8 Stunning Live Dealer Games in Canada

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Online casinos in Canada have live dealer games that outshine their US counterparts. There are 3D characters to interact with, hosts in fancy uniforms, and HD streaming gameshow-style stages with fantastic lighting effects.

We’ll look at the range of exciting titles that have opened up the live dealer scene in Canada. They’ve gone way beyond the standard studio games you find elsewhere.

Live Dealer Casinos in Canada 

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Most gambling sites these days have a live section, but Canadian sites emphasize this category by offering games you don’t see at other US-focused online casinos.

Click on a title, and a live video stream comes up with a charismatic dealer, excellent props, gameshow stages, and stunning features. The screen is full of wagering options and chats from others who tune in to play.

Like other live dealer casinos, you get the feel of a Vegas-type casino floor without all the luggage. In Canada, the bet limits are higher, and the games really immerse you in the exciting land-based casino environment you want.

Unique Categories

US-based online casinos have a few basic table games, but Canadian live casinos really step things up. In addition to the basic games, they have bonus blackjack and baccarat games, more casino poker, intense gambling game shows, and innovative dice games.   

8 Exciting Live Dealer Games in Canada

The following is a good sampling of some incredible and unique live dealer games in Canada-based online casinos. You’ll know some of the games and others are over-the-top imaginative.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune Logo

Wheel…of…Fortune! This game takes the familiar TV show and pairs it with the popular slot machine at many land-based casinos. Your live host spins an 18-number wheel with a special “trophy” stop, like the zero on a roulette wheel.

In fact, it is basically a slimmed-down version of roulette, with the options of betting numbers, sections of numbers, colors, even-odd, and over-under.

The main difference is that you’re in an updated, bright studio setting and have a charming host with a microphone. The wagers are easy to make, and the odds range from 2:1 to 18:1

North Casino
North Casino
Up to $5,000

Deal or No Deal

Live Dealer Deal or No Deal Logo

This version of another popular TV game show, Deal or No Deal, takes players through a qualifying round and a top-up round before they get to the big show. These digital rounds essentially determine the amount in the briefcases when you get to the main live event.

Make it to the final round, and they take you to the live studio, complete with a host, an assistant, and 16 briefcases. The assistant opens several briefcases at a time, and the tension rises after each set.

After each opening, the Banker calls in with an offer. You can win up to 500 times your original bet, accept the deal, and the game is over.

Hell Spin Casino
Hell Spin Casino
100% up to $300 + 100 FS

Side Bet City

Live Dealer Side Bet City Logo

Side Bet City has a colorful neon-trimmed setting, a screen layout showing the table, and a side window with the current deal.

In this casino poker game, you wager on four options – three-card, five-card, seven-card, and all losing hands in which you don’t get at least a pair. You can wager from $5 to $500 on one or more of the available bets.

The dealer reveals three cards first, and if you have a three-card poker hand of a pair or better, you win if you bet that option. Then they flip two more cards, and jacks or better is a winning five-card hand. Two final cards get dealt, and you are looking for three of a kind or better on your 7-card hand. The “all lose” bets get a payout if none of them hit.

Izzi Casino
Izzi Casino
150% up to $3,000

War of Bets

War Of Bets Logo

War of Bets is a card game that plays like Casino War. You wager on whether the Player or Dealer will get the highest card or alternately take the War spot, which is a tie.

After the initial wager, the Player receives a card. You will notice the odds change and get another chance at a bet. Then Dealer receives a card, and the higher of the two wins. A tie pays 13:1, and there are bonus options for matched suits and card ranges.

For a simple game, this one has a lot going on. It has separate windows for various betting options, as well as a panel for your bets and one for your betting history. The games move along quickly, and they’re in a captain’s cabin setting to follow the pirate theme.

North Casino
North Casino
Up to $5,000

Monopoly Big Baller

Live Dealer Monopoly Big Baller Logo

The Monopoly name is a bit confusing since this game starts as virtual bingo. Numbered balls roll down a tube to fill the cards with spots you hope will line up for a win.

When you hit the bonus round, the classic board game comes into play. You get a few dice rolls and watch as Rich Uncle Pennybags moves around the board, stacking up wins, multipliers, and mega payouts with every stop.

The unique thing about the bingo portion is an animated Mr. Monopoly that seemingly interacts with the live dealer to reward free spaces on the cards. Wager on as many cards and slips as you like, and you win when squares on a card line up five in a row. It is a lively game with all the action in a riverboat setting.

North Casino
North Casino
Up to $5,000

Lightning Dice

Live Dealer Lightning Dice Logo

Live Lighting Dice has a flashy set with a dealer who hits the lightning switch, feeds in the dice, and calls the action.

During standard gameplay, three 6-sided dice roll through a Plinko-type tumbling tower to reveal a total between 3 and 18. Each dice combination has different odds. A triple, or three of a kind, pays 25:1, and you can bet on high (11-18) or low (3-10) for more even wagering options.

The fun element of this game is the lightning bonus which the dealer hits before the roll. If you wagered on the correct number or combo, the lightning bonus gives you 5x to 1,000x your wager when you hit.

Izzi Casino
Izzi Casino
150% up to $3,000

Andar Bahar

Live Dealer Andar Bahar Logo

Andar Bahar is a simple card game with roots in India that has become more popular in US-facing online casinos in recent years.

You guess on which side a matching card will land. A middle card comes out first, and the wagers go on Andar or Bahar spaces. They pay 1.9:1. Side bets on the suit, color, or value of the middle card bring extra excitement. You can win up to 12:1 with these.

Your screen shows a set with a dealer and a side panel with the cards as they get dealt. You can bet anywhere from $1 to $100 on the various wagering options.

Hell Spin Casino
Hell Spin Casino
100% up to $300 + 100 FS

Crazy Time

Live Dealer Crazy Time Logo

This game is aptly named since there is so much going on, all based on wheel spins.

First, you have a big wheel with a prize spin, dozens of stops, repeated numbers from 1 to 10, and several bonus spaces. The bonus rounds include a Pachinko round, coin flip, Cash Hunt, and Crazy Time.

All the bonuses take you to different games, and Crazy Time takes you through a door to a new studio with all sorts of animation. The Crazy Time round has another big 64-space wheel, and you pick one of three colored stoppers. The correct multiplier can get you up to 20,000x your bet.

North Casino
North Casino
Up to $5,000

Why Resist the Irresistible?

As you can see, Canadian online casinos are on top of the trend in live dealer games. They offer so much more than the traditional live table games you find at gambling sites in the US.

Many of their games take full advantage of the studio atmosphere. It makes them hard to resist, but there’s no need to do so. Is there? If you’re in Canada, you won’t believe how much fun you can have with these stunning game shows and other exciting live dealer games.

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