Las Vegas Casino Table Games Survey

Las Vegas Table Game Survey

There are a total of 22 different table games spread in Las Vegas. Some are only available at one casino, while others, like blackjack, are spread at all casinos that have table games.

At, we want to make it easy for you to know what options you have. Below we listed all the Las Vegas games, where you can play, and the table limits. Get started and find the one that best suits you!

Las Vegas Games

Find Your Favorite Las Vegas Casino Game

Best Las Vegas Table Games of 2024

We’ve listed below the most popular Las Vegas table games. There are hundreds of options to choose from, and it can sometimes be challenging to decide where to start. To make it easier for you, we added in the list below all the games, dealers, and bet limits. Check them out, and consider what suits your budget of time and money when making your choice.

Best Las Vegas Games

baccarat game banner

Baccarat is one of the most profitable games spread by Las Vegas casinos. Nearly all Strip, downtown, and off-strip casinos have it. Find where to play, table limits, and more.

craps game banner

Craps is a Vegas casino favorite. Minimum bets start at $1 on Boulder Highway and run up to $50 at Wynn and Encore. Our survey data includes the odds at each casino.

let it ride banner

Let it Ride is a classic game; it plays like a five-card stud. The minimum bet is either $5 or $10. NY-NY offers a video version with a $1.25 bet. Use our survey and find where to play in Vegas.

video poker game banner

Video poker is another popular choice on a casino floor. Find here the types of games available in Vegas.

Roulette in Las Vegas

roulette game banner

Roulette at Las Vegas casinos offers heads-up and multi-player video versions, single-zero games, double zero, and triple zero.

roulette single zero game banner

There are two types of Single Zero Roulette tables in Las Vegas: tables with La Partage rule and tables without it.

Poker in Las Vegas

poker game banner

Our Las Vegas Poker Survey lists all the poker rooms in Sin City where you can find fixed limit games regularly. 

three card poker game banner

Three Card poker is the most popular poker table game in Las Vegas. Players will find the game $2 and $3 minimum bets.

crazy4poker game banner

Nine Las Vegas casinos spread Crazy4Poker. The minimum bet is $5 or $10. Find here where to play.

caribbean stud poker game banner

Caribbean Stud is a five-card game. Monte Carlo, Palazzo, and Venetian offer Caribbean Stud.

Holdem in Las Vegas

ultimate texas holdem game banner

Ultimate Texas Hold’em was the most popular table game to come out of the poker boom.

Pai Gow in Las Vegas

pai gow poker game banner

Pai Gow Poker is a favorite among Las Vegas gamblers. Pai Gow can have a $5 minimum bet and can go up as high as $25 or $50.

pai gow tiles game banner

Pai Gow Tiles uses tiles instead of cards. The minimum bet is $10 at Palace Station and $100 at Wynn. Other casinos have a $25 min bet.

More Las Vegas Table Games

casino war game banner

Casino War is exactly like the game that kids play, except money is wagered. The minimum bet is usually $10 or $15.

big wheel game banner

Big Wheel is a game of pure luck. It often has a $1 minimum. The game is available in video and live formats, found at casino entrances.

dj wild game banner

DJ Wild is a game spread at Harrah’s. It includes four wild deuces and a joker. The minimum bet is $10. Harrah’s spreads two tables of the game.

high card flush game banner

High Card Flush uses flush hands to decide the winner. It is the hottest new game in Las Vegas casinos. The minimum bet is $5 or $10.

mississippi stud game banner

Players raise in hopes of making at least a pair of 6’s in Mississippi Stud. It has a $5 minimum bet, but high-end casinos require $10 to play.

cajun stud game banner

Cajun Stud is Mississippi Stud with side bets. It’s no longer available at any Las Vegas venue.

Minimum Bets in Las Vegas Casinos

minimum bet big icon

Every smart player comes to Vegas with a budget of time and money. When you decide on your budget, you will know what kind of bet limits to look for. If you can spend just an hour or two on the floor, you may want to seek out higher-limit games. But if you plan to grind it out, lower minimums may be to your liking.

Our survey guide provides info on table minimums in Las Vegas casinos. On this page, click on the game you want to know about, and you will find the limits there.

Why Should You Play Casino Games in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is full of distractions, and you need to adapt to your surroundings before diving into the action. Once you adjust, you will have a great time. There are free drinks, friendly dealers, and good players to mingle with and learn from.

Here are the best reasons to play casino games in Las Vegas:

fun icon

It’s Fun!

Look, fun is why you are in town, and the games are a big part of the fun. So play away, and if you lose a little, consider it the Vegas fee for your entertainment. Enjoy!

win big icon

You Can Win Big

Yes, you stand a chance of getting into big money when you play casino games in Las Vegas. A good streak at a table game can be life-changing.

variety of gaming options icon

Many Gaming Options

Table games get you the best return in the long run. There are plenty of games to choose from in Las Vegas, and you are sure to find one you like if you visit Sin City.

Play The Best Las Vegas Games and Win Big!

When a Vegas casino is hopping, there’s no better place to be. Mix and mingle with folks, take in free stuff, and pick up comp points. You are always around good food, and of course, you can win money.

One of the best ways to win money in Las Vegas is to practice online. Playing at the best legit online casinos in the world helps you hone your game and budget your bankroll. You can’t beat our favorite online casinos when it comes to authentic, lifelike games that carry the same rules as those in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Games FAQ

These are the most frequently asked questions our players have about Las Vegas games.

What games to play in Vegas?

It should not be difficult to decide what games to play in Vegas. You’ve played online enough to know what you like. But if you are in doubt, we suggest starting at the blackjack table.

What are table minimums in Vegas?

The table minimums in Vegas are the minimum bet amounts you can make in a casino game there. They vary widely and suit almost any budget.

How to play casino games in Las Vegas?

To learn how to play casino games in Las Vegas, follow our casino game guides. It’s easy to learn how to play casino games in Las Vegas, but playing them well is another matter. That’s why we have provided the best instructions and tips for any Las Vegas casino games right here at

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