Online Casino Withdrawal Methods

Online Casino Withdrawal MethodsThe real money online casino market offers its players many different online casino withdrawal methods. Each of these methods come with their own benefits and drawbacks. These allow players to make an informed decision when they want to withdraw money from their online casino account. Each casino offers a variety of options, ranging from a check to a bank wire up to bitcoin transfers.

This complete guide discusses the different casino withdrawal methods like bitcoin, check, and bank transfers. Online casinos provide a variety of different cashout methods, so players have maximum flexibility when withdrawing their winnings. In various sections below, we discuss the popular methods, show how to make online casino withdrawals, and make recommendations for the best ways to cash out.

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Online Casino Withdrawal Methods

These are the most popular withdrawal methods used in the regulated online casino industry. Each online casino has its own policies, so these vary from one site to the next. For the most part, the operators support the same payment methods, which are limited by international standards.

Bank Transfer icon

ACH Bank Transfer

ACH stands for “Automated Clearing House.” It is an electronic network for financial transactions used in the United States. ACH handles large numbers of credit and debit transactions in batches, all at once. ACH is a secure and convenient online bank transfer method used by virtually all online casinos. Each website is going to have its own policies, but often, you’ll need to make deposits with ACH in order to make casino withdrawals using the same method. At the Tropicana Online, you can use ACH withdrawals if you used ACH (Instant e-check) or OBT (online bank transfer) as a deposit method.

Bank Draft icon

Bank Draft

The oldest method of collecting winnings, but still among the best. This is simply a casino withdrawal sent to your bank account. It takes longer and has a substantial fee, but remains the most secure way to receive payments.

PayPal icon


PayPal is an instant, secure, and easy way to withdraw funds from online casinos. PayPal is world famous as a leading payment technology, thanks to its connection to eBay. This makes PayPal a preferred way to cashout in the online gambling market. Be cautious though, as PayPal has been known to withhold large amounts of money if they believe they were obtained illegally.

Insta Check Bank Transfer icon

Instant Check / Bank Transfer

To make these transactions happen, you’ll need to provide a bank routing number and account number. The funds are withdrawn from the online casino account into your bank. (Note: Your account number is a 7-digit number printed on the bottom of your personal checks). This is a fast and secure casino withdrawal method. If your casino offers bank transfers, be sure to take advantage.

Check icon

Check By Mail

Many online casino offer withdrawal via personal checks. Some offer only checks by mail, while others offer checks by courier. Checks may have different fees, limits,  and payout times; depending on the casino. When you select this withdrawal method, a check will be mailed to your personal address that the online casino has on file. This may take up to 7 business days to reach your mailbox; not including withdrawal approval time.

Bitcoin icon


Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency which allows people to transact without the need of a bank, credit card company, or e-wallet. Bitcoin has become a preferred method of online deposits and withdrawals due to its prevalence and anonymity. Although not backed by a national treasury, bitcoin is trusted by consumers and vendors throughout the world.

At some of the best casinos like and Bovada, players can request bitcoin casino withdrawals. These payouts can come at a faster rate than other methods mentioned. The benefits of using Bitcoin should be weighed against the other casino withdrawal methods, as they may have different limits.

The payout methods listed above are not the only options available; such as eWallets.

How to Make a Casino Withdrawal

Players fund their account in order to bet on their gaming. Once a player accumulates winnings, he or she naturally wants to withdraw them. Below is a step-by-step guide which shows how to make a casino withdrawal.


Play and Win

Win money in the casino. Pick the games that appeal to you, but pay attention to the best bets in the casino. Use betting strategies and money management when applicable, because it stretches your bankroll. Once you have winnings, it’s time to withdraw cash.


Request the Withdrawal

Request a casino withdrawal through your casino account. Sign in to your account and navigate to the casino’s cashier or bursars page. This provides a list of withdrawal options.


Select Casino Withdrawal Method

Select a casino withdrawal method. These are the options described above: bitcoin, check by courier, check by mail, and bank wire transfers. Some casinos limit the withdrawal method to the service you used for your deposit. Checks and bank transfers are a catch-all for anyone, though these require fees and a longer wait.


