Best Online Scratch Offs for Real Money

Written by: Jeremy Olson , Online Casino and Games Expert

Playing scratch-offs online for real money equals more exciting themes, massive instant cash prizes, and spares you a trip to the gas station to buy paper tickets.

Beyond convenience, these games expand on their real-life counterparts through features like access to multipliers, free play rounds, and higher-than-average RTP. At the same time, minimum bets go as low as 10¢, much cheaper than the $1 cards you can buy in person.

On this page, I’ll guide you through some trusted online casinos where you can play scratch cards. I’ll also share insights on when it’s best to play these games compared to slots and provide a few tips to increase your chances of winning.

Play Scratch Cards at the Best Real Money Casinos

You can find scratch cards in the specialty or “other games” section of online casinos. The quantity, themes, and payouts vary from one site to another.

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite online casinos for scratch-offs to make things easier for you. These are all legit sites with a robust scratch-off game selection supplied by renowned developers like Dragon Gaming and BGaming.

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Super Slots
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Wild Casino
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Slots Paradise
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Vegas Aces
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Reviewed and Updated: July, 2024

Best Scratch Card Games to Play in 2024

What makes a good online scratcher? For me, there are three factors: fun gameplay, RTP%, and jackpot potential.

The ability to win huge payouts sets this game category apart from similar ones like slots, as the jackpots awarded by scratch cards can truly be life-changing.

However, like paper lottery tickets, hitting a mega jackpot usually carries once-in-a-lifetime odds. So, in the meantime, you need a game that will give out consistent returns and, more importantly, feel fun and exciting, win or lose.

Capymania Yellow

Capymania Yellow table game logo

Capymania Yellow is one of the most complete scratch card games in recent memory, boasting an above-average 97% RTP and a huge 100,000x top prize. 

This scratch-off comes with cons, as you can’t set betting limits and are stuck with the price set by each casino, which ranges between $2-$10.

Gameplay-wise, you can manually scratch with a digital coin cursor or go full auto with its complete autoplay menu. 

This game is great for anyone chasing after the biggest possible payouts and is okay with paying a bit more to get them. 

  • Top Prize: 100,000x
  • RTP: 97%
  • Developer: BGaming
  • Available at: Bovada, Red Dog, Super Slots, Vegas Aces, Wild Casino, Slots Paradise
  • Top Features: Stunning graphics and high RTP%

Sea Treasures ScratchCard

Sea Treasures Scratchcard Logo

Sea Treasures by Dragon Gaming feels like the love child of a scratch-off and a slot machine.

This game essentially plays like a 3-row 3-reel slot machine, with betting ranges from 10¢ to $20—it even has a “spin” button!

The 95% RTP and the Free Plays bonus are also very slot-like. Plus, there’s a 10-second timer that allows you to “scratch” before the entire card is revealed. 

I like a game that plays like a slot but pays out like a scratch card.

  • Top Prize: 12,600x
  • RTP: 95%
  • Developer: Dragon Gaming
  • Available at: DuckyLuck, SlotsandCasino, Red Dog, Slots Paradise
  • Top Features: Slot-like gameplay, high RTP%

Ice Scratch Gold

Ice Scratch Gold scratch card game logo

Ice Scratch Gold has a simple but beautifully executed Christmas theme that’s great if you’re looking for a focused and efficient scratch-off game

I like the game’s large jackpot potential and autoplay features. You can control the number of rounds, set loss or winning limits, and even set a turbo mode for extra speed. 

You can even set a budget and leave the game playing in the background for as long as you like while playing other games. 

Like Capymania Yellow, betting is set by the casino, with each round costing you between $2.50 and $10, depending on the site

  • Top Prize: 100,000x
  • RTP: 90%
  • Developer: BGaming
  • Available at: Bovada, Red Dog, Super Slots, Vegas Aces, Wild Casino, Slots Paradise
  • Top Features: Autoplay, Max Prize

Try My Favorite Game for Free

Free online scratch cards are a great way to try new games risk-free. Check out Capymania Yellow and see if you like it!

Why You Should Play Online Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards are virtual versions of traditional lottery scratch-off tickets.

These digital counterparts add themes and gameplay mechanics that are impossible to have on a physical card.

It’s common to find bonus features such as free plays, multipliers, or interactive mini-games that increase the chances of winning and add to overall enjoyment. 

Playing online also yields higher average returns than traditional lottery scratchers, and you’ll find many with an RTP% above 90%. 

Volatility, however, is high for both physical and online scratchers.

Players are willing to make this trade-off because of the low-investment to high-payout ratio that distinguishes these games.

How to Get Start Playing

Playing online scratch cards for real money is straightforward. Below, I’ll detail the steps and share tips that might help you.

For most gambling sites, you’ll just need to sign-up, make at least the casino’s minimum deposit, navigate to the specialty/other games section, click on a scratch-off game, and start playing.

