MasterCard Casinos

MasterCard casinos serve players who use one of the world’s most popular credit card payment networks. Before making a deposit, gamblers need information about online casinos that accept MasterCard. MasterCard is a popular deposit method with online casinos, because it represents a fast, easy, and secure way to fund a casino account. This page will show the best MasterCard casinos online, complete with important features a good gaming site needs and recommendations on sites for Americans and international players.

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MasterCard Casinos

MasterCard Casino chipsAll online casinos that accept credit card deposits will also most likely accept MasterCard as one the different cards permitted to make direct payments to your account. When you talk about credit cards, two names usually pop up, VISA and MasterCard, so when you see this same option on the banking methods of a US online casino, it will be the same. Seeing as how a lot of sites accept these credit cards, which would you actually choose to play on? There are certain factors that players should follow to narrow down their go-to gaming site.

To provide players with an idea of what a good MasterCard casino is, I’ve included recommendations for an online MasterCard casino for both American and international gamblers. There’s more to the equation than simply accepting deposits from MasterCard. A site also needs to have a lot of popular games, fast withdrawals, and a big bonus offer.

Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino LogoIgnition Casino is the best online casino accepting MasterCard which also welcomes American real money players. Ignition Casino provides games from the top developers in the US gaming market, including RTG and Rival. Ignition Casino offers a $3,000 welcome bonus and a 72-hour withdrawal process.

Club World Casinos

32Red Casino Logo32red Casino is our pick for international players. 32 Red offers the popular gaming inventory of Microgaming, so it has over 400 trusted games with certified RTP percentages. The deposit bonus is only £300, 150%, but high rollers will like that the withdrawal limits are $120,000 a week. 32red’s customer service is also considered among the best in the business.


How to Make a MasterCard Casino Deposit

Making a deposit at a MasterCard casino is easy. The process is fast, taking less than five minutes. MasterCard Worldwide uses the latest encryption techniques, so transactions are secure and private. If you have questions or concerns, read through the instructions below as a guide to depositing with MasterCard credit or debit car at an online casino.

5 Steps to Making a Deposit with Mastercard


Sign Up

Register for a casino account, if you are not a player at a real money online casino. Once you’re a member, click on the Cashier page.


Fill out the information

Fill in the spaces on the online registration form. Sign-up is simple and obtrusive, with questions restricted to name, username, address, and email address.


Select Visa Deposit Method

A list of deposit options are going to be available. Select MasterCard from the options. Fill in the credit card number and 3-digit activation code.


Select the Deposit Amount

Select the amount you want to deposit and verify before clicking. Take advantage of any bonus offers that are available. Most online casinos offer bonuses for first deposits.


Complete the Transaction and Play

You’ll have to wait a few seconds up to a few minutes for the transaction to be successful. Most deposits appear within instants. Once you’ve funded the account, start playing.

Choosing the Right MasterCard Casino

MasterCard is used at any legitimate online casino. When picking a mastercard online casino, you’ll want to keep a certain number of factors in mind. American and international players using MasterCard have so many options, that the customer service, welcome bonuses, and reliable withdrawals are must-haves.

Depending on how much you bet, the decision to use the right online or mobile casino is worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Treat your choice as such, and insist on the following positive factors.

Casino Reputation and Reliability

MasterCard casinos reputation is what helps it bring in new members, as well as hold on to their current players. The fastest way to check if a casino is reputable is by checking online. You can use player comments about the games and service. Read honest reviews from reputable websites. We only list casinos that have good standing with their software, services, games, banking methods, and, more importantly, their members.To check how reliable a casino is you would need to see how their customer service department handles any problem or question you may have. Being able to quickly solve a problem will be a good indication that they care about their members, and that is something worth having.


Casinos that boast having P128-bit SSL Data Encryption technology is doing the right thing. This is a very high-level of data protection, like the ones a lot of banks use, which will safeguard your private information. This is very important when making MasterCard casino deposits. If you see that a casino does not mention any level of security, it may not be a good idea to be giving them your personal and MasterCard information.

Bonuses and Promotions

There are perks when you make a MasterCard casino deposit, and most casinos will offer new and existing members bonuses and promotions when they add funds to their accounts. Some good examples are Welcome Bonuses, Deposit Bonuses, and even casino game-specific bonuses. Each will give the player some extra and free cash to use and play with. Check and see what perks you get when you make MasterCard casino deposits.

Benefits of Using MasterCard for Casino Deposits

Advantages of MasterCard

MasterCard, like many of the other credit cards that are offered, has many advantages that have helped it not only become a world leader in this area but also when it comes to making deposits at online casinos. As they are partnered with thousands of financial institutions worldwide, their reach will not leave you wanting.

