Oregon Lottery Set To Launch Sports Betting App

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Scoreboard Mobile Sports Betting App OregonScoreboard, the Oregon Lottery’s official mobile sports betting app will soon be released. The last set deadline passed about a week ago, and locals are expecting to have the app available by mid-October. The launch is yet another important milestone in the US legal online gambling storyline. Gambling enthusiasts from the Beaver State, as well as lottery funds beneficiaries, are looking up as the app’s final touches are underway.

News Highlights

  • The Oregon Lottery is set to release its latest product, Scoreboard sports betting app.
  • Legal sports betting in the state is getting all the more support for progress.
  • This move is bound to leave both enthusiasts and lottery beneficiaries extremely pleased.

Scoreboard – Sports, Features & More

The Scoreboard sports betting app by the Oregon Lottery is expected to include a selection of leagues and wager types, as well as comprehensive live gambling options. Several sports have already been specified, such as football, basketball, and baseball. However, a much broader offering is expected sooner rather than later.

Apart from its original format as a mobile device app, Scoreboard will also be available for users opting for a desktop version. All they will have to do is access Scoreboard through the Oregon Lottery’s website and bet away.

Wagers Up To $250,000

Bet caps have become an interesting factor in mobile gambling and online sports betting across the US, and Oregon specifically. Once the app launches, it is supposed to allow users to deposit up to $250,000 into their account. The lottery director Matt Shelby has also spoken on the matter:

Theoretically, if someone had the means to deposit a quarter-million dollars into their player account, they could wager it.

Matt Shelby

This will likely depend on additional factors as people get familiar with the app. Such factors could include the sport, the specific odds, and the risk tolerance will affect the cap, reducing it drastically in some instances.

Additional Restrictions and Considerations

The app is expected to do a lot of good in Oregon. This is mostly thanks to some strict policies and provisions that go along with it. For example, Scoreboard users will not be able to make wagers on any college sports.

Still, it tends to make up with a range of other variables, especially in terms of wager types. According to official announcements, users would be able to make in-game, parlay, or single-game wagers through the app or its instant-play browser version.

Scoreboard Local Kiosks

Coming soon are the respective retail locations to Oregon Lottery’s Scoreboard, at licensed kiosks only. These should offer all the same options, except for in-game wagers, as announced so far.

The Chinook Winds Casino, Lincoln City, is expected to assist gamblers in overcoming said restrictions and stipulations. They offer massive wagers on all sports, state marquee college sports included, but only on its actual land-based premises. Also, the app allows users to place a wager anywhere within state borders.

Where Does The App Revenue Go?

sportsbook online bettingThe launch of this local licensed sports betting app is a huge step forward for legal gambling in the US. One of the most significant benefits of the move is expected to reflect on the state budget, where projections expect a yield of $37 million throughout the next three years.

In line with the lottery’s role so far, funds are returned in the following way:

  • Infrastructure
  • Education
  • Healthcare Funds
  • Employment
  • Facilities

Launch Date Delay

The Scoreboard’s shine has only slightly diminished over the past week, as it failed to meet the set deadline for launch on October 7. Oregon residents are missing out on mobile sports betting odds for the NFL, as its seventh week is well upon us. However, if the app is released soon, users will be able to get some NBA action, as well as the full Portland Trail Blazers’ regular-season starting October 23.

Final touches on the banking methods were the last listed reason for the delay. Some assumptions relate it to the deposit limit, which is still much lower than those of New Jersey – $5,000,000 and Nevada – unlimited. As things are going, it seems Oregon residents won’t wait much longer to find out.

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