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Brace yourselves for the best thing since online gambling because we have exciting news. We welcome a heavy hitter to our site, and he’s a wealth of knowledge on how to play your sharpest game.

Bill “Krackman” Krackomberger is joining the Online United States Casinos’ ranks, so we’re about to dive into everything there is to know about this megastar professional bettor.

Online United States and Bill Krackman

William J. Krackomberger is one of the country’s most famous and prolific professional gamblers. He plays games like blackjack and poker but focuses primarily on sports betting.

Bill draws on his decades of experience to help others safely and successfully bet on sports through a focus on advantage gambling and an awareness of the hazards.

His popularity has led to appearances on television networks like ESPN, CNN, Fox Sports, podcasts, and radio shows across the US.

And now, we are thrilled to announce Krackman’s partnership with Online United States Casinos. Our alliance aims to give you invaluable advice from the point of view of a professional, and we can’t wait to hear what he has to say.

Bill Krackomberger will share hot tips, stories about online gambling, and insights backed by 30+ years in the industry. He will review online casinos and give you his honest, expert opinion on sign-up bonuses, games, and more.

Krackomberger’s Background

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Bill’s exposure to gambling started early. He was born in New York in 1968 but grew up in the blue-collar beach town of Kearnsberg, New Jersey. At age nine, he began working in pizza shops and arcades on the boardwalk.

Wagering was rampant in the area then. “I was earning my keep and learning the code of the street along the way,” he explains.

His first misstep happened when he was only 15. Krackomberger found himself $10,000 in debt to a bookie because he was chasing his losses.

Lucky for him, his father’s boss bailed him out, but that experience changed Bill forever and is why he’s a big proponent of gambling responsibly today.

Bill’s Journey to Pro Gambler

Krackomberger’s path to becoming a professional gambler began at 23 when he met a man named Frank, who was head of the game protection team at an Atlantic City casino.

Frank was also an avid sports bettor and Vegas enthusiast, and he soon became Bill’s mentor. The duo would bet on offshore online sportsbooks and take frequent trips to Sin City together, which allowed him to build his bankroll.

Eventually, in 2008, he moved to Las Vegas permanently, where he began to bet full-time and meet some of the biggest names in the industry. Krackman never had a losing year, and people began to take notice.

Krackman’s Rise to Fame

Bill Krackman’s rise to fame is comprised of many notable accomplishments. Below are some of his top milestones.

KrackWins App

Krackwins App

After he made a name for himself in Las Vegas, all but five sportsbooks banned him for being too successful.

He devised a new way to keep doing what he loved and launched the app KrackWins, which gives access to his picks in real time. 

Wise Kracks Podcast

Wise Kracks Podcast

World Sports Network launched a sports betting podcast partnership with Bill called Wise Kracks.

Every week, Krackomberger and co-host Rosalie Michaels dive into all things sports betting and offer advice to their listeners.

Action Docuseries

Action docuseries Bill Krackman

The streaming platform Paramount+ featured Krackomberger in its four-part docuseries called Action.

It follows several professional bettors and explores how sports betting legalization has changed the gambling community.

Krackomberger’s Gambling Style

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Bill enjoys various games but has an affinity for video poker and sports betting. No matter what he’s playing, he makes sure to stick to his style.

Krackman is an advantage gambler, meaning he uses legal methods available to gain benefits. That can include employing strategy, counting cards, claiming bonuses, or accepting comps.

He also makes sure to stay focused on the long term and avoids letting any individual losses or wins affect him too much.

Bill Krackman’s Luckiest Casino Wins

You’re bound to have some pretty incredible moments when you’re a professional gambler like Krackomberger.

Watch his video to learn about his journey, luckiest wins, and some useful tips.

5 Gambling Tips From Bill Krackomberger

One of Krackman’s biggest goals is to help players make good choices. Take a look at some of his helpful tips for online gamblers.

  1. Ease Into It

    Take baby steps, especially if you’re starting out. You don’t have to bet on every game.
  2. Know Your Limits

    Don’t fall into the trap of chasing your losses. Make a budget and stick to it.
  3. Educate Yourself

    Learn the terminology and rules of your favorite gambling game.
  4. Consider the Professionals

    This tip is mostly for sports bettors but can also ring true for anyone. Look at how professionals play and notice what they do and don’t do.
  5. Separate Your Emotions From Gambling

    Stay calm, and don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Avoid making decisions when you’re upset.

Bill Krackman Outside of Betting

It’s safe to say his hobbies have become his full-time job. Though he is a big presence in Vegas, he prefers to stay private in his personal life.

Outside of betting, he enjoys spending time with his wife and eating a good steak dinner.

Contributions to Responsible Gambling

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Ever since falling into debt at the young age of 15, Krackman has been dedicated to gambling responsibly.

His open honesty about its downfalls stands out in the professional betting world and is reflected in the realistic advice his content provides.

We look forward to working with Bill to share his message. Together, we can continue to give players the tools they need to make knowledgeable, safe betting choices.

Ready to Enjoy our New Partnership? Stay Tuned!

From a Jersey boy learning the gambling ropes to one of the world’s most well-known sports bettors, Krackman has had an incredible journey. We couldn’t be more delighted to welcome him to our team at Online United States Casinos. 

As always, remember to make well-informed decisions. Come back to our page soon, or go to our YouTube channel, and enjoy content from Bill Krackman.

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