Does Vegas Matt’s Net Worth Make Up For His Losses?

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What is Vegas Matt’s net worth? It’s not often you see someone lose $130,000 on a slot machine and win it back a few weeks later in the same game.

Vegas Matt can take you on that ride. He’s a larger-than-life YouTube personality who gives you a front-row seat to his wild gambling adventures, good or bad.

How can he afford to be so fearless? We will take a deep dive into his income and net worth to understand how the man who risks it all for your entertainment is able to afford it.

Who Is Vegas Matt?

Vegas Morrow standing in front of a buffalo slot machine at a casino venue

If you’ve watched any of Vegas Matt’s videos, you’re probably stunned at the amount he spends and are itching for a bit of backstory. Let’s get into who he is. 

Vegas Matt’s real name is Stephen Matt Morrow, and he’s 60 years old. He was born in Ordina, California, and moved to Henderson, Nevada, in 2015, where he still lives with his family.

Matt is known for being a professional gambler who documents his experiences on YouTube.

He’s a high roller who made his name by taking home major payouts at table game tournaments.

Nowadays, he mainly plays real money slots with bonus games, sharing his wins, losses, and expert advice.

What’s Vegas Matt’s Net Worth?

You win some, and you lose some, but that doesn’t stop Vegas Matt.

Although he’s lost about $1 million over the years, he’s bringing in more than enough to fund his lifestyle. So, just how much is he worth?

Considering his multiple revenue streams, real estate investments, sponsors, and gambling winnings, Vegas Matt’s net worth is estimated to be around $45 million in 2024.

He earns about $1,933,464 a year from his YouTube channel alone.

A Closer Look at Vegas Matt’s Lifestyle

Not much is known about Vegas Matt’s personal life other than that he is a family man who spends a lot of time spinning the reels with his son in Sin City.

They aren’t afraid to go all in, often dropping tens of thousands of dollars on a single machine.

It’s difficult to say if he lives a lavish lifestyle outside of his high-rolling gambling escapades, but one thing is sure. He’s a sharp businessman.

Matt has a talent for network marketing and is also invested in real estate.

What Does Vegas Matt Do for a Living?

3D icon of a cash stack

Matt Morrow is multitalented and keeps busy with several business ventures.
His most notable endeavor is the YouTube channel @VegasMatt, which earns around $1.9 million a year.

Besides being a professional gambler, Morrow is also a successful entrepreneur.

He is the Founding Master Cellar of Direct Cellars, a national wine club that brought in a $23 million revenue in 2023.

Vegas Matt’s ability to take you for a wild ride and make you a part of his gambling exploits is something to admire.

His charm and outgoing character are something he has in common with other notable YouTube gambling personalities.

Matt Morrow’s Rise As Vegas Matt

Vegas Matt With His Wife Kc Vanlue-Morrow

Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was Vegas Matt’s empire. From a young age, he was always interested in gambling and business, eventually learning to marry the two.

There were a few milestones along the way, of course.

  • He served as the VP of marketing for, followed by Royal Ambassador for a company called Vemma.
  • After a few massive tournament wins, he started his YouTube channel to give viewers an honest look into his experiences.
  • In 2016, he became involved with Direct Cellars and is now one of their top network marketers. 

Vegas Matt’s Biggest Gambling Wins

Vegas Matt’s net worth allows him to bankroll to some stunning gambling wins. Let’s take a look at his top payouts.

Online Poker Tournaments

2005 World Series of Poker

1st Place, $1.5 million

Online Blackjack Tournaments

2007 Blackjack Tournament

1st Place, $500,000

Baccarat Strategy Icon

2010 Baccarat Championship

1st Place, $750,000 

Video Slots Icon Blue

2023 – Video Slots

$130,000 while playing the Regal Riches slot

The Key to Vegas Matt’s Net Worth

Earning success icon with stacks of coins and bills

Being a successful network marketer and YouTube persona can be attributed to Matt’s dedication, but his positivity, humor, and charisma play a significant role.

People enjoy his videos due to his funny commentary and down-to-earth attitude.

This gives you the feeling as if you’re one of his buddies, going together for a wild ride.

Ultimately, he’s honest about gambling and entertaining to watch, regardless of whether he’s winning or losing.

Matt likes to keep much of his private life under wraps, but we got the scoop on a few details.

  • Vegas Matt Relationship Status

    Vegas Matt has been happily married for over 34 years.
  • Who Is Vegas Matt’s Wife?

    Matt’s wife is KC-Vanlue Morrow. She’s sometimes seen gambling alongside him in his YouTube videos.
  • Does Vegas Matt Have Any Children?

    Matt has two children. His son, EJ Morrow, frequently joins him in gambling on his YouTube channel.

  • Fun Facts About Vegas Matt

    Matt is a huge fan of self-help author Tony Robbins and has read all his books.
  • Vegas Matt Controversies

    The network marketing company he worked for, Vemma, was shut down due to misleading practices.

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Win Big Like Vegas Matt!

Vegas Matt’s interest in gambling led him to learn all that he could about gambling strategy and odds to develop his skills over the years.

His expertise has resulted in phenomenal wins in numerous games, including blackjack, poker, baccarat, slots, and video poker.

Want to play like Vegas Matt? There’s no better way to start than online. Visit one of our recommended gambling sites to play games similar to the ones he plays in his videos.

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