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OnlineUnitedStatesCasinos.com is a website that reviews online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms. It also teaches people how to play games on the internet safely.

The OnlineUnitedStatesCasinos.com team realizes careful research and testing to find the best online casinos and provide helpful insights, tips, and strategies to win real money and have fun.

Our Mission

OnlineUnitedStatesCasinos.com aims to empower US gamblers with tailored and reliable content to make informed choices.

Our mission extends beyond providing generic information. We strive to cover the diverse needs of US gamblers by creating content that is not only entertaining but also valuable to their gambling style.

Whether it’s detailed casino reviews, insightful tips, or winning strategies, we tailor our content to meet the specific preferences of online gamblers.

The Online United States Casinos Team

Meet the creative minds behind our content!

Our Gambling Experts

We have worked with experts in the casino industry for years.

Our writers provide first-hand experience, thorough research, and journalistic standards to all our published content. Many are game experts, sports journalist veterans, and seasoned casino visitors. 

John Mehaffey Las Vegas Expert

John Mehaffey Expert on Las Vegas Casinos, Games, and Travel

John Mehaffey is a poker and casino expert who has been playing online games for money since 2001. He knows how to find the best video poker and table games and writes about casino players' clubs, promotions, and things to do in Las Vegas, where he currently resides.

Learn More About John
Bill Krackomberger Bio Pic

Bill Krackomberger Professional Bettor, Casino Specialist, TV Personality

Bill Krackman is a professional sports better with three decades of experience. He's a NJ native and long-time Las Vegas resident, who has been featured in ESPN, CNN, CBS Sports, VSIN, and Bleacher Report. You can find him on 2Countdown to Kickoff" on Fox Sports Radio, “Unscripted” on VSIN, and on his podcast “Wise Kracks."

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Sadonna Price PUSC Poker & Casino Expert

Sadonna Price Expert in Online Casinos and Poker

Sadonna is a gambling content writer and former professional poker player that loves using her creativity to provide insight into the most interesting aspects of the casino world.

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Heather Ferris casino writer

Heather Ferris Expert on Las Vegas Casinos & Game Content

Heather Ferris is the founder of Vegas-Aces, an online school for casino dealers, players, and game inventors. She is a Las Vegas expert, adjunct professor at UNLV, a member of the NVEA e-Sports Alliance, and a consultant who helps new table game inventors break into the industry.

Learn More About Heather
Webster Lupton Casino Expert & Sports Journalist OUSC

Webster Lupton Casino, Gambling, and Sports Journalist

Webster Lupton is a journalist and expert sports and casino writer with over 30 years of experience. He is a seasoned researcher and a published author that enjoys the outdoors and birdwatching.

Learn More About Webster
Jeremy Olson OUSC Casino Expert & Writer

Jeremy Olson Online Casino and Games Expert

Jeremy Olson is a research writer in the gambling industry who has covered poker, casino games, and sports betting since 2004. He converted bad beats in blackjack and poker into a passion to learn and now specializes in several areas of the online casino market.

Learn More About Jeremy
Ashley Grasse Casino & Entertainment Writer OUSC

Ashley Grasse Specialist in Casino, Games, and Trends

Ashley Grasse is a research writer and online casino expert who dissects sites and games in detail to provide accurate, unbiased reviews. She's a gambling theory enthusiast, an expert on information accuracy that makes difficult concepts easy to understand, and a lover of the outdoors.

Learn More About Ashley
Joe Falchetti OUSC Casino, Poker, and Sports Betting Expert

Joe Falchetti Expert in Online Casinos, Sports Betting, and Poker

Joe Falchetti, aka Smokey Joe, is a former professional poker player who has been a part of the online gambling and sports betting world for almost two decades. He's a full-time sports bettor and specialized writer featured in CBS Sports and Forbes.com and linked to by the New York Times.

Learn More About Joe
Cliff Spiller OUSC Writer Casino and Gambling Expert

Cliff Spiller Online Casino and Game Expert

Cliff Spiller is a casino industry expert who enjoys writing relatable content and game guides for both beginners and experts. He's a history buff, poker player, and huge Dallas Cowboys fan.

Learn More About Cliff
Aaron Kim OnlineUnitedStatesCasinos.com Writer & Slot Machine Expert

Aaron Kim Online Casino Writer & Specialist in Slots

Aaron Kim is an author and online gambling expert who covers all aspects of casinos and specializes particularly in online slots. He's a well-travel sports fan who also loves video games and technology.

Learn More About Aaron
Hein Coetzer OUSC Casino Expert

Hein Coetzer Online Gambling Expert and Writer

Hein Coetzer is a creative writer who has worked in the online casino, sports betting, and entertainment industries for over ten years. His work has been published in Rolling Stone Magazine among other large publications. When he's not writing he's staying active and exercising outdoors.

Learn More About Hein

The Team Behind Our Website

Apart from our amazing gambling experts, we have a full team working to keep our website functioning to the highest standards.

The team comprises a mix of designers, developers, editors, content managers, public relations, casino experts, video editors, and more.

Each role contributes to creating the best online gambling content we can make to help you with your gambling journey.

We take pride in our diversity, knowing that it is this mix of talents that makes us truly exceptional.

Our team works fully remotely. We are proud of having a very dynamic and committed collaboration that allows us to create the best content and experience possible for our readers.

Having said that, we also recognize that achieving permanent perfection is far from reality and that everything we do is subject to improvement. That’s why we are actively committed to refining every facet of our operations.

If you need to contact us for any reason, please feel free to email us at [email protected]. We do our best to answer all emails within 24 hours.

Why You Should Trust Us

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10+ Years Experience

Our team of experts and dedicated online gamblers has been reviewing casinos and cash games since 2013.

