Could Apple Vision Pro Revolutionize Online Gambling?

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The Apple Vision Pro is one of the most exciting tech releases in recent years. This headset is a spatial computer, meaning it blends apps and digital content with physical environments.

It has exciting implications for watching movies, communicating with others, and at-home workspaces. The Apple Vision Pro could also dramatically enhance your online gambling experience.

We’ll discuss Apple Vision Pro features and how they apply to online gaming. You can also learn how the device compares to AR and VR and integrates with mobile gambling apps.

Apple Vision Pro Features

You may wonder how the Apple Vision Pro fits into a world with advanced smartphones and virtual reality (VR) headsets. The following features explain why this spatial computer stands apart from other devices.

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Bring Casino Games, Movies & TV Shows Into Your Environment

The Apple Vision Pro lets you better immerse yourself in video games, TV shows, and movies by bringing the screen into your living room or another environment.

The headset allows you to see the screen no matter where you look. You can also use panorama views to make the screen surround your vision.

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Spatial Audio Adds an Immersive Element

The Apple Vision’s spatial audio feature is similar to surround sound.

Its sound effects make any game or movie feel like they are physically playing out in your room.

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Interact With People While Wearing the Headset

Apple Vision is unique because it doesn’t block you from the real world.

Instead, you can still see and talk to anybody in your vicinity while wearing the headset. Therefore, you are not isolating yourself when playing casino games, watching shows, or working.

Apple vision pro gambling 3D Mapping of Room Icon

3D Mapping of Room Structure

The spatial computer uses 3D mapping to gain a detailed understanding of your current environment.

It will determine where the walls, furniture, and other people are in the room, using this 3D mapping to create a more lifelike experience.

Apple vision pro gambling Eyes Hands Voice Icon

Use With Your Eyes, Hands & Voice

You use this headset through your eyes, hands, and speech. For example, you might look at an online blackjack table and pull your hands apart to zoom in on the cards.

The speech aspect refers to using your voice to perform searches and commands—just like speech dictation on phones and computers.

How Will Apple Vision Features Apply to Online Gambling?

The Apple Vision features should translate well to the online gambling world. Specifically, it can enhance how you experience casino environments, play online slots, enjoy live dealer games, and bet on sports.

Virtual Casinos

This headset brings online casinos into your living room or elsewhere.

You can manipulate the screen size and use panorama views to turn your current environment into a virtual casino.

The result is a more realistic gaming experience versus staring at a smartphone or desktop screen.

Interactive Slots

Modern online slots offer high-quality graphics and entertaining sound effects.

Apple Vision Pro slots enhance these elements by showing more visual details (larger screen) and providing more immersive sounds (spatial sound).

Apple Vision Live Dealer Casino Games

Live dealer gaming delivers a realistic gambling experience through human dealers and casino studios.

Just imagine how much more real this could feel with panorama views and a casino taking up the entire room.

Live Sports Betting Environment

Some online sportsbooks provide live betting and live streaming.

Live wagering lets you place in-game (e.g., the next team to score), while streaming allows you to watch games through the sportsbook platform.

Apple Vision Pro sports betting makes placing live bets and watching the game easier due to an expandable screen.

Authentic Poker Experience

The Apple Vision Pro can also be useful for playing online poker. As with live dealer games, it makes you feel closer to the action.

How Does Apple Vision Pro Gambling Differ From VR & AR

You might wonder why there is a need for Apple Vision online gambling when augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality already exist.

As covered below, spatial computing has notable differences from AR and VR.

Comparisons to AR

Progressive Jackpots icon

Augmented reality places virtual objects in a real-world environment. For example, you could point your AR-enabled smartphone at a slot machine and see stats like RTP and the progressive jackpot value.

Apple Vision Pro gambling also incorporates AR elements, although in a more realistic manner. Its 3-D mapping determines the room, furniture, and table layouts and places the objects on top.

This effect makes objects seem like they are physically present.

As for game stats, you could look in a game’s direction and use your fingers and speech dictation to search for RTP, jackpot values, and other figures.

Differences from VR

Metaverse Hype VR Icon

Spatial computing and VR are similar in certain respects, such as how they require headsets and help you better interact with virtual environments.

VR gambling is especially immersive because it blocks out the surrounding world and puts 100% of your focus on a casino game, show, or internet browsing.

The Apple Vision Pro differs in that it balances VR aspects with your physical environment.

You will still feel ingrained with online casino games, but you’ll also see and chat with others nearby without removing your headset.

Using Apple Vision to Enhance Mobile Gambling Apps

Live Roulette Mobile icon

Apple might seem like it’s trying to replace smartphones and tablets with its spatial computer. However, the Apple Vision Pro has synergy with other iOS devices.

