Stones Live Cheating Scandal Rocks the Poker Community

Mike Postle Stones Live Poker Cheating ScandalThis week a cheating scandal at one of the biggest live stream shows, “Stones Live,” has caused major controversy in the poker community. The show takes place in the Stones Gambling Hall in Citrus Heights, Northern Carolina, where it has been running operations hosting numerous players over time.

The gameplay style and moves of poker player Mike Postle have been the topic of heated debate across the entire poker community. The player has been getting a lot of attention, especially following a lengthy Joey Ingram video analysis on the specific poker game that raised red flags. There is no saying how the situation will unfold by the end of private and official investigations, but the stakes are high.

News Highlights

  • Mike Postle, poker player at “Stones Live” accused of cheating at the live-stream show.
  • Veronica Brill was the first to point out an issue, followed by Joey Ingram and Scott Seiver.
  • Investigations are underway to provide proof for or against the regular winner at the live series.

Mike Postle’s Poker Cheating Accusations

Alleged accusations regarding Mike Postle’s gameplay have been coming from all sides. However, the reality of the situation doesn’t seem as set in stone as opinions are.

The first to point the finger was fellow player Veronica Brill, also known as “Angry Polak.” She took to Twitter in a lengthy thread to address the situation. According to her, a proper investigation should have clarified the situation and erase all doubt.

Reactions From The Poker Community

Stones Live Cheating Scandal Video Analysis

Joey Ingram’s Video Analysis

Nevertheless, in the lack of an official investigation, several repercussions have found their way to mainstream media. The first analysis came from Joey Ingram, with another one soon expected from Doug Polk, appealing to the mass public for any additional information that could be of help.

Ingram’s five-hour video analysis has given the public a step-by-step insight into Postle’s hands, the probability of playing as he had, and how he may have conducted the entire decision-making process.

Neither of the initial commentators coming forward has been able to accuse Postle of anything more than entirely unpredictable and sporadic decisions. Still, the fact that he had sense enough to fold an A-K hand on a K-8-4 flop is raising eyebrows everywhere as speculations are growing in lack of a transparent investigation.

What Does “Stones Live” and Postle Have to Say?

Such intense and numerous attacks have provoked reactions in both the live-stream show “Stones Live” and the direct target, Mike Postle. Representatives of the show came out only a couple of days ago with a statement on their Twitter account.

They claimed to have conducted a thorough, “full investigation” regarding the matter and did not find the player guilty. They also claimed the accusations were wild and unfounded.

Mike Postle Defends Himself

Mike Postle reacted as well, calling upon his reputation throughout the “16-year poker career” and his “unique high variance style” as proof enough to silence speculations. The player, the show, and the coated serenity surrounding the public treatment of the matter are arising all the more suspicion from all sides.

Live Dealer Poker – Are We Safe?

The whole buzz around this cheating scandal has given rise to additional questions, as online players are concerned about their safety. It’s important to point out that “Stones Live” is a live stream of an actual land-based game, with players, dealers, and a studio at the same place. Most accusations have been relying on an organized use and abuse of the broadcasting delay, or other technical glitches.

Where Does This Leave Online Casinos?

Online live dealer casinos handle operations differently, with no one but a dealer at the casino studio. Since each player is seated from different devices and locations, their main interaction is with the dealer, and not among each other.

Chat options and such features have been introduced lately, mostly serving players to identify bluffs, calls, or other game-relevant details better. The entire matter comes down to believing or discarding one single point, as bluntly claimed by three-time WSOP bracelet winner Doug Polk:

He won almost every single time he played, and no one’s that good.

Doug Polk

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