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This section of Online United States Casinos covers the Las Vegas tourism industry.  This includes tips on how to save money and get around.  

This casino blog also reports the best and worst gambling conditions so that you can get the most for your money when on vacation in Las Vegas.

John Mehaffey is the author of the blog.  He is an expert casino player that knows where the good games are.  He compiles information on blackjack rules, craps odds, video poker pay tables, players clubs and where the best comps are.  His casino visits will be chronicled here.

John goes to shows weekly.  He writes about the shows he saw and how he got the tickets.  He also tracks specials in Las Vegas for both locals and tourists.

Latest Blog Posts

Comparing Casinos: Harrah’s Cherokee and Cherokee Valley River


Hotel One clear difference between Harrah’s Cherokee and Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River is the hotel. Harrah’s Cherokee offers three hotel towers. All are taller and larger than the single seven-story hotel building at Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River. The rooms at Cherokee Valley River are all newer. However, the Creek tower at the original Cherokee property […]

Trip Report: Planet Hollywood Staycation


I celebrated a recent birthday with my wife. We took advantage of a generous Total Rewards offer. That is the loyalty club for Caesars Entertainment. I made the Diamond tier last year based on play in another market. This helped me receive several lucrative comps when 2018 started that could be claimed in Las Vegas. […]

Las Vegas Casino Table Games Survey 2018 Index


Even though there are a number of casinos in Las Vegas, you will find most of the table games are the same. What varies are the betting limits and odds. There are a total of 22 different table games spread in Las Vegas. Some games are only available at one casino. Others, like blackjack, are […]

Ultimate Texas Hold’em – Las Vegas Table Games 2018


Ultimate Texas Hold’em is the most popular of the games that came out due to the poker boom. Most mid-sized and large Las Vegas casinos spread it. Many have multiple tables. Limits start at $2 at Jerry’s Nugget, located just north of downtown Las Vegas. Most casinos spread it with a $5 minimum bet. Some […]

Three Card Poker – Las Vegas Table Games 2018


Nearly all Las Vegas casinos of any significance spread three Card Poker. The minimum bets range from $2 at Joker’s Wild to $15 at Aria. Players will need double the Ante bet to play, meaning that the true minimum bet is double the posted amount. This does not include the Pair Plus side bet, which […]

Texas Hold’em Bonus – Las Vegas Table Games 2018


Texas Hold’em Bonus was one of several Texas Hold’em games that emerged during the poker boom. It never caught on at the same level as Ultimate Texas Hold’em, which has more than four times the installs in Las Vegas. There are currently 11 Las Vegas casinos that spread Texas Hold’em Bonus. Caesars Entertainment operates most […]

River Hold’em – Las Vegas Table Games 2018


River Hold’em is a simplified version of Ultimate Texas Hold’em. It is only found in Las Vegas at Club Fortune in Henderson. The bet limits are $5 to $50. How to Play River Hold’em Players start by making an Ante bet. This is mandatory. There are two optional side bets. One is a trips bet […]

Roulette – Las Vegas Table Games 2018


Roulette is one of the most popular table games in Las Vegas. It is spread by any casino with more than a handful of tables. There are four types of roulette spread by Las Vegas casinos. They are European Roulette, single zero, double zero and triple zero. Double zero is the most common Las Vegas […]

Pai Gow Poker – Las Vegas Tables Games 2018


Pai Gow Poker is a popular table game in Las Vegas. It is spread at 60 casinos. Many have multiple tables. One draw of Pai Gow Poker is its slow pace and number of pushes. This helps players stay in the game longer and rack up free drinks. The low minimum bet is also another […]

Mississippi Stud – Las Vegas Table Games 2018


Mississippi Stud is a poker game that has installs at 18 Las Vegas casinos. All tables have a $5 or $10 minimum bet. Most of these games are found at Caesars Entertainment properties. How to Play Mississippi Stud? #1: Place Ante Bet – Players start the game by making an Ante bet.  It’s important to […]

Let It Ride – Las Vegas Table Games 2018


Let it Ride is a classic table game that is spread at 35 Las Vegas casinos. It is most popular on the Las Vegas Strip. There are some installations in downtown Las Vegas and in the locals market. The minimum bet is $5 at most casinos and $10 at higher end ones. In addition to […]

High Card Flush – Las Vegas Table Games 2018


High Card Flush is the biggest hit rolled out on casino floors in the past few years. There are 23 casinos in Las Vegas that spread the game. Some offer two High Card Flush tables. New installs in the past year include Mandalay Bay, Plaza, and Texas Station. The minimum bet is $5 or $10 […]

Crazy4Poker – Las Vegas Tables Games 2018


Crazy4Poker saw a significant decrease in installs in Las Vegas during 2017. The number of casinos in this survey where the game is spread at dropped from 28 to 9. The game was removed from most Caesars casinos in the past year. Several Station Casinos and MGM properties also dropped the game. The game is […]

Craps – Las Vegas Table Games 2018


Craps is found in all Las Vegas casinos that have more than a handful of table games. The rules are generally the same from one casino to another except for the odds permitted online bets and whether the Field pays double or triple on 12. Las Vegas Craps Minimum Bets Las Vegas craps minimum bets […]

Chase the Flush – Las Vegas Tables Games 2018


Chase the Flush combines the betting structure of Ultimate Texas Hold’em with the hand grading of High Card Flush. Luxor and Silverton are the only two casinos to play the game in Las Vegas. The minimum bet is $5 at each. How to Play Chase the Flush Players receive three cards after making an Ante […]