What Happens if You Win Too Much at a Casino?

Written by: Aaron Kim, Online Casino Writer & Specialist in Slots
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Can casinos ban you for winning

There are a few surefire ways to get booted from a casino, and they are all easily avoidable. But what about winning too much? You may have heard stories of innocent people getting banned from casinos for hitting a lucky streak. It sounds like a plausible circumstance. After all, they’re in business to make money, not give it away. 

So, how can you be sure it won’t happen to you? Let’s examine the house rules of casinos and why some people get asked to leave

Can Casinos Ban You For Winning?

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Casinos are private businesses. Therefore, they could potentially ban you for any reason at any time. Casinos want your patronage, and winning too much isn’t against the rules. However, make sure you are aware of their policies, so you don’t transgress them.

Gambling venues thrive on reputation, and word travels fast. Banning someone for legitimately winning would hurt their business beyond what it would cost just to pay them out. In fact, most of the time, they celebrate these accomplishments because it tends to make the casino more popular. Who doesn’t want to play at the place where someone hit a massive jackpot? 

Typically, the rumors of banning players for winning have another side to their story. If a casino kicked someone out, it’s because they had reason to believe other suspicious conduct was taking place. 

What Makes Casinos Ban Players

Can a casino ban you for no reason? You won’t have to worry about getting escorted out the front door if you aren’t participating in any of the following actions.



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It should be no surprise that cheating the system is grounds for banning, and it would be foolhardy to try.

The floor has plenty of security personnel and more cameras than you can count. Online casinos implement AI technology to spot players that are acting dodgy. It’s easy to see they take cheating very seriously. 


Violating Casino Policies

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Casinos have standards to ensure a safe, fun time for everyone, but they’re not difficult to follow.

As long as you’re polite, you won’t have to worry. Things like getting too drunk, acting aggressive, harassing other patrons, or trying to abuse a promotion would violate casino policies.


Underage Gambling

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It’s unlikely you would make it very far into a physical casino if you’re underage. In the case of online gambling, there are unique rules to keep underage players out.

A multiple-step verification process makes it very difficult to sign up if you’re not of age. On the off chance someone slips through the cracks, they will get banned from the site.


Suspicious Betting Patterns

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Let’s say you bet $1 multiple times in a row and lose. Then you decide to bet $50, and low and behold, you win.

While it’s most likely a fantastic coincidence, a repeat pattern of low bets on losing hands and high bets on winning ones will attract the attention of the pit boss and online casino management. After all, they are there to snuff out cheaters and suspicious behavior. 


Card Counting

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Card counting is technically legal. However, casinos highly discourage it and will try to thwart players from the practice.

Since they are private businesses, they get to make the rules. If you push your luck and use card counting techniques to win at card games repeatedly, it could result in a ban. 


Hacking an Oline Casino Using Betting Bots

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Bots are computers programmed to bet for you, and although they are legal, most online casinos don’t permit their usage.

They can become smarter with each game they play and even mimic human actions, giving you an unfair advantage. Since they lower the house edge and present an ethical issue for other human players, their use will most likely result in being banned from an online casino.

How Do Casinos Ban Players?

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Getting banned from a land-based casino means you are no longer allowed on the premises. If they find you in violation of this order, they can have police arrest you for trespassing. So how do they keep track of who’s allowed in and who isn’t?

Once you’re banned, you get added to a database where they store your picture and personal information. That still hasn’t stopped some people from trying, but with today’s facial recognition technology, you’re not likely to get very far.

Online casinos use a similar process. By blocking your account, IP address, and personal information, they can keep you from revisiting their site.

Tips to Prevent Casinos from Banning You

If you’re still worried, here are a few more tips for a smooth experience when playing at casinos.

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Be Respectful

Casinos want to provide an exciting, entertaining environment, encouraging you to have fun. Of course, if you act disruptive, rude, or out of control, you can expect to be asked to leave. They need to ensure the safety and comfort of their staff and patrons.

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Adhere to the Rules

The right to refuse service comes with the private business territory. However, that isn’t the goal. As long as you follow the rules and avoid the conduct mentioned above, they’ll prefer that you stay and have a great time.

You Got Banned, Now What?

So you got yourself banned. We all make mistakes, and you’re probably wondering if there’s anything you can do. The best answer isn’t always an easy one, and casinos take requests to come back on a case-by-case basis. A good place to start is with the next few steps.

  1. Find out why you were banned. It might not be something as obvious as you think.
  2. Call the casino and set up a meeting with a supervisor. If you were blocked online, contact customer support.
  3. Apologize and explain why they should let you back in. If it was a minor infraction, they might allow you to return. 
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Can You Ban Yourself From A Casino?

If you find that your gambling has become a habit, you can impose a ban on yourself at a land-based or online casino called self-exclusion. The length of the ban depends on the program. Some will let you choose how long you wish to be locked out, while others can range from six months to three years.

Important: OnlineUnitedStatesCasinos.com is committed to supporting responsible gambling. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, whether it be online or offline we encourage you to seek professional guidance.

Follow This Guide and Avoid Getting Banned by a Casino

So, will you get banned for being the lucky one that hits a big winning streak? The answer is no, as long as you’re within their policies and rules. Legit casinos actually welcome wins because they encourage more business. You might even get your picture on the wall or your name on a gambling site. 

Casino Ban FAQs

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about Casino Bans.

Can you get unbanned from casinos?

You can get unbanned from casinos, but it depends on the severity of your violation. If it was for being drunk and disorderly, issuing a formal apology and requesting to come back might be enough to get you unbanned. If it was for cheating, you might never be allowed on the premises again.

What happens when you’re added to a casino Black Book?

When you’re added to a casino’s black book, you enter into a database that contains your personal information and photo. Some casinos are owned by one parent company and share the same database, so they can use a ban at another location to keep you off their property or website.

Can a casino deny winnings?

A casino can deny your winnings for a few reasons. If a machine malfunctions, you don’t have identification, or they find out you’ve previously been banned, they may decide to send you on your way without paying you.

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