Select Amount to Withdraw

Select the amount you wish to withdraw. This is a two-step process, so you’ll have a chance to review the amount in the casino withdrawal request. Casinos allow for a reverse withdrawal, which is a 12-to-24-hour grace period in which you can cancel the request. During that time, the cashier department verifies the person withdrawing money is the owner of the account. Some casinos have “manual flushing”, which means you waive the right to make a reverse withdrawal.


Wait Estimated Delivery Time

Wait for the money to get to you via the selected withdrawal method. The various cashout types have different withdrawal times, which have different verification processes and service times. Bitcoin is an instant payout, because it issues a unique code which is used once and once only.

Picking the Best Withdrawal Method

Players have different needs and preferences when it comes to casino withdrawal times. Some want the fastest withdrawal, while others prefer the least expensive cashout method. Picking the best casino based on withdrawal method is a matter of matching preferences to the site’s capabilities. Some online casinos provide more and better services than others, so this section helps you pinpoint factors in choosing the best casino.

Does a Casino Offer the Best Withdrawal Method?

If a site offers only casino withdrawal methods which are not very popular in your country, it would be best to avoid the site. Pay attention to the payout methods offered before choosing an online casino, because this could cause problems when requesting and receiving payouts.

Are They Fast Withdrawal Casinos?

The time it takes for a casino to process a withdrawal request is important, because players don’t want to wait months for their money. Learn the withdrawal time for any casino you’re considering. Some sites offer 24 to 72 hour payouts, while others take a week or more. Anything beyond that is suspicious. If you read that a site takes months to pay or has terms-and-conditions which cause slow payments, avoid that site.

Are Their Payment Methods Secure?

Those who can wait a little longer for payments should consider the most secure methods. Bank transfers take a little longer and have bigger fees, but they are more secure than mailed checks. Bitcoin is secure and fast, but players new to that method will need to learn about bitcoin exchanges in order to convert the virtual currency into cash. The general times of when you can expect a casino withdrawal, based on the method, can be viewed with each method or at the bottom of the page.

Popular eWallets for Fast Withdrawals

Neteller & Casino Withdrawals

neteller logoMany online casinos offer withdrawals using Neteller. This is one of the quickest ways to cash out when playing online. To make a Neteller withdrawal, you’ll need to make a deposit using the same method.

For online players who have played for over a decade, it’s quite possible Neteller was their first payment method. In 2004, Neteller was used on over 80% of the world’s online casinos and was used by the vast majority of gamblers. The US government hounded Neteller out of the American gaming market and forced it to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in fees and fines.

12 years later, Neteller has diversified into the non-gaming financial sector, regenerated its revenue streams, and remains a top web wallet for online gambling.

Neteller Fees and Limitations

  • Free shipping and handling
  • Free to pay in shops, restaurants, or online
  • $2.99 USD – Monthly Administrative Fee.
  • $3.95 USD – ATM withdrawal fee. In April 2016, this rate will change to 1.75% the amount.
  • $500 USD – A maximum of 2 ATM withdrawals every 24 hours.
  • $10,000 USD – Maximum Withdraw Limit
  • 2 Neteller withdrawals every 24 hours – Businesses also might have limitations.
  • $5.00 USD – To replace a lost card.
  • $3.00 USD – Paper statement fee.
  • 95% – Foreign exchange fee.

Skrill Withdrawals

skrill logoSkrill, formerly known as Moneybookers, is a popular casino withdrawal method at many online casinos.. To make a withdrawal, simply choose this option at the gambling site you play at. If Skrill is not available for casino withdrawals, this won’t be an option in the cashier. The fees you could pay are listed below.

Skrill Fees and Limitations

  • Bank Transfer Withdrawals – $3.95 USD
  • Bank Transfer Deposit – Free
  • Visa or MasterCard Deposits – 2.90% of the transaction.
  • PaySafeCard Deposits – 7.00% of the transaction.

Skrill mentions on their site that credit cards sometimes charge a “cash advance fee” on deposits for gambling purposes. Skrill notes this fee is out of the company’s control, and they do not receive compensation from the fee.

