Record Growth at Upcoming ICE London 2019 Event

ICE London 2019The ICE London is undisputedly the single largest and most extensive B2B event worldwide. The conference connects online gaming companies with operators and other interested parties. It has established itself as a tradition in the iGaming industry, and a stepping stone towards greater innovations.

This year’s ICE will begin on February 5th and take place in the ExCel Exhibition Center. The three-day event will gather a large group of industry professionals in the hopes of presenting their latest products and suggesting solutions for the gambling industry.

What to Expect at ICE London 2019

The ICE London 2019 is expecting up to 600 exhibitioners and has so far accumulated visitors from 60+ countries. Growth in visitors’ numbers is expected due to two primary reasons – the rising tendency that has been going on since 2012, as well as the recent US online gambling legal changes surrounding the PASPA Act being rendered void.

A 2,000sqm increase is noted since last year, which has remained remembered for a different record-breaking moment – visitors from up to 153 different nations worldwide made it to the conferences and exhibition. This moment officially turned ICE London into the globally recognized institution it is known to be.

World-Renowned Exhibitors

Around 170 casino software developers will take part in this year’s event. They will be showcasing some of their latest innovations for both the offline and online gaming sector. Take a look at some of the exhibitors:


Kate Chambers Managing Director

Kate Chambers

In the spirit of the massive progress achieved over the past year, as well as numerous announcements for the following one, organizers have centered the 2019 exhibition under the #spiritofgenius tagline. The gathering of this magnitude is a praiseworthy achievement of Clarion Gaming.

Kate Chambers, Managing Director at Clarion Gaming publicly pointed out the need for recognition when it comes to the iGaming industry’s potential for innovation.

“We thought it was about time that someone started banging the drum on behalf of an industry that has consistently been among the very first to embrace new technology and is among the most creative sectors anywhere in the world, employing the most talented individuals and the brightest minds. […]ICE London is the very best place to experience the spirit of genius that drives the totality of the gaming experience.”

Kate Chambers

Number of Visitors Skyrocket at This Year’s Event

Statistical analysis of past year visitor numbers and floor surface reveal an increase in most countries. A special emphasis is being made on the top ten most represented ones. Just last year, four of these – Austria, Bulgaria, the United States, and Sweden illustrated a growth of 228%, 106%, 35%, and 51% respectively.

On the matter of handling such tendencies, and maintaining a successful strategy to further such growth, Kate Chambers stated the following:

“The relocation to ExCeL London gave us the opportunity to provide exhibitors with the stand options that simply weren’t possible at Earls Court. Following that, we have been careful not to follow an aggressive growth strategy. Instead, we have worked hard to marry the growth of the show floor with growth in visitor numbers…”

Kate Chambers

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