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The game of bingo is one that can be quite fun to play. There are plenty of options, from traditional bingo games to odd and obscure titles. When playing bingo, there is specific bingo lingo used when calling out game numbers. The lingo associated with bingo comes from numbers connected to rhymes. 

Such phrasing was used in London initially during the mid-20th century to pass hidden or secret messages. The rhymes were then picked up by bingo halls so that the letters could quickly be clarified when calling them out. Numbers could sound familiar, so adding the bingo lingo made it much easier to determine which space to mark on the bingo card. 

Learn the Bingo Lingo and Play to Win

When playing online bingo for real money, a newbie might be quite confused due to the terms used with the letters and numbers. Instead of the caller saying the number two, they may say One Little Duck. If you are new to the game, this will sound crazy, and you may have no idea what is going on! 

But this is bingo lingo! The nicknames make bingo fun –but confusing for new players. Below we’ve listed popular terms so you can have fun playing online bingo and win real money without any confusion!

Top 10 Funny Bingo Calls

  1. 7- Lucky Seven

    The number 7 is considered a lucky one in several cultures.
  2. 9-Doctor’s Orders

    In World War II, the number 9 was the name of a pill given to soldiers by military doctors who felt poorly. The laxative was said to help clear the system!
  3. 14-Valentine’s Day

    This number, of course, is referring to February 14, which is the international day of romance.
  4. 17-Dancing Queen

    Remember the ABBA hit of the same name? In the song, it says, ‘dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen!” This reference is one for the music fans in the audience.
  5. 29-Rise and Shine

    The numbers rhyme with the saying, making it a perfect combination.
  6. 42-Winnie the Pooh

    This is another phrase that rhymes with the numbers.
  7. 48-Four Dozen

    This number is the sum of 4×12, which is four dozen.
  8. 50-Half a Century

    This number represents the halfway point of a century, which is 100 years.
  9. 55-Snakes Alive

    This call is based on the visual look of the numbers. The two fives appear as snakes ready to strike!
  10. 73-Queen Bee

    This is yet another number that rhymes with its saying.

Top Online Casinos to Play Real Money Bingo

Below are a few examples of top online casinos that offer bingo games for real money. Give any of these games a try to have a shot at winning nice prizes. Plus, you have a themed experience, which helps to provide exciting entertainment from home! 

1 Wild Casino Logo Wild Casino BINGO GAMES 5 BONUS 100% up to $5,000 Play Now
2 DuckyLuck Logo DuckyLuck BINGO GAMES 7 BONUS 500% up to $7,500 Play Now
3 SlotsLV Logo SlotsLV BINGO GAMES 7 BONUS 200% up to $1,000 Play Now
4 Bovada Casino Logo Bovada Casino BINGO GAMES 7 BONUS 100% up to $3,000 Play Now
5 Ignition Casino Logo Ignition Casino BINGO GAMES 7 BONUS 25% up to $1,000 Play Now

Wild Casino

Cataratas Bingo

At Wild Casino, players have access to Cataratas Bingo. You can find this game under the Specialty Red Live Casino. Take advantage of two unique bonus features that improve your odds of winning.

First, embrace the “Extra Ball” option by requesting another ball when you’re missing one number at the end of a round. The second feature is a bonus round that will have you spinning a wheel of fortune beside a lucky waterfall!

Wild Casino
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Cafe Casino

Bingo Goal Logo

Cafe Casino offers seven Bingo games including Bingo Goal. The game is quite fun and places a unique theme on the bingo card. Easily wager as little as $0.10, which makes the bingo game affordable for everyone. There’s also a progressive jackpot and bonus feature.

To play this game, head over to the specialty section after you log in. Select your bet and wait for the matching numbers to pop up! 

Cafe Casino
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Red Dog

Bonus Bingo

Red Dog offers two bingo games. Bonus Bingo is a more traditional style game and has a joker theme. Roaring Twenties Bingo is an option that has a unique theme and is fun to play if you enjoy this era.

With either game, you select your bet amount and get started playing. Easily wager small amounts when playing these games, which allows you to play more cards in one session! 

Red Dog Casino
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Go Go Bingo

For the largest selection of bingo games, we recommend Bovada Casino. The site has 11 different titles, each offering a unique experience. Choose to play traditional bingo with 30-Ball, Go-Go, or American Bingo.

You can play themed games with Bingo Goal and Tribo Bingo. Betting limits will vary based on the game you choose. In general, you can wager from $0.01 to $1 or more per card to play

Bovada Casino
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Use Bingo Lingo And Play For Real Money Like a Pro!

If you are up for a good time, learn some bingo lingo and play at our top-rated casino sites for real money. Visit El Royale, Wild Casino, Red Dog, or Bovada, and find plenty of bingo titles to begin playing the game and hopefully winning large prizes! Try a variety of bingo games, including traditional and themed options, to figure out which format you enjoy best.

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