Tennessee Online Gambling Kicks Off

Tennessee Online Sports Betting goes live

The US continues expanding its legal sports betting scene. Tennessee is the most recent US state to offer legal sports gambling. Two more territories are soon to follow suit. The most exciting thing about the news is that Tennessee is a state which does not offer legal casino gambling, which is usually a prerequisite for legalizing it.

Four online sports books have already launched their sites. Find out below what you’ll get by joining them.

News Highlights

  • Tennessee becomes the 12th US state with legal sports betting
  • The state does not offer land-based casino gambling
  • Sports betting continues to sweep across the country

Legal Sports Betting Goes Live in Tennessee

Tennessee, a state that never offered legal land-based and online casino gambling, has launched online sports betting. A few days ago, it joined the ever-growing list of states that offer this kind of gambling in the US.

What’s interesting is that Tennessee took the fast route, and four operators already launched their operations within its borders, Action 24/7, DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM.

Sports Betting Operators

Online Sports Betting Badge

Action 24/7 is a new name on the block, a completely unknown operator, but one which would probably follow suit of successful brand new names and partner with the right operators to get recognition.

DraftKings and FanDuel, of course, have occupied the US sportsbooks scene and have been benefiting from the states that have legalized it. BetMGM is also a name associated with success, especially in New Jersey.

If you know some of these sites, you know that you can wager on all kinds of major events, such as NFL, All-Star games, drafts, pre-season games, eSports, Olympics, and more.  

A Closer Look at Online Sports Betting

Online Gambling Sportsbooks

There’s no doubt that this form of online gambling has become increasingly popular in the US, mainly since many states have regulated it. Many others are also interested in doing it, with some even pending regulation.

As you know, there were 11 states with legal sports betting, and Tennessee is the 12th. The two with pending legislation are Virginia and Michigan. The existing states with running operations are:

Add Tennessee to the list, and you have the 12 states with legal online sports betting. Virginia and Michigan will likely make it to the list soon.

US Sports Betting Gaining Ground

Online Sports Betting Game Balls on Phone

America values sports, and the legalization of this type of betting is a direct result of how much it has increased in popularity in the last years.

Since two more states are about to join that list, it looks like sports betting is gaining momentum in the US. Whether players would be satisfied with the offering or turn to online casino games from time to time remains to be seen.

It is always good news to learn about legalization within the industry since this means more options for players! Stay tunned to OUSC News for the latest news of the online gambling scene. 

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