Multiple Credit Card Options

MasterCard offers an extensive line of credit cards, dozens of options to pick from that all have different benefits and fees that a player can choose from. You can pick a card to satisfy a certain need, whether it’s to have a cash back rewards program or simply have no annual fee. As well as offering top of the line credit cards, they also have debit and prepaid cards available for their customers.

Easy to Use

The process is very easy for a player to make a MasterCard casino deposit into their account. There is no need to do anything extra, simply input the card and billing information and you should be set to go. Just as simple as making an online purchase.

Instant Deposit

The great aspect of using MasterCard to make a casino deposit is that your money will appear almost instantly. Being backed by a major financial institution gives it the ability to be trusted, and with it comes these perks. You won’t have to wait hours or days to start playing games at a MasterCard casino.


Getting to be as big as MasterCard doesn’t happen due to luck, but proper planning for the future. They have extremely good security on their cards and combined with the secure encryption software that reputable casinos have, your information and transactions will be perfectly safe.

Diverse Casino Selection

All online casinos that accept credit cards as a deposit method will accept MasterCard. Some sites will specify which credit card issuers they don’t accept, but rarely is it MasterCard. This will allow you to pick the best MasterCard casinos you can find, without having to worry about finding alternative deposit methods.

Casino-Friendly Option

The benefit of having and using a credit card to make a casino deposit is that you will find little to no hassle from MasterCard. You can use your card for almost anything that isn’t strictly forbidden or illegal, and while the casinos are licensed and regulated, they will continue to accept MasterCard as an option.

Disadvantages of MasterCard

There will always be a few drawbacks when using any type of banking method to make a casino deposit, and MasterCard is no exception. However, it will depend on you whether the advantages make it the best option or not, and if the disadvantages are worth having in order to use MasterCard.

Credit Card Fees

This is a standard disadvantage when it comes to any credit card. You will not find a single card that does not have fees, whether they are annual fees, interest rates, or even transaction fees. This doesn’t become such a big disadvantage when you can find the perfect credit card that will give you what you want and need, including amazing benefits while keeping the fees to a minimum.

Have to Qualify

In order to receive a MasterCard, you have to apply for any one of their dozens of cards. As they do not issue the cards directly, rather through third-parties like banks, financial institutions, and any of organization that has money to back up the purchases. It will depend on those third-party requirements whether you qualify for one or not. There are many options to pick from, so you can always apply for more than one if you think you will be declined.

What is MasterCard?

MasterCard Logo

MasterCard was originally known as Interbank/Master Charge, which was created by several California banks in an effort to compete with BankAmericard; this later became the VISA credit card. It was called either name from 1966, when the company was founded, until 1979. The most recognizable aspect of MasterCard is their logo, and that has changed slightly throughout the years, but have kept the concept the same. They have been using the new logo since 2006, but it is the old version that is still used on the credit cards.

They have had a short history considering they have become such a large entity. In 1979, they made the switch from being known as the Master Charge: The Interbank Card to simply being called MasterCard. From there they continued to grow until 2006, where they decided to change their name to MasterCard Worldwide, to go along with their international business. Expanding into other markets as the years went by, including:

  • E-commerce by acquiring DataCash (2010).
  • Mobile contactless payments program (2012).
  • Acquired leading rewards program manager Pinpoint (2014).

They have now become a household name when referring to credit cards and are one of the most popular cards for US players to use when making a casino deposit.

MasterCard Options

MasterCard credit cardAs mentioned before, MasterCard offers a wide range of credit, debit, and prepaid cards, but we will focus on their diverse line of credit cards. Depending on which entity issued the card, you may get other features as well.

Each of the cards comes with general cash back rewards, like on dining and travel, as well as on all other purchases. Card general details can be seen below:

NFL Franchise Credit Cards

These credit cards come with the logo of your favorite NFL team and come with some great perks including:
  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Intro Rate: None
  • Cash Back Rewards: 5% on Gas / 3% on Dining/Travel / 1% on Purchases

Sam’s Club Card

This card gives members of the Sam’s Club great benefits:
  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Intro Rate: None
  • Cash Back Rewards: 5% on Gas / 3% on Dining/Travel / 1% on Purchases

Walmart Credit Card

Being connected to one of the largest retail stores in America.
  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Intro Rate: None
  • Cash Back Rewards: 5% on Gas / 1% on Purchases

Upromise World Card

One of the most popular MasterCard credit cards and used by millions of people. It gives members even better benefits:
  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Intro Rate: 0% First 15 Months
  • Cash Back Rewards: 5% on Dining / 2% on In-Store Purchases / 1% on Purchases

You can see that MasterCard prides itself on not having any annual fees for their credit cards, and that is what most of their customers look for. Their overall cash back rewards give them good incentives, and if you apply for any specific card, they may come with added benefits like the ones listed above.

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