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Sadonna is a mom of two who enjoys poker and casino gaming. For over a decade, she has followed the gambling industry in the United States and abroad, keeping up with current trends and interesting news. In her spare time, she loves to play Texas Hold'em and video poker, hopefully, one day earning a big win! She is passionate about writing and loves using her creativity to provide insight into the interesting gambling world.

HTML5 vs. Flash Online Casinos


Players of online casino games rarely think about the system that is operating the game. They just want to play. However, the system is essential for its overall function, be it a slot, blackjack, roulette, …

Free Play vs Real Money Online Casinos


When it comes to online casino gaming, you have two options, real money, and free play. Both provide a quality experience, and it’s essential to understand the difference so you get the most out of …

Tips and Tricks to Win at Video Poker


Video poker is a fun and winnable game that players from around the world like to enjoy online. Players can play draw poker, where certain hand combinations are needed to win the bet. Build a …

Become Enchanted in Mystic Hive Online Slot


Mystic Hive by Betsoft is a beautiful and unique new slot game. This lovely title provides players with a whimsical experience, where magical nectar and fireflies rule the reels. Find plenty of features and a …

Funny Bingo Lingo at Online Casinos


The game of bingo is one that can be quite fun to play. There are plenty of options, from traditional bingo games to odd and obscure titles. When playing bingo, there is specific bingo lingo …