How Will The 2020 US Presidential Election Affect Online Gambling?

US Presidential Election

The outcome of the presidential election will determine the future of online gambling in the US. A vast amount of uncertainty persists in the country concerning the industry as a whole.

The Republican Party directs its efforts to ban online gambling and expand the Wire Act 1961 to include internet gambling. Meanwhile, the Democrats want to create a safe, corruption-free online gambling environment across the US.

Casino players are on the edge of their seats to see who will run the country and whether gambling will continue to be legal in some states in the US.

News Highlights

  • The Republicans consider banning online gambling.
  • The Democrats want to create a safe and fair internet gambling environment.
  • The future of online gambling depends on the outcome of the election.

The Republican Party’s Views on Online Gambling

Even though the Trump administration attempted to regulate online gambling in the USA, in the past months, they had begun placing strains on online lotteries and other gambling platforms.

In 2018, the Republican Party went under scrutiny for the crackdown of online lotteries and other forms of gambling due to the Interstate Wire Act of 1961. The Wire Act prohibits wagers and bets from being placed over wires.

Republicans Intent on Ban Online Gambling

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Some of the leading Republican backers, such as Sheldon AdelsonJason Chaffetz, and Lindsey Graham have increased pressure to put an end to online gambling.

The billionaire Adelson claimed he would spend whatever it takes to support the ban against online gambling.

Chaffetz and Graham, on the other hand, introduced the Restoration of America’s Wire Act to Senate, aiming to include internet gambling in all its forms to the Act.

Trump’s Government

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Trump’s administration put on hold the persecution of online gambling due to a new ruling in New Hampshire’s case, a state that has followed the footsteps of other states to legalize gambling.

With Trump’s Impeachment Trial going on, the situation with online gambling has become uncertain.

Democrat Party Logo

The Democrat’s opposing views on gambling, in general, give a touch of hope to the US players. Joe Biden, the frontrunner, towards the end of 2019 showed support on the matter when speaking to the people in Las Vegas.

Weeks before, his fellow candidate Andrew Yang has also demonstrated support for legal online gambling in the US.

Both candidates showed support for legalizing online gambling just at the right time since previously, the Office of Legal Counsel had begun implementing the Wire Act to all forms of interstate gambling.

Joe Biden’s Strategy

Joe Biden

Joe Biden is working towards a corruption-free, safe and fair online gambling environment in the US, for those who wish to use it. The current frontrunner and former Vice President is putting a lot of effort to reverse the White House’s opinion.

Whether his efforts will prove useful remains to be seen. Until the elections, the future of online gambling in the US remains undetermined.

The Current Situation with Online Gaming in the US

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How the election will affect the legalization of online gambling in the US remains to be seen.

Trump’s administration currently continues cracking down on the new wave of online gambling, and the legislation is still in place, even though the Impeachment Trial is still on. Should the President be impeached, the odds are online gambling still stands a chance.

The Democratic Party is likely to support online gambling openly, but to be sure, we’ll have to wait for the presidential race to meet the finish line.

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