International Withdrawal Methods

The following online casino withdrawal methods are available for countries worldwide. These withdrawal methods are primarily used at non-US casinos.

Maestro Debit logo sm

Maestro Debit

Formerly known as Switch, Maestro is the debit card payment method from MasterCard. Maestro is PIN-based, allowing direct cash access from your local bank account. This is a cashout method on some online casinos.

Entropay logo sm


This is a prepaid Visa account, accepted anywhere Visa is accepted online. Because it’s prepaid, your personal and financial details are not disclosed to the online merchant. This payment processor was established under Ixaris Systems Ltd. in London, England in 2000.

Ewire logo sm


A Danish web wallet which allows payments online and at certain brick-and-mortar vendors. This electronic payment method is available for deposits and withdrawals. Though it originates in Denmark and uses the Danish Kroner (DKK), customers in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway can use these cards. It is a highly secure payment method and is available for Dankort cardholders, Visa Dankort holders, Scandinavian national credit cards, international credit cards, and other net banking options.

Click and Buy logo sm


Click-and-Buy is an Internet billing system and payment method which offers convenient transactions through credit cards, debit cards, invoices, or prepaid accounts. ClickandBuy offers immediate access to paid content of 7,000 online publishers, cost control tools, transparency, an overview of purchases made in real time, invoices, current subscriptions, and personal account management. Founded by Norbert Stangl in Cologne, Germany in 1999.

Moneta RU logo sm


Moneta.RU is an e-payment system for users based out of the Russian Federation. Moneta acts as an aggregator of payment methods for modern shoppers. It is also a billing platform for Eastern European small and medium-sized companies.

WebMoney logo sm


WebMoney is another Russian Federation payment method for immediate online transactions. It is a multifunctional payment tool which works as a virtual wallet for safe money transfers in real time. WebMoney supports several currency types, including U.S. dollars, Euros, the Russian Ruble, the Ukrainian Hryvnia, Belorussian Roubles, and Uzbek Sum. WM Transfer Ltd. was founded in 1998 in Moscow.

Bank Transfer icon

Direct/Local/Fast Bank Transfers

I mentioned this one before, but I wanted to reiterate it for international players, because it is safe and quick. This method is one of the quickest, because of the location of the financial institution. This generally takes between 1 and 3 days, because it avoids the International Bank Transfers (5 days).

PaySafeCard logo sm


PaySafeCard is a payment method used in over 300,000 outlets worldwide, with more than 20,000 outlets in the United Kingdom alone. Its headquarters is found on Canada Square in London. The UK e-voucher company is owned by Skrill Holdings Limited these days. UK residents can buy £10, £25, £50, and £75 PaySafeCards.

More banking options exist in the international online casino industry. The options above are those which most often appear as payment options on sites which also cater to Americans.

Recommended Online Casino Withdrawals

Recommended iconPicking the best casino withdrawal methods allows players to enjoy their gambling experience to the fullest. Players don’t want to sweat the details on payments, but you also want the best bargain available. To do so, you have to mix-and-match an online casino with its optimal withdrawal method; based on that casino’s own terms and conditions.

The object of playing at online casinos is to win money. When you do, you can use any of the online casino withdrawal methods below to receive your money. Different online casinos offer their own selection of withdrawal methods. You can see an explanation of each withdrawal method below.

Bank Wires at Lucky Red Casino

Lucky Red casino logo smWhile the Lucky Red Casino states the minimum withdrawal is $350, inside the cashier the minimum amount is $200. Lucky Red Casino is a property of the trusted Club World Casino Group, a UK-based site regulated by the UK Gaming Commission. For the sake of fraud prevention, Lucky Red Casino accounts require several forms of identification for the verification process: a government issue ID, address verification document, and credit/debit card information.

