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Written by: Jeremy Olson , Online Casino and Games Expert

Looking for the best eCheck casinos online? Or have you heard about eCheck casinos but not quite sure how they work? Well, look no further! Below you will find everything you need to know about depositing with eCheck when playing casino online.

eCheck casinos work exactly the same way to how you pay your bills online – all you need to do is type in your account and routing number and you’ll be able to deposit with your casino of choice. And what’s better – eChecks involve absolutely no paperwork whatsoever. Meaning that you can track verified payments on your bank’s site or app.

On this page you’ll find a list of the many online casinos that accept eCheck. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll below and find your perfect eCheck casino below.

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Everything You Need to Play & Win Online

The Best E-Check Online Casinos of 2024

Online casinos offer different payment methods and feature different banking fees. It’s important to educate yourself on these options when it comes to making a deposit and adding funds to your account. Not many sites offer e-check deposits, and most casinos that list checks in their withdrawal options typically refer to paper checks that are sent through the mail. Below is a list of trusted online casinos with e-check banking options.

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2 Wild Casino Logo Wild Casino BONUS 100% up to $5,000 # of GAMES 765 Play Now
3 High Roller Casino Logo High Roller Casino BONUS $8,000 Welcome Bonus + 100 Free Spins # of GAMES 759 Play Now
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How We Rank eCheck Casinos

Trust is a big word in the online world these days. We at don’t take trust lightly.

Our goal is to help online gamblers make better decisions by suggesting the best eCheck casinos, which translate to more fun, fair games, and maybe more money.

Below, we’ve listed some of the key factors we look at when choosing an eCheck casino to recommend.

eChecks Online Casinos

eCheck Availability & Speed

  • Echeck payments and deposits are available at the casino.
  • How fast are deposit and withdrawal processes at online casinos?
eCheck Online Casinos Limits and Speed

eCheck Limits & Fees

  • Deposit and withdrawal limits of each gambling site.
  • Withdrawal fees and other additional commissions the online casino charges
Safety and Security banner

Site Security & Reputation

  • The security processes and certificates the eCheck casino has to protect your money.
  • Casino regulations, history, and licensing.
Bonus and Promotion Banner

Bonuses & Games

  • Variety and number of real money casino games available.
  • Welcome bonuses and other offers in several echeck online casinos.
  • Bonus rollover requirements.

ACH Online Casinos – What’s The Difference?

ACH Casinos offer players an additional type of bank wire for deposits. Automatic Clearing House (ACH) can only be used in the United States, and payments usually take about one week to clear. Though not as popular as it once was, some players still use this trusted and secure payment method.

The only real major difference between ACH and eChecks is that the former is used for regular or recurring payments, while eChecks are often for one-off transactions.

Advantages of ACH

  • One of the most convenient and secure methods for adding/withdrawing funds
  • It can be used by anyone with a valid US bank account or credit union
  • No third-party signup or additional verification needed

Disadvantages of ACH

  • Transactions are not instant and typically take 7-10 business days for deposits and up to a week or more for withdrawals
  • Risk of lengthy delays if the Department of Justice audits an establishments transaction log

Is ACH the right deposit method for you?

ACH casinos are an excellent solution for players who want a fast, secure, and reliable alternative to check payments.

Though this payment method has fallen out of favor over the last few decades due to the rise of faster bank transfer methods requiring much shorter processing times, ACH is still a casino banking method that is preferred by many.

Considering this, if you are concerned about security when making a casino deposit or a casino withdrawal, ACH is a great solution that will put your mind at ease. But ultimately, eChecks are just as secure as ACH transactions – so it’s completely down to your personal preference.

Best US Online Casinos that Accept eChecks

eCheck Casinos Approved by OUSC Badge

The best eCheck casinos have quick and simple transactions. Electronic checks go straight to the processing stage, unlike paper checks, which means the payment clears faster with little to no fees.

These real money online casinos take eCheck payments. They all have valuable welcome bonuses, amazing game selections, and trusted payouts.

Echeck Online Casinos Reviewed

We have compiled a detailed breakdown to help you understand the reason behind our eCheck casino rankings.

Super Slots Casino

Super Slots Online Casino Featured Image

Super Slots Casino attracts players because it is one of the sites with the largest variety of banking methods.

On top of that, they offer secure and fast deposits, 24/7 support through live chat, a smooth payout process, and great bonuses.

This online casino wants gamblers to have a great experience. It is a user-friendly site with a good reputation in the gambling community.

Why We Picked It

  • Super Slots Casino accepts traditional cashier checks sent via FedEx, DHL, or UPS with a minimum deposit limit of $500.
  • eCheck withdrawal limits are $500 minimum and $25,000 max weekly and can take up to 15 business days.
  • eCheck deposits are also accepted in Super Slots and take from 3 to 5 days to fund your account.
  • There’s a fee of either $45 or 3% of the total payout, depending on the withdrawn amount.
  • Super Slots Casino also got 4.7 in our online casino review.
Super Slots Casino
Super Slots Casino
250% up to $6,000

Wild Casino

wild casino image logo

Wild Casino is one of the top-ranked eCheck online casinos and has maintained its lead even as other competitors have risen to challenge it.

There’s almost no feature you could want from a gambling site that they don’t deliver: excellent game variety, top-notch technology, fast payouts, big bonuses, great customer support, and more.

