter

Happy Neuron’s brain-training app is designed to exercise your brain. With this one, you can track your progress and share your results. They divide their games into five sections based on areas of the brain; language, attention, memory, visual/spatial, and executive functions.

Like Lumosity, Happy Neuron’s games are based on scientific research and proven learning techniques.


Brain Age Concentration Training

Brain Age Concentration Training Games that Makes You Smarter

Available on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, Brain Age Concentration Game is Nintendo’s compilation of brain training games. It can be purchased on the Nintendo Store site.

It features many games designed to increase everything from cognitive abilities and concentration to calculation, memory, and logic.




Wordle is the latest craze on the puzzle front. Its popularity comes from the fun and simplicity of making a five-letter word. Here’s how it works: You fill out any five-letter word on the top line. From the letters in that word, you get clues on how to form the magic word of the day.

The game program tells you any letter in your word that is also in the word of the day and if any letters are in the right place. You have six lines of five letter blocks each, and line-by-line, you fill in letters until you make the word.

It is usually lucky to get the magic word on by the second line. It takes most people three or four lines to solve. Of course, if you go more than four lines, you’ve almost exhausted the alphabet.


Brainy Online Casino Games

Brainy Casino Games

Online casinos have plenty of games that challenge you to exercise your brain and calculate odds. Card games are at the top of the list. In poker, for example, you are constantly trying to figure out the chances of getting the card or cards you need to complete a winning hand.

Blackjack is another casino card game that tests your brain. Good players memorize a chart that gives them a standard strategy. Then there are games such as craps and roulette, more tests in figuring the odds of hitting a winner from a limited number of chances.

These games are fun to play, and they increase your ability to calculate, memorize and think strategically. Try one of these brain-teasing casino games at a reliable casino site and see how you fare.

How Do Mobile Games Make You Smarter?

Online Games that Make You Smarter Big Icon

Mobile games can literally make people smarter by training their intelligence. Just like your muscles require exercise, your brain needs a good workout regimen to stay sharp. Thinking is the best way to exercise your brain. 

Online and mobile games designed to train your brain to think critically, recognize and assess patterns, and logically solve puzzles can increase your overall intelligence. Studies conducted by the Behavioral and Brain Sciences journal determined that participants showed increased neural connectivity in just one week of playing Tetris. In other words, they got smarter.

How Can Gamblers Take Advantage of These Games

Gamblers can benefit from playing games as brain training, as well. These online games can enhance performance when playing casino games for real money.

Increased cognitive ability, critical thinking, and logic can help online gamblers think faster, clearer, and more accurately, thereby increasing skill at standard betting games and those that require more skill, like fish shooting games.

Beefing up your neural connectivity by exercising your brain leads to a higher skill level and better decision-making when gambling. 

Play Online Games That Make You Smarter And Boost Your IQ!

Playing online brain-training games equates to exercising your brain and can provide a slight boost to your IQ. Some of the most proven and popular brain-training games are Sudoku, Elevate, Lumosity, Black Jack Card Counting Trainer, 2048, Tricky Test 2, Happy Neuron, and Brain Age Concentration Training. They can help increase abstract thinking, logic, pattern recognition, memory, and overall cognitive abilities and fight brain aging and neuron decay.

Use these brain training methods, and increase your skill level when gambling at legit online casinos. Why not give your brain a workout today?

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