PlaySugarHouse Pays Out Third Slot Jackpot In Four Days

SugarHouse Divine Fortune Pays Out JackpotsEver since online Pennsylvania casinos have gone live, the Divine Fortune slot game has kept up its generous reputation. The game’s progressive jackpot was hit last week for the third time in four days. The total amount of the latest progressive prize is $30,270, bringing the total payout amount so far closer to the $200k mark.

News Highlights

  • On September 1st, the online slot game Divine Fortune saw its first jackpot winner.
  • On September 5th, a man hit the third progressive jackpot on the slot game, cashing in $57,349.
  • More players are flocking to, looking to get a piece of the jackpot-filled pie.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This news post has been updated with the latest information regarding the Divine Fortune slot game progressive jackpots.

Read more about the latest jackpot winners below.

Pennsylvania – The Land of Online Jackpot Winners

After a lengthy preparation period, the state of Pennsylvania recently launched its first legal online casino sites. In this short time frame, these casino sites have been getting a high volume of traffic.

A Timeline of the Divine Fortune Jackpot Winners

  • On September 1st, got the first official jackpot winner. A woman from Selinsgrove placed a $4 bet on the slot game and hit a massive $196,209.
  • A lady from Levittown, Pennsylvania, struck luck on September 5th. At 3:02 in the morning, the woman, who had been playing the Divine Fortune slot for 14 minutes, placed a 40 cent bet and hit the progressive jackpot – $30,270 at the time.
  • Just 39 minutes later, another player, a man from Warrington, PA, hit another progressive jackpot win of $57,349. He made a $30 wager and had been playing for a little less than an hour.

Rush Street Interactive – The Powerhouse Behind It All

Such events have triggered an even greater influx of players to Rush Street Interactive, the operator behind the casino site. This goes to show that they know their way around the industry.

The President of Rush Street Interactive (RSI), Richard Schwartz, made an official statement after this series of events:

This just goes to show, you don’t necessarily have to play big to win big. Divine Fortune is a very hot game right now on, and it’s easy to see why. This also shows that jackpots can hit at any time and on any type of bet. Since the first and second progressive wins last week, we’ve seen an increase in activity with Divine Fortune on, and we expect the excitement and interest continue to grow.

Richard Schwartz

Following New Jersey’s Footsteps

New JerseyDivine Fortune Online Slot, with its own dedicated casino website catering their player pool, has set the bar high when it comes to Divine Fortune payouts.

Since the slot’s release back in 2017, it has been responsible for approximately $3 million in payouts. Out of these, $1.5 million are made up of smaller prizes, while the other half is comprised of 12 Mega Jackpot wins.

The Divine Fortune slot has three jackpot prizes, amounting to the progressive Mega Jackpot, responsible for the massive payouts all around. It has built its name around such wins, first in the New Jersey marketplace, and now in Pennsylvania. This makes the PlaySugarHouse platform a flagship brand of the online casino industry in both states.

Fourth Progressive Jackpot Win in Pennsylvania

The Divine Fortune online casino slot game at is breaking the bank in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. On September 12, a woman from Lansdale hit a $61,409.77 jackpot sum, playing on a $10 bet straight from her phone. She became the fourth jackpot winner within two weeks.

Rush Street Interactive, the operator behind the brand, has used the opportunity to emphasize the game’s rewarding potential. It’s safe to say this puts Pennsylvania among much greater and long-lasting online gambling marketplaces such as New Jersey.

New Jersey Woman Wins $192,949 Jackpot

Just a day after the fourth Pennsylvania progressive win, a 13th jackpot landed in the Garden State. The winner was playing with a $20 bet from her personal computer at home and hit an astonishing $192,949.

Such recent events go to show that Divine Fortune’s praise has been rightfully deserved. The game is quite promising for all active and up-coming players at

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