Playing Big Wheel at Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas Games Survey - Big Wheel
Big Wheel, sometimes referred to as Big 6 or Wheel of Fortune, is generally the worst game in a casino. The lone exception may be live keno.

The video versions of Big Wheel offer a slightly better payout than the live counterparts. However, there’s still no reason to play this game. The house edge on other luck games, including slot machines, roulette, craps, and baccarat, are usually much lower than Big Wheel.

Big Wheel is generally used at doorways of casinos or in a party pit. The table generally offers no seats as casinos expect it to be more of a game for passersby and not serious gamblers. The house edge for the best bet on a Big Wheel is 10%. Some bets have a house edge that is higher than 20%.

The video version involves a real wheel. The player makes wagers on a touchscreen. A player either pulls the slot handle or pushes a button on the touch screen to spin the wheel. The video version usually has fewer numbers on it and two $50 payouts. This makes it more favorable than the live version in terms of house edge. The attract function on the machine states this over and over when nobody is playing it.

Big Wheel is most often found on the Las Vegas Strip. There are some tables of it downtown as well. Most locals’ casinos do not spread Big Wheel as locals tend to be savvier players that refuse to give up a house edge of this level.

There are plenty of ways to play Big Six Wheel online, where you can find trusted online casinos that offer this game.

Play Big Wheel at Popular Vegas Casinos

Casino Game Min Bet Max Payout # of Tables Video
Aria Big Wheel 2 500 1 No
Bally’s Big Wheel 1 100 1 Yes
Bellagio Big Wheel 2 500 1 No
Binion’s Big Wheel 1 25 1 No
Circus Circus Big Wheel 2 200 1 No
Excalibur Big Wheel 2 100 1 No
Golden Nugget Big Wheel 2 400 2 No
Mandalay Bay Big Wheel 1 2000 1 No
MGM Grand Big Wheel 2 500 1 No
Paris Big Wheel 2 200 2 No
Planet Hollywood Big Wheel 2 100 3 No
Stratosphere Big Wheel 2 100 1 No
The D Big Wheel 1 50 1 No
Treasure Island Big Wheel 2 50 1 No
Venetian Big Wheel 1 100 1 Yes
Wynn Big Wheel 2 4000 1 No
January 2019 Updates (Change Log):

  • Treasure Island no longer offers the $100 max bet Big Wheel game.
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