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500+ Game Reviews

On top of table games, poker, bingo, keno, and lottery, we have over 335 slot reviews where you can play for free.

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Up-to-Date Information

We continually audit our casino reviews to provide accurate info on bonuses, game counts, betting limits, and more.

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1M+ Users Annually

Online gamblers trust us! We have over one million users annually with a 75% return rate.

Our content has been published in a variety of reputable publications online.

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Our Casino Reviews Process

The Online United States Casinos team carefully plays and reviews all aspects of an online gambling site.

Both seasoned and recreational gamblers in our team try all the casino features and play for real money to create an honest and detailed analysis of each casino.

Our experts base their casino reviews on the following ranking factors:

  • Safety and Reputation
  • Payment Options
  • Game Variety
  • Withdrawal Speed
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Bonuses and Promotions

Learn more about our rating process on our casino reviews page.

We invest many hours a week to give you the most up-to-date information.

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Hours working to create new content


Hours to audit and update our content


Hours of trends and news research


Hours playing and trying new casinos and games


Hours optimizing our site experience

We Care About Your Safety and Our Content Quality

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We Advocate for Responsible Gambling

Our team is committed to Responsible Gambling. We create guides and share resources that help our readers gamble responsibly by learning how to manage their bankroll, setting realistic expectations about online gambling, game strategies, and more.

We also provide guiding information on online gambling laws and how these can differ from state to state. We encourage our users to be on top of their local gambling laws before playing for real money online.

Here are some of the responsible gambling resources we encourage and support to spread their message:

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Playing at online casinos is a way of entertainment. Make sure to keep it fun and not let it become a problem in your life.

Our Editorial Promise

Online United States Casinos aims to provide you with the highest quality content and informational resources.

To support this site and maintain the highest quality of our content, you will find affiliate links. We will be honest. We wouldn’t be able to realize all our operations without the support of our readers.

When you click on these links and make a purchase or sign up, our team may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. And we want to assure you that our advertising partnerships don’t affect the quality of our review and rating process.

That’s why we can guarantee that:

  • We only recommend products or services that we have personally used and believe in.
  • Our team does not receive any monetary compensation for writing positive reviews.
  • Our reviews are our author’s opinions and are not affiliated with any of the reviewed casinos.
  • We believe that it is important to be transparent about our marketing affiliate relationships.

Our History

OnlineUnitedStatesCasinos.com was founded on March 16, 2013, as a poker and online casino site reviewer.

As the years passed, our content and team grew, and the company evolved to become a website with the goal of helping US players find reliable online casinos and games to play for real money.

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It all began with poker. Many of the larger online sites left the US market, making it hard to find a good poker site to play at. After our team played at many online poker sites for about a year, we had the idea for a website listing US-friendly sites with a review of each.

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After the poker website had been around for a few years, many visitors started asking questions about where to play online slots and casino games, so a page listing USA-friendly online casinos was added, and immediately, it seemed it received a lot of visitors. It only made sense to create a website specifically for online casinos.

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March 2013

OnlineUnitedStatesCasinos.com is officially born!

We focused on reviewing the best online casino sites that would accept players using US credit cards. By the best, we mean casinos that offer great games, good customer service, and, most importantly, the ability to approve United States credit card deposits. Nothing is more frustrating than taking the time to sign up and download an online casino only to have your deposit declined.

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In the aftermath of UIGEA and several major scandals, OnlineUnitedStatesCasinos.com and its users grew concerned about what makes an online casino safe for players. So we began to dig deeper into which casinos can be recommended, which you should avoid, and which casinos should be blacklisted. Our honest reviews go beyond just what makes a casino trustworthy. We also let our readers know what we do not recommend.

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Our team continues to expand the scope of our online casino reviews, adding many new online casinos. We divide the categories into Gold, Silver, and Bronze casinos. We also continue to update our list of casinos we do not recommend, as well as blacklisted ones. We include payment processing guides, Live Casino, and table game reviews.

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Our first-ever Las Vegas Casino Surveys are published. The surveys help players find which Vegas casinos have their favorite games. We have two different surveys: Our main survey is the Las Vegas Blackjack Survey, and the other one is the Vegas Casino Table Games survey. These are a directory of the best casinos and games in Las Vegas. Our blog is among the Top 100 Las Vegas blogs.

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OnlineUnitedStatesCasinos.com is featured in Casino Player Magazine and other major online publications highlighting our Las Vegas Blackjack Survey. Our Online Slots hub is launched with reviews on the best online casino slot machines… and it keeps growing with new reviews each day! Internet use on mobile phones is growing exponentially year by year. As a natural result, so is mobile gaming. Our team began implementing design and formatting enhancements throughout the site to help its users navigate on mobile. We also begin to take a closer look at casinos, and games can be played directly on a mobile platform.

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In February, OnlineUnitedStatesCasinos.com was featured in International Casino Magazine at ICE London 2019. In March, we appeared in Casino Player Magazine once more, and the Las Vegas Casino Survey was updated.

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We continue to build our story every day because the online casino industry is also growing at an amazing rate.
We aim to be the utmost online casino authority. We strive to provide you with the most reliable, useful, and trustworthy information on online casinos, payments and payouts, bonuses, games, and more.

Our Top Gambling Resources

We have over a dozen casino experts on staff to empower our readers to make sound decisions and have fun playing online.

Our team is committed to covering all things around online gambling, and we have created lots of resources and guides over the years we’ve been in the industry.

Here are our top gambling resources that help hundreds of readers every month in their gambling journey.

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Mobile Casinos

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Top mobile casinos and what makes them stand out from the rest.

Committed to Your Experience

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