Why We Picked It

  • This site has a minimum eCheck deposit limit of $500 and a maximum of $10,000.
  • There’s a $500 to $25,000 electronic check withdrawal limit with a fee that ranges between $45 or 3% of the payout amount.
  • Echeck deposits at Wild Casino usually take 1 to 3 days to reach your casino account.
  • Wild Casino demonstrates its expertise and customer focus by scoring 4.8 in our casino review.
Wild Casino
Wild Casino
100% up to $5,000

High Roller Casino

High Roller Casino Logo Featured Image

High Roller Casino is a gambling site with one of the biggest gaming portfolios online. Its banking options are also quite varied featuring checks, credit cards, crypto, wire transfers, and more.
They offer more than 600 games, along with a poker room, a racebook, and a great live dealer section.

High Roller Casino Casino accepts USA gamblers and depositors from around the world.

Why We Picked It

  • High Roller minimum and maximum deposit limits are $1,500–$10,000 with checks.
  • eCheck deposits in High Roller reach your account within 3-5 days.
  • eCheck withdrawal limits of a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $2,500 weekly, with a 3% fee.
  • High Roller Casino has a 4.7-star rating in our review.
High Roller Casino
High Roller Casino
$8,000 Welcome Bonus + 100 Free Spins

How Do eChecks Work In Online Casinos?

eChecks or electronic checks work just like personal checks, but you enter the details online. The money gets transferred from your bank to the website after a brief clearing period.

Do Online Casinos Take eChecks?

Echeck Casino Deposits

Yes, some of our most recommended online casinos accept eChecks.

It’s one of the most secure payment methods at online gambling sites.

What About eCheck Withdrawals?

Echeck Casino Payouts

When you request a payout via check, most online casinos will send you one in the mail.

Despite the slower speed and fees, some players prefer the security of this withdrawal method.

eCheck Casino Deposit Times

Echeck Casino Depo

On average, eCheck payments take about 3-5 business days to clear.

This time range will vary depending on your payment processor, banking institutions, and when the transaction started.

Using Checks at an Online Casino

Online casino deposits with checks are as easy as shopping online. All you need is a little basic personal information and your routing and account number to get started.

Each site has slightly different terms and processing times. Check the compatibility of limits and bonuses you desire when using a check.

Online Casino eCheck Deposits

Using eChecks to make transactions on the internet is secure and reliable. Below are the simple steps you’ll need to follow on most gambling sites to make online casino deposits with an electronic Check.

Sign Up at an Online Casino

Head over to one of our recommended eCheck casinos and register.

Pick a Check Deposit

Pick a Check Deposit

Go to the casino’s cashier section and select the eCheck option to make a deposit.

Pick a Check Deposit (Mobile)

Enter Your Personal Info

Enter Your Personal Info

You’ll need to input your full address to continue. Plus any additional details that your selected casino requires.

Enter Your Personal Info (Mobile)

Identify Your eCheck Data

Identify Your Echeck Data

Identify the following information from your electronic check: routing number (ACH), account number, and eCheck number.

Enter Your eCheck Data

Enter Your eCheck Data

Enter the required information to make your echeck payment: account type, SSN, routing, and account numbers. Then, select the amount you want to deposit. Also, remember to add a bonus code or any additional information that the online casino might require.

Enter Your eCheck Data (Mobile)

Start Playing for Real Money

Click on the “Deposit” button, and once the funds hit your account, start playing your favorite online casino games!

Requesting a Check Withdrawal

Some online casinos also offer withdrawals in the form of a check. Follow the steps below to withdraw your money and get a “check by courier” in the mail.

Choose a Check Withdrawal

Choose A Check Withdrawal

Head to the cashier and choose “check by courier.” Input the amount you wish to withdraw.

Wait for the Check

eCheck Online Casinos Withdrawal step 2

The site will verify your account before mailing you a paper check.

Cash the Check

Cash the eCheck

Deposit the check into your bank account as you would any other check.

Pros & Cons of Using Checks at Online Casinos

Using checks at online casinos has its advantages and disadvantages. Below are some things players love and hate about using this banking method.

Check Payment Advantages

  • eChecks are Fast: Much quicker than mailing a paper check
  • Easy to Use: A common and familiar way to pay
  • Large Deposits: eCheck casinos are ideal for making big deposits
  • Smooth Transactions: Reduce the chance of delays
  • Secure Method: Trackable payments confirmed by the bank

Drawbacks of Checks

  • Not Universal: Not all online casinos accept checks for deposits
  • Slow Withdrawal Option: Payouts by mailed check are slow
  • Fees: Some gambling sites have fees for users that bank with checks

More Popular Banking Methods

You aren’t limited to casinos that accept check deposits and withdrawals. Find out some of these other player-favorite banking methods.

Online Casinos that Accept ACH


ACH can be used by anyone with a valid US bank account. No additional third-party verification is needed.

Online Casinos that Accept Credit Card

Credit Cards

Easy to use and accepted almost anywhere. Some casinos even offer credit card withdrawals.

Online Casinos that Accept Bitcoin


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin often have the fastest transaction times. Also, enjoy better bonuses.

Online Casinos that Accept Visa Gift Cards

Visa Gift Cards

Spend those gift cards on more bankroll. Most sites that accept credit cards also take credit gift cards.

Online Casinos With Check Deposits FAQ

USA players often have some questions regarding check deposits at online casinos.

What types of checks can you use at casino sites?

Online casinos take echeck payments most often. A few sites still accept cashier’s checks or personal checks in the mail, but electronic check payments are much quicker and just as secure.

Is it safe to make check deposits at online casinos?

Yes, it is safe to make check deposits at online casinos. The bank verifies your funds and offers the added security of debating unwarranted transactions.

What casinos cash personal checks?

Few online casinos still cash personal checks. Most major casino sites will accept electronic check (eCheck) deposits instead. This reduces the risk of casinos getting fake or bounced checks. 

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