US to Share Online Casino Poker Player Pools in Proposal with UK

US and UK proposed share online poker traffic

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This news post has been updated with the latest information regarding the US and Uk proposal to share their online poker player pools.

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A recent proposal has been made between the United States and the United Kingdom to share their online casino poker player pools in an effort to expand and continue growth in that sector. More specifically, it would be the state of New Jersey that has entered into these talks, as they control over 90% of the regulated online gambling market in the US. This move would undoubtedly give the operators a much larger player base to draw from, as well as allowing those from the UK to profit from the mutually beneficial arrangement as well.

New Jersey to Grow Immensely

This proposal could mean an immense growth for the online poker sites in New Jersey, as the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) director David Rebuck stated:

“With 9 million people in New Jersey and more than 63 million in the United Kingdom, this would mean a massive increase in liquidity for New Jersey operators. Even when you discount children and non-gamblers, it gives us access to a market that is very familiar with online gaming. That number is one-fifth of the total U.S. population.”

David Rebuck

This would give them a pool of 70 million people, with the obvious discounts mentioned by Rebuck, they would still have an incredible growth within a short period of time. This would also give the UK operators access to a highly coveted market, US gambling. Even though it would only access New Jersey, it could expand to other states as they start to legalize and regulate online casinos and poker.

Much to Do Before Becoming Reality

David Rebuck

David Rebuck

This is only in the proposal stage, as there are many different factors that must be solved before this can become a reality. Even with these hurdles, Rebuck is still very confident that an arrangement can be met in order to continue the success that has been shown by moving into the iGaming business.

We’d still have to figure out lots of issues: specific regulations, how the tax rate from each jurisdiction would be applied, player ID and geolocation issues, and other things we probably haven’t even considered yet. But you have to start somewhere. We’re very serious about this and we want to move it along as quickly as possible so iGaming in New Jersey will continue the impressive growth we’ve shown over the last 15 months.

This gives many players in New Jersey, and the rest of the country, big hope for the future of online gaming as it is a huge step toward allowing international gambling to occur legally. Virtual borders are being opened in a positive way and could influence other states to follow suit.

What About an Interstate Player Pool?

The effort to see US’s New Jersey poker player base merging with the one in the UK is definitely a worthwhile endeavor. Nevertheless, since the initial mention of this step, many analysts have addressed the matter in an attempt to weigh in on the chances, the possibilities it provides, and the overall outcome.

On a whole different note, the player pools from the US states, and those from European countries have taken up more achievable goals.

More US States Offering Online Poker

On the one hand, New Jersey is no longer the only state in the US that has established a legal regulative to resolve the issue of online poker gameplay on its territories. Delaware and Nevada’s poker playing population has also become eligible to enjoy licensed online gambling services.’s platform is said to merge player pools from all three marketplaces, although further operators that would set up business at all respective locations should be just as available to boost their player traffic.

Online Poker Expansion in Europe

Across the pond, the UK player pool is constantly reaffirming its leading position among other markets. Due to weakened traffic rates, the separate online poker markets in France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal have decided for a similar move to the one illustrated above. ARJEL, the French online poker operator is responsible for the “player liquidity sharing agreement”.

Evidently so, even if intercontinental mergers are yet to be achieved, closer marketplaces manage to find a solution that boosts player traffic at their respective poker platforms.

Originally published: July 12, 2016 | Updated: January 25, 2019

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