  1. Sign Up at an Online Casino

    Go to a recommended online casino and register for an account. You must enter your name, email, and necessary personal information.

    Tip: Some casinos might ask for some form of identity verification through an SMS text or request an ID photo to allow the withdrawal of any winnings.
  2. Make Your Online Casino Deposit

    To wager real money, you need to deposit funds into your account at the casino’s cashier section (you’ll have the option to choose a casino welcome bonus).

    Make sure to check important information like minimum deposit amounts, deposit methods, and withdrawal limits. 

    Tip: You can play for free for as long as you want. I recommend this to get acquainted with the rules and features of the site’s different scratchers.
  3. Go to the Specialty Games Section

    You’ll find scratch cards under the specialty, other, or casual games category within the casino navigation menu.

    Tip: You can also use the navigation search bar and type “scratch” or any other scratch-off game name you’ve previously played or researched.
  4. Play Real Money Scratch Card Games

    Online Scratch cards are very similar to lottery scratcher tickets, so if you’ve already played them, you’ll have the general idea right out of the gate.

    Online versions may allow you to set your bet amount or have an autoplay feature that allows you to play 10-100 rounds at once and save time.

    Tip: Remember to click on the information button so you’re aware of the game’s betting limits, prize tiers, and any bonus or free play features. 

Tips to Win at Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards offer a quick and easy way to win big cash prizes. They are similar to online slots since both games have random symbol combinations that appear on a fixed screen to award prizes.

In other words, these games are luck-based, limiting what players can do to improve their odds of winning. Despite this, some strategies and tips can still increase your success.

Take Advantage of Free Play

There are numerous options for online scratch cards. Before trying a new game, familiarize yourself with the rules and instructions. Generally, scratch-offs are simple to play.

However, playing for real money without first practicing for free can result in preventable, unnecessary losses.

Set and Adhere to Your Budget

The chances of winning big on an individual scratch-off card are very low, but games offset this by making rounds cheap.

Low betting limits can make it easy to get carried away by playing many fast rounds that add up quickly.

Set a hard limit for your session budget and adhere to it. There’s no fun in overspending and feeling guilty when things don’t pan out as you expected.

Save Time by “Revealing All”

Most online scratch cards help you maximize your time efficiency by allowing you to reveal the card all at once.

If you’re worried about this impacting your odds of winning, don’t be. Scratchers are randomly generated games; there’s no difference between manually scratching each card or letting the game do it for you.

Autoplay options allow you to preset 10-100 auto rounds to save even more time.

Don’t Stick to a Single Game

Having a favorite scratch-off is alright, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify instead.

If you repeatedly scratch without any rewards, it’s time to move on to another game with different features or bonuses.

If other games don’t work, consider calling it a day.

Pick High-Returns Games

Like slot machines, online scratch cards have RTP percentages and differing volatility.

The higher the RTP and the lower the volatility, the more likely it’ll be for you to win consistently.

The casino might have these metrics in the game information, but you can research them by Googling the game name and searching for casino game reviews and player forums.

Progressive Jackpot Feature

Certain scratch-off games have a progressive jackpot feature, which works very similarly to progressive jackpot slots—adding a layer of excitement to your gameplay.

This feature gives you the opportunity to win a substantial payout from a minimal initial wager, increasing your session’s payout potential.

Online Scratch Offs Vs. Physical Tickets

Online scratch-off and traditional scratch-off lottery tickets offer similar experiences for players looking to win instant cash prizes.

However, there are key differences between the two formats, like game speed, RTP%, and gameplay features.

In broad terms, digital play doesn’t have the same physical constraints as physical tickets, so developers can expand on the gameplay with different features to create a more compelling gaming experience.

Online scratch cards have their cons, so look at the detailed comparison of each format below.

Online Scratch-Offs for Real Money

  • Play from anywhere
  • You can use bonuses and promotions
  • Interactive gameplay and features
  • Higher average RTP%
  • Wins are instantly awarded to your account
  • Scratch cards count 100% towards bonus wagering requirements.
  • You miss the satisfaction of scratching a physical card.
  • It’s easier to overspend if you aren’t watchful.

State Lottery Scratch-Offs

  • Scratching a real paper card is fun.
  • You don’t need a WiFi connection.
  • There are fun varieties like crossword and bingo scratchers.
  • State lottery proceeds often benefit public institutions in your local area, like schools.
  • Misplacing a winning ticket.
  • RTP% is, on average, lower
  • You have to drive to the store to buy tickets
  • There aren’t any promotions or added features

Can You Buy Scratch-Off Tickets Online in the US?

Yes, you can buy physical lottery scratch-off tickets online, depending on your state’s specific regulations.