  • Min Limit: $200.00
  • Max Limit: $5001.00
  • Wait Time: 5 days
  • Fee: $25

Cash Transfers at 5Dimes Casino

5Dimes logo smOnline casino withdrawals are available 7 days a week, which is not always the case with US-friendly online casinos. The 5Dimes Casino Certifications Department verifies withdrawal requests, so this is the department to contact if you have questions. 5Dimes Casino refunds payment methods with a transaction fee of $40 or less. Online casino withdrawal methods with a fee over $40 receive a $40 standard rebate. Make redemption requests Mondays between 9:00 am EST and 1:00 pm EST. This is a small window, so please remember to make your request during this period each week.

  • Min Limit: $1000
  • Max Limit: $9500
  • Wait Time: 7-10 days
  • Fee: $40-$80. One free withdrawal per month.

Checks at BetOnline Casino

BetOnline logo smPlayers have four different methods of withdrawing funds with a check at BetOnline casino. Each online casino withdrawal method has a different fee or wait time, though the withdrawal limits are the same on each. The quicker the payment method, the larger the fee. This allows players to adjust the time they spend waiting by paying a higher fee, thus expediting the process.

  • Min Limit: $500
  • Max Limit: $2500
  • Wait Time: 5 business days (ACH), 7 business days (express), 15 business days (courier), 30 business days (mail)
  • Fee: $25 by mail, $35 by courier, $50 express check, $20 + 2.50% for electronic check (ACH)

Bitcoin Transfers at

Slots lv logo smBitcoin transfers are the fastest and least expensive way to make a withdrawal at Players need to use bitcoin as a deposit method if they want to make bitcoin withdrawals. 5Dimes Casinos allows players to make one withdrawal every 3 days using bitcoin. These payouts are within the min and max limits described below.

  • Min Limit: $20
  • Max Limit: $9500
  • Wait Time: 1-15 minutes
  • Fee: $0

Online Casino Withdrawal Policies

Bank wires, cash transfers, and checks are the most common types of online casino withdrawal methods. Every online casino we recommend here offers withdrawals within 14 days after requesting it, regardless of the withdrawal method you choose. We believe two weeks is plenty of time for an online casino to send withdrawals. If the casino takes longer, they are playing games with you. Every gambler should have a minimum standard they will accept. If the operator makes any excuse for late payments beyond that point, we suggest you find another online casino.

Glossary of Casino Withdrawal Terms

In this article, I’ve discussed a couple of terms that might need defining: “reverse withdrawals” and “flushing a withdrawal.” Below is a definition of both terms, along with a quick explanation of why they are important to real money gamblers.

Reversing a Withdrawal

Players can reverse a withdrawal at certain sites, like Borgata. Generally speaking, a certain grace period exists in which you can make a reverse withdrawal, usually when the transaction still shows as “pending” in the Transaction History box of the online cashier. If the transaction shows as “Completed,” you won’t be able to reverse your decision.

Reverse withdrawals are controversial because it is a chance for a problem gambler to have second thoughts and keep gambling. Imagine yourself as a compulsive gambler who wins a bunch of money and decides to cash out. Then imagine there’s a 12-hour reverse withdrawal windows. That’s half a day to have second thoughts, let the addiction take over, and start gambling again.

Reverse withdrawals once were controversial for other reasons. Some clever gamblers in the past have found ways to use a reverse withdrawal then claim they never got paid on their cashout in order to fool their credit card company and get paid double. OUSC does not recommend players explore that option, because it’s illegal, there’s an electronic trail, and you’re very likely to get in a lot of trouble.

Flushing a Withdrawal

In our reviews, we sometimes mention the concept of “flushing.” This is an option some online casinos give to players who do not want to have the option of a reverse withdrawal. If it’s too much of a temptation, a player can click a button to “flush” the casino withdrawal, making it impossible to do a reverse withdrawal. It’s a crude term, but sites like AskGamblers always list whether a casino allows for flushing or not. It is seen as a sign of a legit casino wanting to give problem gamblers one more method of beating their addiction.

New Jersey Online Casinos

Land Based Casino iconTo understand the deposit methods below (Caesars Cage, Borgata Cashier), some explanation of the New Jersey online casino brands is needed. The licensed and regulated online casino market in New Jersey is listed below. Each entry includes a brick-and-mortar casino located in Atlantic City, as well as an international online gambling company. Only holders of AC casino licenses could launch websites, but those land-based casinos needed first-class software support. Each signed a deal with a major Internet gaming brand.

