AI Gambling in 2024: Can It Boost Your Winnings?

Written by: Jeremy Olson , Online Casino and Games Expert
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Can You Use Artificial Intelligence for Gambling?

Artificial intelligence has made its way into many areas of life, such as security measures, fraud detection, email filtering, and online shopping—and it will only get bigger.

The AI market could grow 9x from roughly $196.63 billion (2024) to $1,811.75 by 2030. This growth will extend to online gambling, where artificial intelligence is already making a significant impact.

With AI gambling set to explode, I want to see if this tech can boost my casino winnings and share the results with you. I will also discuss how AI impacts online casinos and sportsbooks, makes the industry safer, and its pros and cons.

Can You Use Artificial Intelligence for Gambling?

You can use AI for gambling in multiple ways. There are multiple AI platforms used solely for gambling purposes. For example, you might use programs such as Live A.I. to gain insights into live sports betting. Or you could rely on a gambling robot like Rain Main 2.0 (which runs on a Raspberry Pi) to count cards in blackjack.

Software like BetBuddy helps you place rational and emotionless wagers, allowing for better bankroll management. You could even use popular AI software like Chat GPT for fun-driven tests in games like Keno or Bingo.

Here are specific ways AI is used in online casino gaming and sports betting.

AI in Online Casino Gaming Icon

AI in Online Casino Gaming

While AI enhances the overall gaming experience, its role in directly influencing monetary winnings is more about entertainment than guaranteeing profits. I think the real impact is in the experience casinos are able to provide using AI. Here are some examples.

  • Game & Bonus Suggestions

    Online casinos use artificial intelligence to gather player data, leading to insights on which games and bonuses gamblers prefer. This approach beats using educated guesses on what players will appreciate
  • Increased Security

    Hackers and scammers have become more skilled, meaning online casinos must up their game to protect your data and funds. They do this through AI systems, which monitor suspicious transactions, help prevent money laundering, and promote fair gaming.
  • Customer Service

    Some casinos employ AI chatbots to help with customer service. These bots operate 24/7 and can improve support response times, freeing human agents for more detailed customer service matters.
  • Staffing Decisions

    Gaming sites can analyze gambler patterns to determine peak playing hours. They use this data to increase or decrease staffing during anomalies while cutting costs.
  • Strategy Suggestions

    Online casino games have fixed odds, meaning artificial intelligence can’t guarantee winnings. However, you can use gambling AI programs to choose lucky roulette numbers or make other betting decisions for fun.
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AI in Sports Betting 

I have personally found no confirmation that artificial intelligence can guarantee sports betting success—otherwise, I’d be using whatever I found to the fullest. AI does impact sports betting in plenty of areas, including player experience. Here are some examples I’ve found applicable.

  • Outcome Predictions

    Online sportsbooks leverage artificial intelligence to determine game outcomes and odds. These programs analyze many factors, such as player matchups, injuries, historical data, and home or road performances.
  • Live Betting Analysis

    You and sportsbooks can use AI to try and gain an advantage over each other. This tech analyzes matches in real-time and provides odds (sportsbooks) or helpful tips (bettors).
  • Bankroll Management

    Sports gambling AI measures the odds against your bankroll to suggest appropriate bet sizes. It’s also capable of mapping out detailed bankroll management plans.
  • Betting Bots

    Coders like Siraj Raval have developed bots that beat the bookies. Robot gambling uses deep learning methods and measures social media sentiment to produce winning strategies.
  • Arbitrage Betting

    Some AI programs scan the online sports betting industry, seeking arbitrage opportunities. You can use this software to quickly find and take advantage of arbs before they are gone.

Creative Ways to Use AI for Gambling

Artificial intelligence offers endless possibilities for using this tech with gaming. Therefore, you may not know where to begin with gambling and AI.

I have tried three programs across multiple online casino games to see what they can do. You can see the results of my experiments below, and please note that this research is purely for fun and did not provide me with an edge.