You can look at an iPhone or MacBook and then look over the top of the device to project its screen. Therefore, you can still use a smartphone keypad or desktop keyboard while enjoying the benefits of a larger screen.

This feature helps if you’re used to mobile gambling apps or playing casino games on a laptop. You may not be ready to give up a keyboard or phone keypad for using your voice, eyes, and hands to play online casino games.

People with disabilities can benefit from syncing the Apple Vision Pro with their iOS devices.

For example, somebody with a spinal cord injury may not be able to use online casinos on their phone or tablet. They could have somebody put their Apple Vision headset on, though, and use their eyes and voice to enjoy casino games.

Legalities of Apple Vision Pro Online Gambling

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The online gambling industry has undergone many regulatory changes within the past 10-15 years.

Most states and countries want a piece of the pie and have created regulated mobile gambling markets within their borders.

Each state or nation decides on individual rules when creating these markets. For example, some states in the US allow online esports betting while others don’t.

Apple created the Vision Pro to enhance entertainment, social interactions, and remote work—not for gambling online. Therefore, we do not know how spatial computing will fit into mobile gambling regulations.

New technologies can raise regulatory challenges in terms of fairness and responsible gambling.

Regarding the former, a video emerged of a live Texas Hold’em player using this technology to analyze hand-win percentages. Such enhancements are common in online poker but not live poker rooms.

Apple Vision could provide similar advantages to live poker players.

As for responsible gaming, this device might make gambling seem more playful and less risky. Somebody can quickly switch from a movie to a casino game with simple eye and finger movements. 

Of course, mobile and desktop devices also give general audiences easy access to online casinos and sportsbooks.

However, politicians and industry regulators could still scrutinize Apple Vision Pro gaming, similar to how they would if a video game platform suddenly added gambling elements.

A New Breed of Gambler

Apple Vision Gamble Big Icon

Gambling sites are always interested in attracting new demographics. Spatial computers certainly have the potential to bring new types of players to mobile sportsbooks and casinos.

Some people are not excited about wagering through a screen but might find the Apple Vision Pro experience more intriguing.

The concepts of larger and more lifelike casino environments are draws. Casual players could also become interested in specific advantages like real-time poker stats and spatial sound effects.

Younger generations will naturally gravitate towards Apple Vision’s gambling possibilities.

Gen Z is the most likely generation to play at Apple Vision Pro casinos, with 25% owning a VR/AR-capable device. Meanwhile, Baby Boomers are the least likely to buy the spatial computer because only 7% have a VR/AR product.

User Challenges Ahead for Apple Vision Adoption

While the Apple Vision Pro has impressive benefits, it also faces challenges and comes with certain drawbacks.

Some early users have developed an unhealthy attachment to the device, using it for many hours daily. Such overuse can lead to headaches, motion sickness, and isolation from society. 

Apple Vision may not be ideal for performing most basic online functions either. It may not be as efficient for reading emails, using spreadsheets, and watching videos as existing devices like smartphones and computers.

By extension, some online gamblers might find that phones and laptops are still more convenient than spatial computers for gaming and betting.

Some users point out that the Apple Vision Pro is too heavy and report having headaches and getting motion sickness. This device is still in its early stages and may require improvements before appealing to the masses.

When Can You Enjoy Apple Vision Pro Gambling?

The Apple Vision has just recently launched (February 2024).

Therefore, you can technically use this device to gamble online now. If you cannot access your favorite gambling app or website through the headset, use your iPhone or Macbook to get started.

You can look over the MacBook or iPhone screen to project the online casino or sportsbook into your environment.

Apple is interested in marketing and selling its new product rather than integrating it with specific niches.

However, gambling app developers will find ways to integrate spatial computing and provide better experiences. Apple Vision Pro gambling will get better and better as this happens.

Top Online Casinos to Try Your Apple Vision Pro

Are you an early adopter who already has a Vision Pro device in your hands?

Then we recommend you try playing at any of these online casinos that offer a great online gambling experience no matter which device you’re using.

How Does Apple Vision Pro Factor Into the Future of Gambling?

AR and VR online gambling are on a slow path to adoption.

Most online casinos and sportsbooks still focus on smartphone, tablet, and desktop users. Therefore, Apple Vision Pro will not immediately take off as a gambling device, but should slowly gain more gambling fans.

The cost of the Apple Vision ($3,499) is a hurdle for general audiences and gamblers alike. The price must drop before more players are interested in spatial computing gambling. 

Once the price drops and more players become comfortable using the Apple Vision Pro, this type of gambling should become more popular.

Additionally, Gen Zers may help adoption because they are already the biggest connoisseurs of AR/VR tech and would be the likely candidates to play at online casinos through Apple Vision.

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