Funny Bingo Calls & Puns – Print the Bingo Lingo Sheet!

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Funny Bingo Calls And Puns

Bingo is a simple and fun game that requires you to mark off called numbers. However, you may eventually find yourself in a setting where the calls aren’t so simple. The caller may use phrases like “Cup of Tea,” “Man Alive,” and “Goodbye Teens” to denote specific numbers.

If you are new to the game, the bingo lingo will sound crazy, and you may have no idea what is happening! But you don’t have to feel out of your element when hearing these bingo puns. Funny bingo calls can spice up the action and make the game more enjoyable.

If you’re seeking more fun from this game, check out the following info on bingo number jokes and download our printable bingo calls sheet for free. Then you can have fun playing bingo without any confusion!

What Is The Origin of Bingo Puns & Rhymes?

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Modern-day bingo originates in the US, where toy salesman Edwin S. Lowe modified a carnival game called “Beano.”

However, the British are primarily responsible for inventing bingo lingo, including many funny calls, puns, and rhymes.

British service members played bingo during World War II and created nicknames based on military terms.

For example, they called Number 9 “Doctor’s Orders” because of a laxative pill (No. 9) given to soldiers. British troops also coined Number 21 as “Salute” or “Royal Salute” in reference to a 21-gun military salute.

Soldiers weren’t the only Brits coming up with bingo number jokes and rhymes. Londoners developed many bingo puns in the 1950s and 60s. They applied terms that were generally associated with slang or secret messages to bingo.

Why Should You Know Bingo Lingo?

The vocabulary associated with bingo comes from numbers connected to rhymes. Such rhymes and puns seem purely for bingo humor, but they have functionality.

For example, the number 17 can sound like 70. Bingo puns add extra clarification so that each called number is more prominent.

Adding the bingo sayings makes it much easier to determine which space to mark on the bingo card. Learn the bingo lingo and play to win!

List of Funny Bingo Calls for Every Number

Players have invented terms for up to 90 balls—the maximum number used in any game. You can check out the dozens of funny bingo calls below. For some numbers, there are classic and modern versions.

We’ll explain some of these nicknames, especially when the meaning is unclear. Note that some of these terms are rhymes based on the number.

Complete Bingo Calls & Puns List

  1. Kelly’s Eye – Reference to Australian outlaw Ned Kelly, who had one eye.
  2. One Little Duck – Shaped like a duck.
  3. Cup of Tea
  4. Knock at the Door
  5. Man Alive
  6. Half Dozen | Tom Mix – The latter starred in many western movies.
  7. Lucky Seven – The number 7 is considered lucky in several cultures.
  8. Garden Gate – British slang for a secret drop-off spot.
  9. Doctor’s Orders | Get an Uber From Mine
  10. Boris’s Den – Named after former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson
  11. Legs Eleven – This number looks like legs.
  12. One Dozen
  13. Unlucky for Some
  14. Valentine’s Day | Netflix & Chill
  15. Young and Keen | Yas Qween
  16. Sweet Sixteen
  17. Dancing Queen – ABBA’s hit 1976 song.
  18. Coming of Age
  19. Goodbye Teens
  20. Getting Plenty
  21. Royal Salute
  22. Two Little Ducks
  23. Thee and Me | The Lord is My Shepherd – The latter references the Old Testament’s Psalm 23.
  24. Two Dozen
  25. Duck and Dive | Quarter Life Crisis
  26. Half a Crown – A term for two shillings and sixpence.
  27. Duck and a Crutch
  28. Overweight | In a State
  29. Rise and Shine
  30. Dirty Gertie – Allied soldiers in North Africa commonly sang this song.
  31. Get Up and Run
  32. Buckle My Shoe
  33. All the Threes | Fish, Chips & Peas – The latter phrase is a traditional English dinner.
  34. Ask for More
  35. Jump and Jive | It’s a Vibe
  36. Three Dozen
  37. More than Eleven
  38. Christmas Cake | Avocado on a Plate
  39. Love Island Time | Steps – References an Alfred Hitchcock movie called 39 Steps.
  40. Life Begins | Naughty Forty
  41. Time for Fun
  42. Winnie the Pooh
  43. Down on Your Knees
  44. Droopy Drawers
  45. Halfway There
  46. Up to Tricks
  47. Four and Seven
  48. Four Dozen
  49. Amazon Prime | PC – References an old British TV show called Adventures of PC 49.
  50. Half a Century | Blind 50
  51. Tweak of the Thumb
  52. Deck of Cards | Brunch For Two | Danny La Rue – The latter was a cross-dressing Irish singer.
  53. Here’s The Tea | Stuck in the Tree | Here Comes Herbie – Number of the VW Beetle Herbie, a car appearing in 1960s Disney films.
  54. Man at the Door | Clean The Floor | Lads on Tour
  55. All the Fives | Snakes Alive
  56. Shotts Bus – Bus route going from Glasgow to Shotts, Scotland.
  57. Heinz Varieties – Heinz foods logo.
  58. Make Them Wait
  59. Brighton Line – Brighton phone numbers used to begin with 59.
  60. Five Dozen | Grandma’s Getting Frisky
  61. Bakers Bun
  62. Turn the Screw | Tickety-Boo
  63. Tickle Me
  64. Red Raw | Almost Retired
  65. Old Age Pension | Retirement Age
  66. Clickety Click
  67. Made in Heaven | Stairway to Heaven
  68. Saving Grace | Pick a Mate | Late For My Tinder Date
  69. Meal for Two | Either Way Up – The latter means that 69 looks the same upside down.
  70. Three Score and Ten – 3 x 20 = 60, plus 10.
  71. Bang on the Drum
  72. Six Dozen
  73. Under the Tree | Queen Bee
  74. Hit the Floor | Candy Store | Recycle More
  75. Strive and Strive
  76. Trombones – References The Music Man’s hit song 76 Trombones.
  77. Two Little Crutches | Sunset Strip – The latter references a popular police TV show called 77 Sunset Strip.
  78. Haters Gon’ Hate | Heaven’s Gate | 39 More Steps – Another reference to the Hitchcock movie.
  79. One More Time
  80. Gandhi’s Breakfast – Gandhi famously said he “ate nothing” (eight nothing).
  81. Stop and Run
  82. Straight On Through
  83. Time for Tea | Gluten Free
  84. Seven Dozen
  85. Staying Alive
  86. Instagram Pics | Between the Sticks – Goalkeepers’ position in soccer (football).
  87. Torquay in Devon – A famous English seaside resort town.
  88. Two Fat Ladies | Wills and Kate
  89. Almost There | Nearly There
  90. End of the Line | Top of the Shop