Chat GPT for Roulette Picks

Chat GPT Logo

Prompt: Act as my advisor. Please give me five random numbers from 0 to 36. Then, choose between the color red or black. Select the one that is more likely to win in a competition, no matter if the chances are equal. Choose your favorite. 

Game Played: Real Money European Roulette

Results: Chat GPT picked numbers 7, 18, 29, 12, and 33 for me to play as single numbers (36:1 odds on a European wheel). I defied the odds and won the last bet on 33, turning $5 in total bets ($1 apiece) into $35. The program chose red as its “favorite color” to win.

  • You can use a similar prompt for games like keno, bingo, scratch cards, or lottery. For example, Act as my keno expert. Choose ten random numbers from 1 to 80. Think of them as crucial life picks.
  • Note: Chat GPT 3.5 doesn’t allow any gambling language. These prompts were made using this version. However, you don’t have to consider omitting gambling-specific language in Chat GPT 4.

Try AI Prompts Playing Roulette for Free

Open your favorite AI tool, try the prompt ideas on this page, play European Roulette for free, and find out if AI favors your luck!

Copilot for Blackjack Decisions

Copilot Logo

Prompt: Imagine you are a skilled Blackjack player, well-versed in optimal strategies. I will provide you with the cards dealt by the dealer, and based on that information, I want you to make the best decision for each scenario: whether to Stand, Hit, or Split. Are you ready to analyze the situation and provide expert advice?

Game Played: Single Deck Blackjack

Results: I received an ace and a  5, while the dealer’s upcard was an 8. Copilot explained several decisions I could make, correctly suggesting that I hit because the ace (worth 1 or 11) made my hand soft. Next, I received a 9 and 3, while the dealer showed 5. The program told me to hit, which is the incorrect strategy (standing is correct). 

  • Note: Copilot doesn’t have any restrictions on gambling language.
  • Rain Man 2.0 may be a better tool for this job.

Gemini for Craps Decisions

Gemini AI Logo

Prompt: Imagine you are an experienced craps player. Which bets are you making to win the most money? Do you suggest placing multiple wagers in each round?

Results: Google’s Gemini suggested choosing bets with the lowest house edges, such as pass line (1.36% house advantage) and don’t pass line (1.36%). It floated Place 6 and Place 8 (1.52%) as complimentary bets for more action. The program added that laying odds behind pass line and don’t pass line wagers comes with a 0% house edge.

  • Note: Gemini doesn’t have any restrictions on gambling language.

What Is My Favorite AI Tool for Gambling? 

ChatGPT is my favorite AI gambling tool if we’re talking about luck and results. After all, I did use its suggestions to win a combined $40 on $6 worth of roulette and keno bets.

However, Gemini is actually my top pick due to its practical advice and quality tips. Copilot is easy to use, but it gave me one poor blackjack suggestion. To be fair, Copilot received difficult questions on blackjack strategy versus picking lucky roulette and keno numbers.

5 Ways AI Is Used in the Gambling Industry

Gambling AI also aids the industry by providing statistics and suggestions. For instance, Stats Perform uses artificial intelligence to deliver surprisingly accurate game outcomes. It analyzes player stats, historical results, weather, and more to provide sportsbooks with odds suggestions.

Artificial intelligence is a growing gaming industry sector, providing several advantages to operators. The following points explain how online casinos and sportsbooks use AI for gambling.

  1. Predictive Analytics

    AI provides helpful predictive analysis for gambling sites, allowing them to retain players. For example, this tech can analyze gamblers’ game choices to help an online casino better decide what to offer.

    Likewise, it could review an online sportsbook’s markets and suggest which markets are over or underserved.
  2. Risk Management Systems

    Gambling AI excels at identifying potential threats to operators and developing prevention solutions. For instance, some players attempt to open several accounts and claim multiple welcome bonuses.