I list the two companies and not their websites, because some of these partnerships include several web addresses. For instance, Caesars Entertainment owns three casinos in Atlantic City, so 888casino software powers several different sites. Understanding who is behind the sites provides assistance in picking a favorite gaming brand, while also picking a payment method. Keep in mind you must be physically inside the State of New Jersey in order to play on these websites.

Borgata Party Poker icon

Borgata and Party Poker

The Borgata is the most successful of Atlantic City’s casinos, collecting almost half of the revenue in the land-based gaming market. Borgata Online is also the highest-revenue online casino. It partners with Party Poker for its online casino and poker room. Pala Casino and Pala Bingo USA are also associated with Borgata. Borgata is owned in a 50/50 partnership between Boyd Gaming and MGM Resorts International.

Caesars Entertainment 888 Holdings icon

Caesars Interactive and 888 Holdings

Caesars Interactive is the online division for Caesars Entertainment, which holds more brick-and-mortar gaming properties than any casino company in America. Caesars controls Caesar Atlantic City, Harrah’s Casino, and Bally’s Atlantic City. In the online gaming market, it controls,, and 888poker and 888casino powers the technology for all sites, which collectively represent the number two competitor in the state.

Golden Nugget Betfair icon

Golden Nugget and Betfair

Golden Nugget Atlantic City is owned by Landry’s Inc. The casino began in 1985 as Trump’s Castle, but was renamed Trump’s Marina in 1997. In 2011, massive restaurant chain Landry’s bought the casino. Landry’s owns Saltgrass Steakhouse, Rainforest Cafe, Vic & Anthony’s, and 37 other restaurant chains. Its gaming portal is operated by Betfair, the world’s largest sports betting exchange.

Tropicana Virgin Casino icon

Tropicana and Virgin Casino

Tropicana Casino was bought by Carl Icahn, owner of the Trump Taj Mahal. In 5 years, Carl Icahn has reenergized the brand and turned it into a financial success. Tropicana’s online casino and poker room are powered by Virgin Casino, which is part of the 400-companies owned by Sir Richard Branson’s holding company, Virgin Holdings.

Resorts Casino PokerStars icon

Resorts Casino and PokerStars

Resorts Casino is owned by Morris Bailey, a New York City businessman who purchased the casino out of bankruptcy in 2010. Bailey’s original partner on the deal, Dennis Gomes of Atlantic City’s Gomes Gaming Inc., died in 2012. When Gomes died, Morris Bailey signed a deal with Mohegan Sun to manage the property. This has been a major boon to Bailey’s operation and Resorts Casino has turned around. In 2014, Resorts signed a partnership deal with PokerStars, but it took 27 months for the Division of Gaming Enforcement to approve PokerStars for the New Jersey market. The gaming portal launched on March 21, 2016, and is primed to be a major competitor in the market.

Those are the online casino brands available. Below are special casino withdrawal methods available at these company’s brick-and-mortar sites in Atlantic City.

Withdrawals inside Atlantic City Casinos

Many unregulated online casinos accept American players. These offshore operators use casino software from providers like RealTime Gaming (RTG) and Betsoft. A few are old and famous, like Bovada (Bodog) and BetOnline. Most US-friendly online casinos are less well known. Some are notorious rogue casinos. These sites offer payment methods not found in the New Jersey online casino market.

Caesars Cage

Caesars Cage is used on all New Jersey sites powered by 888casino and 888poker software. This means Caesars Casino Online, Harrah’s Casino Online, and

Borgata Cashier

Players can withdraw funds from their Borgata online gaming account by picking them up at the Borgata Hotel, Casino, & Spa. Make a withdrawal as you normally would, receive a voucher ID number through your email account, and present it to the cashier at the Borgata window. Have your personal ID ready to verify your account.

Borgata Online Prepaid Card

Gamblers who play at Borgata Online also can acquire a prepaid card to make deposits and withdrawals. These cards can be used at ATMs. They also can be used at any vendor which accepts a Discover Card.

