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Small-town girl at heart, self-confessed chocoholic, and online casino enthusiast. When I'm not cheering on the Carolina Panthers, I'm scouring the Internet to find the best online casino bonuses. I come from a family of avid blackjack and poker players, so its no surprise that I have a knack for playing table games. I'm also the ultimate mobile casino fan, so you'll most likely find me getting the inside scoop on the best mobile games.

Games Like Candy Crush You Can Play At Online Casinos


Chances are you’re either a Candy Crush fanatic or know someone who is. King Digital Entertainment created this wildly popular puzzle game for Facebook, but now you’ll mostly find people obsessively playing it on their phones. With bright colors, pleasing …

How Online Casinos Increase Player Engagement


Thanks to the snowballing advancements in technology, online casinos are developing innovative ways to draw new players in and keep regulars coming back. Stunning graphics, attractive bonuses and promotions, interactive games, and secure, easy banking …

Have a Laugh With These Gambling Jokes


You’ve probably never seen a standup comic center their routine on gambling jokes. Nevertheless, many funny jokes about gambling do exist. We’ve scoured the internet for the best of the best when it comes to …

The Mighty Ancient Gods of Gambling


Gambling has been around as long as there have been humans with possessions to stake. With games of chance came the unseen, and people around the world turned to powerful gods to ask for celestial …

A Metaverse Casino Earned $7.5M in Three Months


Metaverses—virtual 3D worlds that offer unique experiences—are still in their early stages. However, one online gambling operator is already capitalizing on metaverses’ infant stages. Decentral Games has earned $7.5 million in revenue within three months. …

Adele Las Vegas Residency Postponed


The hype behind the Adele residency in Vegas has been tremendous, with tickets selling for up to five figures. However, the famed singer-songwriter has officially postponed Weekends with Adele. Fans are waiting patiently to determine if Adele’s …