Funny Bingo Call Sheet – Free Printable PDF

What if you want to save our list of funny bingo calls so you can have them whenever you play with your friends? We prepared a printable bingo call sheet that you can download for free. Enjoy!

Tips to Be a Funny Bingo Caller

If you love playing bingo, you may eventually want to call the action. The following tips will help you with funny bingo calls and calling games in general.

  1. Understand How to Use the Game Equipment

    Most bingo games use similar equipment, whether a roll cage or terminal. Nevertheless, you want to test the equipment beforehand to avoid accidentally canceling a game.
  2. Make Sure Players Understand the Rules

    Each type of bingo game differs slightly from the next. Some call for a whole house, while others only require five balls in a line. You should announce possible winning ways before beginning the game.
  3. Know the Audience and Setting

    Funny bingo calls are an excellent way to keep players entertained, but they’re not always appropriate for the setting. For instance, retail parlors want the action moving faster and, thus, don’t like bingo puns.

Popular Online Bingo Games – No Bingo Lingo Needed!

Below are some of the best bingo games you can play at online casinos. Give any of these games a try to have a shot at winning nice prizes.

Plus, you have a themed experience, which helps to provide exciting entertainment from home! 

Cataratas Bingo

Cataratas Bingo Game

Cataratas Bingo is a game with two unique bonus features that improve your odds of winning. First, embrace the Extra Ball option by requesting another ball when you miss one number at the end of a round. The second feature is a bonus round that will have you spinning a wheel of fortune beside a lucky waterfall!

Bingo Goal

Bingo Goal Game

Bingo Goal is a fun soccer-themed bingo game. You play with four cards and try to trigger the Penalty Kick Bonus to win some star-worthy payouts. You can wager as little as $0.10, making the game affordable for everyone. There’s also a progressive jackpot. Time to put your soccer skills to practice!

Go-Go Bingo

Go Go Bingo Game

With Go-Go Bingo, you win by landing one of the 12 winning patterns. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to do so! At the end of each round, you get one more chance if you’re short a number. The game has an Extra Balls feature that lets you buy up to nine balls. That gives you nine more chances to win an epic payout!

Play Real Money Bingo at the Top Online Casinos

You don’t have to go to a bingo parlor, church, or community center to play bingo. Instead, you can enjoy real money online bingo through your smartphone or tablet! We’ve reviewed many bingo sites and have deemed the following to be the best of the best.

These sites stand out regarding their game selection, casino bonuses, customer support, and banking options. They also feature quick-and-easy signup processes and don’t require large deposits.

Bonus: Bingo Jokes!

Are you hoping to add even more bingo humor to your experience? The following bingo jokes provide the perfect ways to make your friends laugh or lighten the mood as a caller.

Did you hear the good news about the bingo player who had a tumor?

They found out it was B-9.

Why do bingo players take forever to finish pool games?

They play with 90 balls.

How do you get nine old ladies to start cussing?

Have a tenth one yell “BINGO!”

Use Bingo Lingo And Play Like a Pro!

Bingo is already an exciting game, but it becomes even more fun with jokes and puns. As you can see, 90 different bingo number calls and rhymes are available to ramp up the entertainment.

You can check out the online version if you’re looking for quick bingo games without the funny calls. Real money online casinos provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy this fine game without leaving the house.

You can rely on our list of the top online bingo sites for help choosing the best operators. Try various bingo games, including traditional and themed options, to figure out which format you enjoy best.

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