The Best Gambling Songs of All Time

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best gambling songs

When it comes to gambling, most players enjoy listening to the game’s sounds, especially when a big win occurs! But it can also be fun to listen to songs about gambling when playing your favorite games. Several tracks are not only catchy and fun but also pop culture icons! For decades, songwriters have captured the thrill of gaming in lyrics and melodies, giving us enjoyable tunes to listen to over and over. 

If you are playing at your favorite online casino, try these songs to provide yourself with a little boost of confidence in gameplay and added fun!

Top 10 Songs About Gambling 

Here, we have gathered the best songs about gambling, giving you easy access to listening to popular tunes that will rev you up for the next time you play at real money online casinos. From oldies to newer titles, there is something for everyone! 


Elvis Presley – Viva Las Vegas

When it comes to gambling and Las Vegas, Elvis is a permanent fixture thanks to his popular hit Viva Las Vegas.

If you are looking for a jazzed up, high tempo song to listen to while playing your favorite slots or table games, this is it! 


Kenny Rogers – The Gambler

If you are a real money poker player, you most certainly know some of this track’s lyrics. “You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.” The Gambler was first released in 1978, and when it comes on the radio, everyone sings along.

This story style song is perfect for poker gaming, as it certainly reminds you of what to do while you play! 


Lady Gaga – Poker Face

PPPPoker Face, PPPPoker Face! One of the newer songs on our list, Lady Gaga found herself with a massive hit once Poker Face was released. The upbeat tempo is catchy, and the lyrics are fun.

Hit the poker tables or play video poker while you listen to this fun tune. And don’t worry! Since you are playing at home, you don’t have to worry about your ‘poker face’! 


O.A.R – That Was a Crazy Game of Poker

Another storytelling song, this is one you might not have heard before. Stephen King’s The Stand inspired it.

It is a rocking track that will get your blood pumping while you play poker or other exciting online casino games. 


Motörhead – Ace Of Spades

Released in 1980, this is an older song related to gambling, the title track of an album by the same name. It is fast-paced and one that you need to be ready for before playing.

If you are excited or need amping before placing big bets, this tune is perfect for you!  


Ace High95 Rocks

If you are into techno style music, then this song is perfect for your gambling sessions.

With an upbeat tempo and unique backbeat, this is a great option for jamming out, as it will keep you bobbing your head while you play cards or real money slot games! 


Frank SinatraLuck Be a Lady

To add a little jazz sound to your gameplay, Luck Be a Lady by Frank Sinatra is a top choice for gambling music.

This song is one that most everyone has heard as it is featured in films and television shows that take place in casinos. It adds a soothing touch to gameplay, helping you get into a rhythm as you spin the slot reels! 


Bruce SpringsteenRoll of the Dice

This song is the first by the Boss that he didn’t write himself. It features gambling lyrics, talking about throwing Snake Eyes just like in craps.

This is a great tune to play while playing real money online craps and one that is sure to be a favorite on your playlist. 


Clint BlackA Good Run of Bad Luck

 If you are a fan of country music, you have most likely heard Clint Black’s song. It is packed with metaphors and is a fun track to listen to while playing at online casinos.

It compares gambling to love and talks about how the main character is willing to spend a lot of money to win a special lady. 


Bob DylanRambling, Gambling Willie

If you are more into folk music, this tune is perfect for your online gambling needs. The song is a story about a man named Willie, who is a gambler. Unfortunately, Willie was consumed by his need to gamble.

Dylan’s unique voice, combined with the melody, makes this song a great addition to any playlist. 

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