Golden Nugget Prepaid Card

The Golden Nugget Atlantic City has a prepaid card much like the Borgata’s prepaid option. What people might not know about this option is it’s available for deposits AND withdrawals. Players can get a prepaid card on the Golden Nugget’s online casino.

Golden Nugget Cage

The Golden Nugget Cage is the in-house withdrawal method. To make a withdrawal, you’ll need to contact the Golden Nugget Customer Support Team. Let them know the amount you’ll be withdrawing and the date you plan to pick up the funds.


Golden Nugget has a method they call “Safekeeping,” which allows players to transfer funds from their online account to the Golden Nugget Cage in Las Vegas, Laughlin, or Biloxi. To make this happen, provide a cage attendant with your online username and proof of identity. You’ll need to answer some security questions, but the funds will be at your disposal immediately.

Casino Cage at the Tropicana Casino and Resort

The in-house withdrawal option at the Tropicana is listed as the “Casino Cage.” To make an instant withdrawal at the Tropicana Resort, simply provide personal information to the personnel at the Cage. Tropicana recommends people making their first withdrawal from the Cage should go to the casino during normal business hours, which they list as 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM daily. Have a form of personal identification ready. Any of the following forms of personal ID work: your driver’s license, your passport, or any other government issued photo ID you own which includes your identity, age, and state of issuance.

Resorts Casino Hotel Cashier

The in-house withdrawal method for the PokerStars-powered Resorts Casino Online is called the “Hotel Cashier.” Players can pick up their winnings in person, if they bring a government issued ID with them.

Unregulated Online Casino Deposits

The online casinos in the unregulated market use a variety of money transfer methods not available in New Jersey. Most of the cashout methods above are offered by such offshore sites, but others exist. Those services are listed below.

Bitcoin icon


Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency which allows people to transact without the need of a bank, credit card company, or e-wallet. Bitcoin is only 7 years old, but has become a preferred method of online payment due to its prevalence and anonymity. Though it is not backed by a national treasury or a financial network, bitcoin is trusted by consumers and vendors throughout the world. Note: On sites like, a gambler is allowed bitcoin withdrawals at a faster rate than most of the methods below. This should be weighed when deciding which payment option to use. High rollers on such sites should consider a method below (bank wire), because it offers payouts three times the size of the max bitcoin payment.

Check icon

Check by Courier

This is similar to the “check by mail” discussed earlier, but it is delivered by a courier. This payment method does not take as long as snail mail, but it incurs a fee. The courier delivers payment to your front door, much like a UPS or Federal Express employee would.

Rapid Transfer icon

Rapid Transfer

Rapid Transfer is the name used to describe MoneyGram on certain websites, like This is a person-to-person cash transaction. The minimum withdrawal amount for Rapid Transfer is $100. This is a safe and secure way to cash out of the casino.

Bank Transfer icon

Bank Wire

Also known as a bank transfer, electronic funds transfer, or EFT. It identifies your bank account, confirms in a verification process, guarantees the funds, and sends payment. The potential for fraud in a wire transactions is limited. The bank wire transfer might use an international bank for the transaction, though, so this withdrawal method sometimes takes longer than expected.

Bank Draft icon

Direct/Local/Fast Bank Transfers

This is a form of bank wire transfer which goes through local banks only, making this a faster payment method than the regular bank wire transfer. I’ve seen this payment option for Canadians who play on US-facing online casinos. I have not seen this payment method offered for New Jersey gamblers, though it is offered to US players in the unregulated gaming market.

Person to Person icon

Per$on to Per$on

“Person to Person” or P2P is a generic term in the financial industry for transactions between two people. You’ll hear about person-to-person loans (or peer lending). This service uses that phrase as a brand, which causes some confusion. Person-to-Person (usually spelled with the dollar sign) is a payment method backed by Chase. It uses the Automated Clearing House to handle peer-to-peer transactions. Some online casinos, such as BetOnline, use this method of payment.

These represent the common and widespread payment methods in the unregulated market.