Casino Max Bets | Are They Worth the Bankroll?

Written by: Jeremy Olson , Online Casino and Games Expert
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If you’re like most casino gamblers, you don’t go near the maximum bet with slots or table games. After all, who wants to risk $50, $100, or more per round? Smaller stakes help you maximize your bankroll and get more entertainment out of gaming.

However, as you start to win and build up your stack, you may eventually consider wandering into max bets territory. We’ll look at the pros and cons, so you can decide if maxing out the wagers at a table game or slot is really worth it.

Does Playing the Max Bet Increase Your Odds?

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Every casino player would love to boost their odds of winning. But will max bets help achieve this goal? Do casinos reward gamblers for larger wager sizes?

You could bump up the stakes for several reasons, but better odds usually aren’t one of them. The truth is that bigger wagers don’t usually impact the house edge or RTP. Here’s an example to explain:

  • You bet $1 to win $5 (1:5 ratio).
  • You wager $10 to win $50 (still, 1:5 ratio).
  • Finally, you bet $100 to win $500 (again, 1:5 ratio).

In all three scenarios, you’re risking one unit to win five. You face the same payout ratio and odds when betting $1 or $100. We’ll discuss a few exceptions below, but you’re usually just staking more of your bankroll for the same outcome probabilities.

The Pros and Cons of Playing the Max Bet

Casino max bets don’t typically improve your odds, but they have certain advantages. You can see the benefits and drawbacks of placing maximum wagers below.


  • Can lead to more casino comps
  • Make you feel like a high roller
  • Can unlock certain slot features
  • Larger dollar payouts on wins
  • Improve your VIP status at a casino


  • Put more strain on your bankroll
  • Unnecessary risk in most cases
  • Will likely decrease your gambling time
  • Some casino bonuses don’t allow max bets
  • Need more money to start playing

House Edge and RTP Matter More Than Your Bet

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A game’s house edge determines how much casinos win off the average player (for example, a 5% edge). You can help minimize the house advantage by playing games with a higher return to player (RTP).

High RTP usually is what matters concerning beating casinos—not your bet size. Therefore, you want to search for slots and table games with high payout percentages to win more money.

Should You Always Max Bet On Slot Machines?

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To bet max on a slot machine, you’ll need to play every payline at the highest coin amount. While it is usually wise to keep all paylines active, most games pay in multiples of your wager (for example, 10,000x). So, the ratio ends up the same for any coin size.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Some slots have tiered progressive jackpots, and you can only unlock the highest tier at max bet. Even certain video poker machines offer special multipliers or bonuses to those placing max wagers.

You should always check a game’s pay table to see if you’ll enjoy superior odds through maximum bets.

Playing Higher Bet Land-Based Slots Has Some Perks

Head to Las Vegas, and you’ll find machines with coin denominations ranging from 1¢ to $100. While land-based slots don’t typically list their RTP, past Nevada Gaming Control Board reports show that penny slots have the lowest average payouts.

Based on their study, even just bumping up to 5¢ machines can give you an extra 4% return. You’ll also receive additional comps when playing more expensive slots, especially free drinks.

Best Online Casinos to Play Max Bet Slots

When you’re planning on maxing out your bets on slot machines, we suggest the following online casinos for placing larger wagers. These legit sites have trusted banking practices and tons of games.

Should You Place Max Bets? It’s All Up to You

Nothing is stopping you from placing max bets. You might want to err on the side of caution, though. After all, you don’t want to blow through your bankroll in the first 5-10 minutes of a gambling session. 

Larger wagers are appealing from the standpoint of putting more on the line to win larger sums of money. If you choose to make max wagers, we suggest doing so at our top 5 recommended online casinos. These trustworthy gaming sites provide incredible bonuses and better comps for high rollers.

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