    Online casinos can use AI tech to monitor the situation and flag gamblers for multi-accounting.
  3. Customer Segmentation and Personalization

    Each player prefers specific games/bets, bonuses, and website themes. Of course, tracking individual players would be too much for casino and sportsbook employees. An AI gambling program monitors thousands of gamblers and tailors a different experience for everybody.
  4. Fraud Detection

    Gambling sites deal with various types of fraud, including stolen identities, money laundering, and stolen credit cards. AI in gambling can interpret and identify these crimes before much, if any, damage happens to players or the casino.
  5. Game Optimization and Innovation

    Online casinos and sportsbooks no longer have to guess what their customers want. They can use artificial intelligence to find the most popular games and bet types. As discussed before, AI even gauges individual preferences and suggests games/bets to each player.

How Is AI Making Gambling Safer 

Safe AI Mobile Gaming Icon

Online gambling safety improves yearly, and AI is helping to enhance it exponentially.

AI programs can spot problem gaming and alert staff members. It also monitors player transactions 24/7 to look for stolen cards and identities.

Gambling AI provides safety for operators by identifying bonus abuse, potential cheating, and attempted hacks.

Pros and Cons of AI In in the Gambling Industry

  • Artificial intelligence enhances the gambler experience.
  • It can help with picking sports bets.
  • It’s useful in promoting responsible gambling.
  • Great aid in fraud prevention.
  • Sports odds can be tougher to beat.
  • AI does not improve your online casino odds.
  • Targeted ads can cause more problem gambling.

What’s Next for AI-powered Technology in Gambling? 

Artificial intelligence already has a significant impact on gaming sites and online sportsbooks. It boosts security, provides 24/7 customer service, improves game selection, and offers personal experiences. This tech also helps players through entertaining casino bet suggestions, sports betting strategies, and bankroll management advice.

I have difficulty predicting how much further AI and gambling can go because it already does so much.

However, potential future possibilities include enhancing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) gaming, including Apple Vision PRO gaming. The VR and AR sectors have not yet taken off in online gambling, but AI could enhance their capabilities and improve user experiences—thus making AR and VR gambling more appealing.

I am sure artificial intelligence will impact online gaming in mostly unthoughtful ways. We will likely see plenty more gambling AI advances in the next 5-10 years.

Get Creative! More Games to Test Out AI

Here are some games where you can try your newly gained knowledge and prompt ideas. Have fun!

CASUAL Game Best Feature RTP WHERE TO PLAY Play Now
Vegas Jackpot Keno
Vegas Jackpot Keno
Best Feature Hitting 10 numbers results in a jackpotRTP N/AWHERE TO PLAY DuckyLuck Casino
500% up to $7,500
Dragon Roulette Online Table Game Logo
Dragon Roulette
Best Feature 500x multiplierRTP N/AWHERE TO PLAY Bovada Casino
125% up to $3,750
BetOnline MultiHand blackjack
Multi-Hand Blackjack
Best Feature Avg. house edge: 0.2% – 0.7%RTP 99.63%WHERE TO PLAY Super Slots
250% up to $6,000
American Roulette Game Logo
American Roulette
Best Feature Best for high rollersRTP N/AWHERE TO PLAY Red Dog Casino
$8,000 Welcome Bonus
Bingo Goal Logo
Bingo Goal
Best Feature Progressive jackpotRTP 96%WHERE TO PLAY SlotsandCasino
500% up to $7,500
Keno Megapays Specialty Game Logo
Keno Megapays
Best Feature Minimum bet of $0.01 per roundRTP 67%WHERE TO PLAY Wild Casino
100% up to $5,000

Disclaimer: Gambling can be addictive, so please play responsibly and only bet what you can afford to lose. Regardless of the game you choose, remember to gamble responsibly. For more information, visit our responsible gambling guide. Our team is committed to promoting responsible gaming by providing educational resources and information on US online gambling laws. We encourage users to stay informed about local regulations before engaging in real money online gambling.

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