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Gambling and gaming consoles have a bit of history, and now, players can place bets within their favorite video games. The GTA Online Casino is open for business, and in-game gambling is allowed in PlayStation casino games. Combining online gambling and video games is becoming increasingly popular, but not without raising a fair share of questions.

The casino betting element within video games makes them more engaging, creating discussions about loot boxes. Critics believe these “prizes” pose a risk to underage players. Therefore, the question remains: do online casino games have a future in video games?

News Highlights

  • The Diamond Resort and Casino launched GTA Online Casino
  • The PlayStation video game console has a top online casino games portfolio
  • Concerns over loot boxes make the future of gambling in video games uncertain

PlayStation Gambling In-Games

Online gambling, being accessible from the comfort of your home, has become increasingly popular over the years. It grows 10% each year, according to data published by the European Gaming and Betting Associations. It will be worth $94 billion by 2024, according to predictions by Statista.

Video Game Trends

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With that in mind, it is no wonder that online casino games for real money expanded their reach to video games. In-game gambling has started small, mainly when players would use virtual money to buy and exchange prizes.

You could earn virtual money throughout gameplay in the past, but now players can use real money to purchase and move these items.

Playstation and In-Game Gambling


PlayStation has played a significant role in the rise of the in-game betting trend, especially with the Grand Theft Auto & Diamond Casino and Resort game launch in 2019.

This introduced gambling, as you’re entering a casino in the game, and you can play across the casino floor with both virtual and real currencies.

Popular Online Casino Games on PS4

Grand Theft Auto Diamond Casino & Resort is the most popular game that can provide you with the closest to the real casino experience. Still, you can try two other PS4 options if you are interested in seeing what it’s like to play with in-game gambling.

Grand Theft Auto Diamond Casino & Resort 

Grand Theft Auto Diamond Casino & Resort

The GTA Diamond Casino & Resort is the ultimate casino video game. It was launched on the 23rd of July, 2019. It takes you to a real casino and resort establishment, where you can both use accommodation and entertain yourself in the casino.

You can play all sorts of traditional casino games, including blackjack, slot machines, and roulette. Rewards you get are discounts on cars, clothing, and virtual GTA$.

You’ll need 5,000 chips to play, and as a VIP member, you get access to a luxury penthouse. You can use real money and exchange it for GTA$ if you want to gamble at the casinos.  

The Four Kings Casino and Slots

The four kings casino and slots game

GTA was not the first game inspired by casinos. Four Kings, released in 2015 by Digital Leisure, also simulates a real Vegas casino.

You create a 3D avatar to represent you at the casino, where you can play slots, blackjack, roulette, instant keno, bingo, Texas Hold ’em Poker, and many other games typically found in casinos. You also can visit the VIP rooms and play at high stakes. 

High Roller Casino

High Rollers Casino

First released in 2001, an even older game with its latest version launched in 2017 by Stern Pinball Arcade, High Roller Casino, is Four King’s direct rival.

It portrays the glitz and craziness of a real Vegas casino with astounding graphics and sound effects and gives you the chance to try out games like craps, Hi-Lo, poker, and blackjack as slots and roulette. 

The Future of Online Casinos and Video Games

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It is debatable if in-game gambling is here to stay or not, mainly due to the concerns that loot boxes raise. These games have been criticized as luring underage players since they have low age restrictions.

As long as they keep it simple and stay with in-game currencies and rewards instead of real money wins and losses, they may lead the way for discussions, regulation, and control. Otherwise, with the loot boxes question still in the air, in-game betting would probably be left behind. Unless lawmakers introduce the necessary framework for regulating them, their future in video games remains uncertain.

Remember: Games that involve betting are meant for entertainment. Please play responsibly. Only use legal gaming platforms and legit online casinos.

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