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Slotslv six new slot games

Playing a new game is always a great experience and the online casino is giving their members not just one, but seven new slot games to play. Whether you want to go back to feudal China, shoot it out in the Old West, or even relax as you look at the fish swim at the side of a pond, there is something for everyone. These games offer a wider selection of games that are already present and promise to deliver a better gaming experience than before.

Six New Slot Games to Play

With six games being launched during the start of July is promising news, as the online slot game selection continues to grow, giving players, even more, options to pick from. started by unveiling six new games at the beginning of July:

8 Lucky Charms logo md

8 Lucky Charms

Go back in time to China, as you make your way through the forbidden city, meeting the princess, and fighting against tigers and the fabled fire-breathing dragon.

Demi Gods logo md

Demi Gods

Play as a demi-god sent on a quest to kill the Hydra, the multi-headed serpent that poses a great threat to humanity. Cut its heads off to win big prizes and ultimately kill the beast and save the world.

Pond of Koi logo md

Pond of Koi

Play a relaxing round of Pond of Koi, as you watch these beautiful fish swim around. Watch as your stress melts away with the parred down slot machine and your pockets fill up.

Reel Fighters logo md

Reel Fighters

For those that enjoy fighting games, Reel Fighters is full of action as you fight superhuman characters in order to get to the top and become the best fighter. If your prized fighter makes it to the top you could walk away with a big payout.

Soccer Babes logo md

Soccer Babes

Watch as beautiful women cheer you on as you play the world’s most popular sport, soccer. Line up the babes and get a big payout.

Wild Wild Spin logo md

Wild Wild Spin

Go back to the Wild West and help the sheriff round up and arrest the bandits that are plaguing your small town. Collect your big reward for catching the gunslingers.

With these new games, continues to provide only the best online casino experience possible. Try these games out to see which you like the most.

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