The Upside of Gambling Online During Quarantine


The current pandemic threw a wrench in 2020 and steered numerous industries off course. However, one of the few sectors that is not only towing its set line but also flourishing is online gambling.

During this crisis, when land-based casinos are either closed or operating at half-capacity with restrictive guidelines, many players discover the advantages of playing at online casinos. As we start to see a slow return to normalcy, one has to wonder if people will return to real-life gaming venues, now that they’ve experienced what online casinos have to offer.

News Highlights

  • The quarantine has shifted many players over to online casino games.
  • Online gambling has a wide range of advantages compared to land-based gambling.
  • The quarantine has accelerated the growth of the online betting sector.

The Perks of Gambling Online

Everything has its pros and cons, and every player has his preference. The ambiance of a live casino is something you cannot emulate through the internet, at least, not yet. However, during the quarantine, those who have ventured off online to seek gaming entertainment have unearthed the advantages online casinos bring to the table. 

1. No Dress Code

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Casual players may not be aware, but US casinos have dress codes in place. A good majority of them require only casual wear, but they have hard and fast “no t-shirts” and “no flip-flops” rules. More high-end venues restrict access to those that show up in sneakers or wear dirty clothing. Online, things are different. No one has visual access to the player, so they can wear any attire they desire.

2. Faster Action

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At a real-life table, the speed depends on the number of players and their playing ability. Even though you may face some of the same issues when playing live dealer games at online casinos, if you opt for RNG table games, then there’s no comparison in terms of speed. The software deals cards at a button press, and you can even set autoplay options on games such as slots.

3. Online Casino Bonuses

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Promotional deals are the bread-and-butter of online casino marketing. While at brick-and-mortar casino players get free drinks, a meal, or perhaps a hotel room, in the digital sphere, they get treated to a wide variety of online casino bonuses like free spins and cashback deals. They can even participate in loyalty programs that reward players with generous prizes.

4. Game Variety

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The US has close to 500 commercial casinos, and most of these have game selections that incorporate slots, classic table games, and their most popular variations. Yet, they still cannot compete with their digital counterparts, which offer thousands of real money online slots, and unique offerings such as show games, skill-based gambling, etc.

5. You Control the Jukebox

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Casino floors are notorious for their odd musical choices, looping a specific set of tracks, serving as a soundtrack for a generic gaming experience. While you can have your headphones on, it may hinder communication at a table, and some may perceive you as impolite. Playing online, you can listen or blast the music of your choice while putting down your bets.

Online Gambling Gaining Ground Globally

Online casinos around the globe are on the rise in 2020. An Australian study from the credit bureau and analytics firm AlphaBeta revealed Australia’s online gambling activity increased 67% in April alone. In the UK, the increase was 41% for the same month. However, it went down to 35% in June, with the number of slot players lowering by only 1%.

Portugal’s online gaming market has seen an increase of 44% this year, and in Wales, the numbers are up by 13.2%. The trend of players shifting to the digital sphere is evident. 

According to many, this was an anticipated event, one accelerated due to the quarantine. Though both regulators and operators are doubtful that behavior and habits attained during this period will easily change once we get things back to normal.

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