Are VR Casinos the Next Step in Online Gambling?

Written by: Aaron Kim, Online Casino Writer & Specialist in Slots
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The online gambling industry has witnessed several notable innovations in recent years. Live-dealer casinos and skill games significantly impacted internet gambling. Are virtual reality (VR) casinos the next grand advancement in the betting industry?

VR technology is already gaining steam in architecture, entertainment, fitness, tourism, and video games. It also has the potential to impact internet gambling for the better. Below, you can learn the proposed benefits of VR gambling and if it will ultimately be a hit at online casinos.

Ways to Experience Extended Reality

Extended reality (XR) isn’t some distant-future concept—it’s here right now. It’s available in multiple forms today, including augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and virtual reality (VR). As covered below, each type of extended reality gives you a unique experience.

  • Augmented Reality

    AR adds computer-generated images to your real-world environment. Pokémon GO is the most-popular example because it displays animated creatures wherever you go. Using augmented reality in gambling could place a virtual and lifelike casino right in your living room.
  • Mixed Reality

    The problem with AR is that it doesn’t let you interact with the overlaid images in your environment. Mixed reality solves this by overlaying images and allowing you to interact with them. For example, you could “toss” virtual dice down a computer-generated craps table with this newer tech.
  • Virtual Reality

    Unlike AR and MR, virtual reality fully immerses you into a digital world. You’ll see a 3D environment and interact with the virtual world. For instance, if you play at a VR casino, you’d only see virtual games rather than anything happening in the outside world. VR lets you escape reality entirely.

Top Augmented Reality Devices in 2024

You can now experience AR, MR, and VR through specific devices on the market. The following brands are among the most popular:

  • Oculus Quest 2 (VR Headset) – Costing $299, Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 is already being billed as the perfect Metaverse device.
  • Microsoft HoloLens 2 (MR Glasses) – HoloLens 2 isn’t cheap with its $3,500 price tag. However, it’s the best option now if you want to experience MR.
  • Sony PlayStation VR (Headset) – Matching Oculus Quest 2’s price, PlayStation VR offers a balanced and realistic feeling when exploring virtual worlds.
  • Magic Leap 1 (AR Glasses) – Costing $2,300, Magic Leap 1 brings virtual objects to life as you move about the real world.

Virtual Reality and the Impact on Online Gambling

Online Gambling

Virtual reality certainly isn’t new to the gaming world. Back in 2017, slots developer NetEnt released VR versions of Gonzo’s Quest and Jack and the Beanstalk. Certain online casinos and poker rooms have also added VR elements to their sites.

The VR online gambling industry hasn’t experienced a boom yet. However, predictive stats show virtual reality gambling revenue increasing from $1.4 billion in 2021 to $2.4 billion in 2024

Statistics also forecast VR headset sales will rise from 11 million units to 35 million units over the same span. That said, more gamblers will experience the advantage of virtual reality gambling shortly.

Benefits of VR Casinos

These forays into virtual reality gambling haven’t kick-started a revolution, but they could lay the seeds for something bigger. After all, VR could alter how online players experience gambling forever. Below, you can see some benefits this tech can deliver to online gambling.

  1. Enhanced Gaming Experience

    Many online casino games feature excellent 3D graphics. However, virtual reality can take gaming realism to another level. It puts you directly in front of spinning slots or a blackjack table.
  2. Improved Player Interaction

    Live casinos provide player-dealer interaction through a chatbox. VR headsets, though, boast voice chat functions that allow for actual conversations.
  3. Play On-the-Go

    You likely don’t always have time to visit a brick-and-mortar casino or poker room. With virtual reality, you can enjoy similar experiences without going anywhere. You could, for example, stand at a VR roulette table, bet on the spinning wheel, and chat with nearby gamblers.

Virtual Reality Casino Games

Live casinos and skill games are already here and flourishing. They’ve each provided specific advancements to online betting. As shown below, each form of gambling has also laid the foundation for virtual reality’s potential success.

Live Casinos

Live Dealer Casino Icon

Live casinos have served as an excellent substitute for long casino trips with their real dealers and tables.

Virtual reality will interest players who want an authentic casino experience without traveling.

Skill Games

Skill-Based Slots icon

Poker and other skills games attract gamblers who don’t leave everything up to chance.

VR gambling can also provide skill games. It has the potential to create new skill games with more-interactive elements.

Will the Metaverse Have Any Effect On VR Casinos?

The Metaverse—a combination of virtual reality, augmented reality, and video—is gaining more attention lately. It promises new and realistic experiences through an online world. This concept also figures to combine with VR for an enhanced gambling environment.

The Metaverse could be what VR online betting needs to reach a new plateau. It can significantly expand the virtual gambling world by adding custom avatars and resort experiences. Imagine this: you play authentic casino games during the day and spend evenings mingling at a popular Vegas nightclub.

Top USA Online Casinos

The best online casinos will adopt the associated games and technology as virtual reality wagering grows. Las Atlantis, Wild Casino, and BetUS are likely candidates for VR because they’ll want to stay ahead of the curve. You can see what to expect from these top-tier US internet casinos below.

Wild Casino header logo

Wild Casino

This online casino provides one of the largest game selections in the US market. Wild Casino offers several hundred games from Betsoft, Nucleus, and Platypus Gaming. It also tempts new players with generous bonuses and promos.

Las Atlantis header logo

Las Atlantis

Las Atlantis immediately turns heads with its massive welcome bonus. The bonus features low wagering requirements too. Las Atlantis also boasts over 200 online slots, a live dealer casino, and Bitcoin deposits/withdrawals.

BetUS Casino Header Logo

BetUS Casino

With 25+ years in the business, BetUS is one of the most trusted online casinos. This prestigious brand spreads over 250 games. It provides numerous promotions, too, such as crypto bonuses, regular deposit bonuses, and cashback.

Online Casinos Bet On Virtual Reality

The online gambling world never stays still for long and continually sees advancements. Virtual reality could very well be at the forefront of the following notable advance. It offers the potential for more-lifelike gambling, supreme convenience, and engaging conversations with other gamblers. VR could become an even bigger deal when combined with the expansive Metaverse.

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