Additionally, USA gamblers can enjoy the virtual, online scratch card games we’ve discussed on this page at real-money online casinos. These digital games provide the same exciting instant wins and massive jackpots as paper tickets, and gameplay is very similar.

Real Money Scratch Cards vs. Free Play

Playing free scratch-offs is the safest way to understand the game without risking any money. Although it’s okay to play for free as much as you like, but it can get boring.

The excitement in casino games comes from having something to win and keeping your winnings. Let’s check out the main pros and cons of playing with real money and for free.

Real Money Scratch Cards


  • Access the best casinos and games.
  • Keep all prizes, jackpots, and free spins.
  • Low-limit games are available.
  • Use deposit and welcome bonuses.


  • You can lose money.
  • You need to establish a budget.
  • You’ll be required to create an account, fill out your information, and make a deposit.

Free Play Scratch Cards


  • Practice games and strategies for as long as you want.
  • Enjoy casino games from top software providers for no cost.


  • You don’t get to keep winnings or jackpots.
  • Account balance resets every time you close a game.
  • Playing for no stakes can get boring.

There are far more entertaining games out there than casino games if you want to play for free.

Still, if you like to play scratch cards or slots without risking any money, you can try social casinos.

These apps allow you to gamble for free while giving you in-app rewards like coins that you can occasionally use to claim prizes.

Using Casino Bonuses for Online Scratch-Offs

There is no straight yes or no answer on whether you should claim a casino welcome bonus.

Luckily for you, scratch offs usually have a 100% contribution towards clearing bonus requirements. So, your decision will boil down to personal priorities

If you’re keen on playing for as long as possible, the bankroll boost you get from bonus money will certainly extend your playtime

On the other hand, if you wish to win big on a tight budget, clearing the bonus will become a hindrance, especially if you get a big win early.  

I’ve made the following list of casinos to highlight sites with bonuses favorable to scratch card players.

Top Scratch Off Casinos Welcome Bonus Bonus Rollover Requirement Scratch Offs Wagering Contributions
1Welcome Bonus 500% up to $7,500Bonus Rollover Requirement 30X Deposit+BonusScratch Offs Wagering Contributions 100%
2Welcome Bonus $3,750 Crypto WelcomeBonus Rollover Requirement 25X Deposit+BonusScratch Offs Wagering Contributions 100%
3Welcome Bonus $7,500 Exclusive Welcome BonusBonus Rollover Requirement 30X Deposit+BonusScratch Offs Wagering Contributions 100%
4Welcome Bonus Claim $3,000 Welcome BonusBonus Rollover Requirement 25X Deposit+BonusScratch Offs Wagering Contributions 100%
Real Money Online Scratch Offs on Mobile Devices & Apps

Scratch-Off Apps

You can find social casino apps in the App and Google Play stores, which allow you to play scratch cards online and win in-game currency or tokens, but not real money.

Some states have lottery apps where you can purchase scratch-offs and check the results from your phone. However, they are regulated at the state level, so your selection may be limited based on location.

Real money options are browser-only, regardless of your device. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access a diverse range of high-quality games from the legit online casinos on the page.

Start Scratching Your Way to Big Payouts

Online scratch cards combine the fast-paced play and expanded features of slots with the high payout potential and no-frills gameplay of in-person lottery scratchers.

Overall, it’s best to consider playing scratch cards as an easy way to boost the earnings potential of your time at the casino; few games pay so well for such a small investment of time and money.

Scratchers also come in handy when clearing a welcome bonus, as they usually have a 100% contribution towards wagering requirements—giving you a welcomed break from more commonly played casino games.

You can start by clicking on any of my legitimate casino recommendations.


Players reach out to us with inquiries from time to time. Below are some of the most common questions regarding online scratch cards for real money.

Are online scratch cards legit?

Yes, numerous legit US online casinos have scratch card games for real money. They each have different titles with exciting themes and big payouts! Our team thoroughly checks each site before recommending it, so you can feel safe you’ll get your bonuses and withdrawals.

Are there instant win scratch cards at gambling sites?

Yes, all scratch cards at gambling sites are instant-win. It’s as quick and easy as scratching and revealing a prize. The speed of your withdrawal will highly depend on the banking method chosen and whether the online casino has verified your account.

Are scratch card games similar to scratch lottery tickets online?

Yes, in fact, scratch card games and scratch lottery tickets are the same.

What is the best scratch game to win real money?

The answer to this question is relative to your priorities and preferences. If you enjoy online gambling mainly for the playing and occasional wins, you’d do great playing a high RTP, low minimum bet scratcher like Sea Treasures ScratchCard. On the other hand, a game like Capymania Gold will be more expensive to play, but it also promises higher payouts.

Other Real Money Lottery Games Online

The fun goes beyond scratch cards if you’re a fan of lottery-style games. Try these other popular instant-win options today!

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